Top 10 Biggest Terrorist Attacks in The World

Terrorism is one of the key factors affecting global peace. Extremist groups including ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Boko Haram continue to wreck havoc among poor citizens in different countries across the globe.

The attacks result in deaths, injuries, destruction of property and extensive social and psychological impact. While efforts are being made led by the world’s superpowers, the attacks continue by each day.

Terrorists always devise new mechanism to rain attacks on unsuspecting groups and this continues to be a major concern for world leaders and peace lovers. Of all the attacks by terrorists, some have resulted in grievous results and these are covered in the lit of top 10 biggest terrorist attacks in the world.

10. Garissa University – Kenya

Biggest terrorist attacks 2019

One of the recent attacks happened in Kenya by a Somalia terrorist group. Al Shabaab was the group responsible for the attack on which took place in Garissa university in Kenya. The attack on the university students took place in 2015 and left over 147 students dead and hundreds of others injured. This is alongside thousands of students and family members who were traumatised by the event. The act which attracted international attention was one of the many orchestrated by the terrorist group in the region. The group operates from the war torn Somalia and considered as a big hindrance to the peace and stability of the eastern African region.

9. Ma’a lot Massacre – Israel

Biggest terrorist attacks

Known to be the worst attack on Israel soil in 1973. Otherwise referred to as the Israel massacre, it was the act of the Liberation of Israel terrorist group and remains in the minds of most Israelis. During the attack a total of 115 people were taken hostage by the terrorists killing 25 of them and injuring 66 others.

8. Flight 841 Attacks – New York

Biggest terrorist attacks

Flight 841 was on a journey to New York from Athens in Greece. The flight scheduled for September 8, 1974 commenced normally but the plane never reached its destination. The plane crashed in the middle of its journey in Lonian Sea killing all of the 80 passengers on board. Though the initial assumption was that the crash resulted from engine failure, it was later established that Abu Nadil Terror group was responsible and had actually bombed the plane.

7. Chechnya border attack

Biggest terrorist attacks

With Russia having managed to keep of any insurgent groups within its country, this was the worst expected hit hat happened to the country. The attack occurred on the Europe and Russia border in 2001. In the attack, 3 cars were involved and the results were 20 casualties from both countries and over 100 people injured. The attack was not only taken heavily in Russia but also in Europe which as well had maintained peace all through and the attacks came as a surprise. It was a real dark and sad day for both countries.

6. Anthrax attack

Biggest terrorist attacks

One of the attacks that caused tremors across the globe was the anthrax attacks. One of the complicated terrorist attacks in history the attackers used biological weapons in place of the guns and bombs commonly used. The orchestrators of the attack used envelops containing spores of anthrax which would then attack the recipient of he envelop. At the initial stages of the attack, no impact was felt.

This was to change only a few days later when five lives were lost and 15 others left critically ill. Initial suspicions went to Al Qaeda and Islamic extremist group that was directing attacks on Americans. After investigations, a country official in the US government was picked as the chief suspect but he committed suicide only a few days later plunging the whole case into more turmoil.

5. Wall street bombing

Biggest terrorist attacks 2019

Wall street is home to American’s biggest stock exchange. The attack on Wall Street took place in 1920s claiming the lives of 38 people and injuring 143 others. Considered as the earliest terrorist attack in history, the blow to the Americans financial sector was great. This is alongside the lives lost, the injuries sustained and the trauma that was suffered by the victims’ families and the Americans at large. Though reports were not made on the group responsible fort he attacks, the Galleanists were considered as the main suspects but the whole scenario was kept behind the face of the nation.

4. US Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania

Biggest terrorist attacks

Kenya and US received the biggest blow on the US embassy bombings in 1998. In what is considered to have been a carefully planned a masterpiece, the bombing in to two neighbouring countries took place simultaneously and with the same target. It was the Kenya’s attack that took the great attention owing to the magnitude of its effects. The attack claimed a total of 213 lives most of whom were Kenyans and Americans working on the embassy.

With the attack in the country’s capital city the number of injured was high with more than 4,000 cases reported. This is not including the damage on property and the trauma caused to the affected families. The two countries normally hold a memorial service at the point where the bombs hit where a memorial park has been built in the Kenyan capital. Investigations revealed that Al Qaeda and their sympathizers was responsible for the attacks that sent chill around the globe.

3. Oklahoma City Bombing

Biggest terrorist attacks

Considered as the second biggest terror attack on American soil, the Oklahoma city bombing took place in 1995. The target for the attack was the Alfred P. Muller building. The effects of the attack resulted in deaths of 170 people of which 20 were children. Approximately 700 others were injured in the attack. Investigations revealed that one Timothy McVeigh was responsible was responsible for the attacks. He was arrested, arraigned in courts and executed six years after the attack.

2. Hotel Taj Attack

Biggest terrorist attacks

One of the deadliest attacks in the soil of India, hotel Taj attack is among the deadliest in the globe. Otherwise referred to as the Mumbai attack, it took place in 2008 on 26th of November. A day that still remains fresh in the minds of Indians, the bomb attack was preceded by a 64 hours of a fierce battle between the police and the attackers. After several bomb attacks, the number of the dead stood at 100 innocent civilians most of whom were residents in the hotel. During the same day another 10 attacks were made on the Indian soil.

1. 9/11 Attack

Biggest terrorist attacks 2019

Considered as the world’s deadliest terrorist attack, it remains the attack with the highest casualties and injuries all over the globe. The attack which happened on 11th of September 2011 took place on the American soil targeting the World Trade Center. The attacks happened when four passenger planes were hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorist and two managed to hit the two towers of the World Trade Center.

During the attack, an estimated 3,000 lives were lost including all the passengers in the two planes and almost 9,000 were injured. Osama Bin Laden the then leader of Al Qaeda Terrorist group admitted to the attacks and was later sought and killed by the American forces.

Terrorist attacks occur at almost each day around the globe. Most receive little attention while some remain unreported. Despite this, they still pose the same threat to people all around the globe. The list of the top 10 most popular terrorist attacks gives attention on the biggest cases ever reported in the world’s history. They are a clear picture that efforts are required to rid the world of the menace.


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