Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around The World 2019

With the beginning of the year, we start planning our family vacations. The offers that are present at the beginning of the year are quite interesting and economical. The world is filled with places that can be visited with the kids, from Berlin to Amsterdam to Denmark to Iceland.

From fairy tales to old museums to the oldest zoos to amusement parks to boat rides, the world is filled with the places that we have not even imagined. Those days are gone when travelling with friends seemed to be difficult. Now, many cities have turned into a kid friendly cities. So get yourself some coffee, grab a pen and get ready to explore the best Travel Destinations with your children.

10. Fantasy Land Hotel

Best Travel Destinations For Children 2019

The hotel is located in Canada. The Fantasy land, hotel offers rooms and apartments which provide luxury in the epic North American style. The hotel is located inside the Galaxy land; the largest indoor amusement park. The hotel is known for the service it provides. The hotel allows you to have fun and relax at the same time. The customers get an experience for a lifetime. Children really enjoy the water slides. The water park in the hotel provides 17 water slides for different age groups. The slides are present in different categories starting from the beginner to advanced level. The hotel also provides the children a chance to explore the ice skating. The hotel offers playgrounds that are present for every age group.

9. Adventure Suites

Best Travel Destinations For Children

The most attractive theme hotel that is present in the world is the Adventure Suites Hotel. It is considered among the best travel destinations for children in the world. These days as the technology is increasing, people are moving away from their families. The adventure suites helps you and your family to get some time out for each other. The apartments of the hotel are designed in a way to suit the needs of the families with children. Adventure suites offer a wide range of facilities for children. The apartments can be chosen from spectacular cave apartments to mysterious jungle apartments. The place will let you ease off and your children to have fun at the same time.

8. Nick Hotel

Best Travel Destinations For Children

The Nick Hotel is a part of the nick nickelodeon resort. This resort is said to have the most lavish and beautiful playgrounds in the entire United States. A vacation to Nick hotel will never disappoint you; in fact you and your kids will be amazed by the luxuries that are present. The hotel has water parks, malls, spa and 4D cinema is a feather on the hat. The children are really fascinated by the 4D cinema; it gives them the sensation of being part of the movie. While the girls can enjoy the spa with their mothers, boys can be a part of the Ninja turtle show. Many parents chose Nick Hotel to celebrate their child’s birthday. Playing with their favorite cartoon characters is the best birthday gift that a child can receive.

7. White Pod

Best Travel Destinations For Children

The White Pod is a phenomenal destination for your vacations. White Pod is located in the private ski area in Switzerland. The place was felicitated with the world prize for sustainable tourism in the year 2005. The resort is designed with the idea that will provide the tourists with the unforgettable experience. The resort has 15 domes that are situated on awe-inspiring mountain grassland. The domes provide the tourists with warm and cozy atmosphere. The place is perfect if your kids are fond of adventures. The place has both individual and group activities for the children. The White Pod resorts also organise trekking and dog pulled sled rides for children. The children can also indulge in ski lessons from the best instructors. The place will not disappoint you.

6. Artist Residence

Best Travel Destinations For Children

The Artist Residence is a phenomenal guest house. Only 11 rooms are available in the guest house. The Artist Residence has rooms designed to meet the needs of both Romantic couples and for families with children. The rooms are specially decorated by the British artists and Architects. The magnificent place is designed by combining the Georgian style with the contemporary style. The place allows the kids to let their innovative, creative and prolific side enhances.s

5. Aqua Fantasy

Best Travel Destinations For Children 2019

The most preeminent water park located in Turkey is the Aqua Fantasy. The place is loaded with slides, wave pools and basins for children and can accommodate 5000 daily visitors. The place has spelled bounded architecture of the medieval times. Aqua fantasy has huge towers, castles and stairs. The children will be entertained by the animated shows throughout your visit. The staff is well-behaved and greatly qualified and with their help to combine the stories with the reality. Aqua fantasy also provides the young visitors with a mini-club where they can showcase their talent, sleep during lunchtime and play in the playground. The twisted slides are something that attracts the tourists at the major level.

4. Cavallino Bianco

Best Travel Destinations For Children

The CavallinoBianco is 4 star rated hotels. The place is also known as the utopia for families and kids. The place allows the parents to relax while the children have fun and play for 13 hours a day. A special team of qualified people supervises the kids. The place has a Lino Land that has an area of 1250m. The place allows the kids to play billiards, become pirates, play with Lego and do many more eye-popping activities. The place allows the kids to have access to ice-creams and drinks throughout their stay. The babies are also given special care. They have a separate area for them where they can sleep. Outside the baby area, the elder kids can participate in car racing, making sand castles and wall climbing. While the kids are busy taking privilege of the special treatment, the parent can also enjoy themselves.

3. Holiday Village Rhodes

Best Travel Destinations For Children

The Holiday Village Rhodes is a mind-blowing and phenomenal resort that is located in Greece. The resort is just 150m away from the beach. The resort can also be named eco-friendly because the way that the resort was made had no harmful effect on the environment. The place is an amazing combination of luxurious, comfortable and spacious rooms providing all the exciting activities for kids. The hotel has many clubs inculcated for every age group; the kids club, the teen club and Swim Academy. The kids can indulge in many sports like football, volleyball and many other sports.

2. Disneyland Park Paris

Best Travel Destinations For Children

Disneyland is the place where the magical is felt the time you step into the place. The place allows the visitors to experience the magical journey of five magical lands. The Disney land is filled with fairies, pirates and cartoon characters that will amaze the kids. Disneyland is a place where the dreams of the kids are turned into reality. The park is kept open throughout the year. The changing seasons do not have the capability to fade away the fascination and amazement it provides. Two theme parks are present in Disneyland Paris but the kids are always attracted more to the gaming area. The kids are provided with a wide variety of games like; ride in the train, horse drawn carriage, Mission space 2, Laser room, Island Adventures and many more adventurous sports. The place is among the best travel destinations for your children as they can meet and click pictures with their favorite Disney characters.

1. Legoland

Best Travel Destinations For Children 2019

The place is known as the best travel destination to explore with your kids. The place is suitable for people of every age group. The place is so mesmerizing that one day won’t seem enough. The place is segregated into 10 zones; each zone has activities specially designed for children. Legoland along with relaxing and amazing the children never fails to amaze the families. The place has a Mini land that is considered as the heart of the place. The mini land is built with miniatures. The place allows the children between the age gaps of 7 to 13 drives and also provides them with a license if they drive well valid only inside the park. The place is a delightful attraction for children.

These days, as we are succeeding in our careers, the family life is moving away from us. Vacations with kids are really important as they make you relax and refresh your mind and make the kids happy. So if you are planning for a vacation, the list is for you. This list above are the best places for the children to visit.


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