Top 10 Biggest Trucks In The World 2019

Large trucks have been lifeline for heavy duty sites like road construction, commercial building and mining. These trucks look gigantic when compared to conventional trucks on all counts whether it is size, the amount of horsepower produced or in terms of heavy usage for long hours.

In recent past, large trucks’ demand has been manifold since they are preferred to cut cost of hiring a fleet of mini and semi trucks. Due to the sheer amount of payload capacity, these trucks are used in major businesses now. Most importantly, large trucks are no longer beasts of burden; they also come as technologically advanced vehicles that can literally deliver the goods on all weather conditions! So get set for the robust ride of this piece on top 10 largest trucks in the world in 2019 which feature both established names and rookies.

10. Hitachi EH50000AC-3

Biggest trucks in the world 2019

The EH50000AC3 is the largest truck manufactured by Hitachi which is used extensively for the purpose of mining. It is loaded with slip/slide control system that gives brilliant control to the vehicle on slippery roads. Equipped with QSKTT A60-CE diesel engine, the huge truck produces an impressive 2,850 hp. Other features include Hoist raise calibration system for hydraulics, LCD lit dashboard, blind spot detection system, analog monitor attached to the dashboard to display live camera information. On site machine like EH50000AC-3 can be monitored through Hitachi’s server using the online management system by the company named Global e-service.

9. Caterpillar 795F AC

Biggest trucks in the world

Built on a gate-less body design, Caterpillar 795F AC is the old fox of large trucks especially in the miners’ truck segment. The Cat C175 16 power train has a 16 cylinder air-cooled engine with low emission technology. The vehicle has excellent retarding and payload capacity of 313 ton turning circle clearance diameter and front turning diameter are 38.7m, 34.0m respectively. Additionally, this mining truck has brilliant monitoring system featuring trademark VIMS 3G monitoring system, payload management to avoid overloading, road analysis control along with various safety features.

8. Belaz 7571

Biggest trucks in the world

The 7571 variant of Belarusian mining and dumper truck maker Belaz is the most high end, premium model in its mining dump trucks category. With gross weight of 81000 kg, Belaz 7571 measures 20600*9750*8170 mm in the L*W*B measurement format. The vehicle uses large dry disk brakes for its front wheels and dry double disk brakes for the rear wheels. Tires in the vehicle used are 59/80RC3 which is facilitated with conventional suspension system on the front.

7. Terex MT 5500 AC

Biggest trucks in the world

Terex MT5500 AC comes as one of the most used large vehicle for surface mining primarily for its 360t payload capacity which falls in the serving class of large trucks in the world right now. Terex is 14.87m in overall length, and its high power four-stroke engine churns out 3000 HP assisted by AC electric drive system for its 16 cylinder. Despite the heavy build and weight even when not on payload, the MT 5500 AC sustains its durability due to the thick layer of aluminum on its exterior that also prevents corrosion.

6. Komatsu 960e-1K

Biggest trucks in the world

Another dumper truck that proves itself as strong case in the ultra competitive 360t payload segment, Komatsu 960e-1K weighs a frigging 635t. The Komatsu America Corp. truck assembled in Peoria, Illinois has 4 cycle engine mated with V-type 18 cylinders to produce 3500 HP. Another characteristic of this mammoth truck is its easy customization that can help in the overhaul of its components to push the payload capacity up to 400t. Such is the size and overall build of Komatshu 960e series that it is assembled only when it reaches the required site.

5. Belaz 75601

Biggest trucks in the world 2019

In the list of large trucks to be operating or at least in production right now, Belaz has a vast range of dumper and mining trucks. But what sets Belaz 75601 apart is the fact that it has qualified in the vertical of being a large truck that has close to 400t payload and the standard 60 kph speed mark even when laden completely. At the same time Belaz 75601 cranks out impressive 3800 HP. It also becomes an all terrain travelling vehicle due to its tubeless pneumatic tires which has turning radius of approximately 20 meters.

4. Caterpillar 797B

Biggest trucks in the world

Second generation Caterpillar 797B is specially designed for mining so it could cater to the large truck market worldwide. Of all its variants, this model launched in 2002, this one has the highest overall height to top of ROPS at 7.59m when empty. This gigantic truck’s gross machine operating weight is 623,700kg. So large is the truck and its mechanics that it is assembled on the demanded site without being driven on normal roads. By the virtue of V12*2 engine arrangement, it produces the power of 3,370 stallions to generate top speed of 42mph.

3. Bucyrus MT 6300AC

Biggest trucks in the world

The whopping size of Bucyrus MT 6300AC puts this large truck in the third spot; so does its brilliant payload capacity which is in the vicinity of 380 to 400t, easily. North American large truck maker Bucyrus introduced the market to what the company says is an “ultra class, AC transmission V-20 Detroit diesel engine that can deliver the goods at 3,750 HP maintaining 40mph speed at the same time. Nominal payload capacity for this 51 ft 1 inch tall truck is 400 short tons. Terex has undergone major rebranding recently and as a result, it is now known as Bucyrus MT 6300 AC.

2. Caterpillar 797F

Biggest trucks in the world

The latest in the line of 797 series by Caterpillar, the 797F was launched in 2002 and it is quite obvious that it’s huge advancement from its predecessors. The engine arrangement is taken care of with V-20 CAT C175-20 ACERT engine model which generates 3,793 HP. It’s also the longest at overall length of 49ft 6 in. But what’s left everyone blown away is its maximum which has been recorded close to 42mph in fully loaded mode. Caterpillar trucks also give the choice for body selection for customers purely on the basis of site and climatic condition of the place wherein it is going to be put to use.

1. BelAZ 75710

Biggest trucks in the world 2019

As the largest haul truck in the market right now, BelAZ 75710 sports the design of International Payhauler 350, and hence it is fitted with 59/80R63 tires. The ultra class segment dump truck is 20.6m or 68 ft long making it the longest in the world. It looks nothing short of an improvised mining inventory powered by a V-16 engine. Due to its 360 tons heavy built, BelAZ can carry 450 metric ton load and can still travel at maximum speed of 64 kph and 40 kph on economy mode.


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