10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds In The World 2019

People love to own cat as their pet and this is the cuteness of the cats which compel them to do so. Cats are furry carnivorous animals which can be domesticated easily. Having a great compatibility with human behaviour they are considered as a good companion for human beings. Although so far 70 breeds of cat have been identified, some can be domesticated and some are too wild to think about bringing them home.

But some of the furry little balls are too cute to make a permanent resident of the home. Biologically known as Felis catus, cats are loved by many people all around the world but there are some of the breeds which are extremely strange and weird that they require a double check to make belief in them. Let’s take a look at few of most bizarre breeds.

10. Japanese Bobtail

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds 2019

These are the Japanese cat breeds that can freak put anyone by its bizarre characteristics and distinctiveness. These can also be called as the most weird cat breeds of whole South Asia. The rabbit like puff tails makes them look more like rabbit and less like a cat. They even hop like a rabbit and do not run. This is the reason why they are used in various festivals and traditional folklores in the country. Although muscular, Japanese Bobtails are slim and of medium size. They got the name bobtails for their unique tail which is short, puffy and just 4-5 inches long. When it curls it appear even short and give this breed an exclusive identity.

9. Scottish Fold

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

While the Japanese Bobtails are famous for their special tail, Scottish Folds are well known for the special kind of folds they have in the ears. Ears are shaped in a unique way giving them a weird appearance and the overall look. The owl-like look of Scottish Folds looks like they lack ears and their round and big eyes protrude out which sometimes look scary as well. When the cats of this breed born they have got normal ears but as they grew, the ears start getting folded in a very unusual ways. Although the body is medium sized and the hairs are extremely silky but the looks are deceptive and this is why they fall under the category of bizarre cats.

8. American Curl

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

If you look at the breed American Curl you won’t find anything wrong with them as they look very normal just like your everyday domesticated cat breeds. But gazing them for a while will give the reason why they are under the bizarre cat breeds category. Their ears are so strange looking that people sometimes get frighten away with the appearance. The ears curl back from the face and reaches up to the back of the skull giving them a unique identity. When they are born they have normal ears. But by the time they reach four months, the ears had curled up enough to give a bizarre look.

7. Snowshoe

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

Originated 53 years back, the breed Snow Shoe are extremely affectionate and loving to own. But they are categorized as a bizarre cat due to their weird coat markings which makes them unique out of all. They were supposed to have originated in the United States of America many years ago. Snow Shoe can be regarded as one of those bizarre breeds which can be domesticated easily as they have nature which is loving and very docile. For the people who love to own cat as the pet and that too a weird one, snow shoe could be one perfect breed for them.

6. Khao Manee

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

The word Khoa Manee means White Gem. This can clearly indicate the kind of cat breed this would be. Their white coat and the jewel-like eyes are enough to allure anyone to own this breed as a pet in the house. The history of Khao Manee is way back too old to recall. It is a Thai breed which strong cheekbones and spectacular appearance. This furry breed comprises silky hairs and shiny eyes. Some of cats have blue or gold color eyes which are extremely attractive. This is the reason why it is also sometimes called as Diamond Eyed bred. Their muscular and athletic built makes them one preferred option to own as a pet.

5. Persian Cat

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds 2019

The name Persian Cat was given to this breed of cats as they look just like the cats which were found in Persia long days back. These are medium sized cats which are extremely cute looking and have special physical features. They have got short tail and small ears making them look one of its kind and very unique. It is reported that originally this breed used to have short muzzle but later this feature got erased with time and they start looking like any other normal cat breed. But still their unique features make them fall under the category of bizarre cats.

4. Ukrainian Levkoy

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

If you give a quick glance to the breed Ukrainian Levkoy, you might mistake it with a dog. The appearance it gives is like a dog sometimes comprising ears which are folded inward with either presence or absence of hairs. They sometimes look similar to another breed Sphynx and some zoologists claim it to be the ancestor of them. However, it is been reported that this breed is very new and had the first official specimen in the year 2004. Their medium-sized body is little lengthy and more slender rather than muscular. The skin is very elastic giving them a wrinkly appearance all over the body and this is why they look weird and strange. The outbreeding between hairless Donskoy females and Scottish Fold metis males give rise to what we call as Ukrainian Levkoy.

3. Minskins

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

Minskins are well known as dwarf breeds as they are the outcome of cross between Munchkins and Sphynx. They got the unique features of both the breeds and this is the reason why they got placed under the bizarre cat breeds category. Sometimes they also give an appearance of a Sphynx as they have got more features from this breed while outbreeding. This breed is not very old as the first specimen was born in the year 1998. As per the records in today’s date just a few species are present of this breed although the work is always on the go to make them more profound.

2. Munchkin

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

The short legs and medium sized body of the cats from this breed give them the name as Munchkin. They look extremely cute for their dwarf legs and puffy hairs. Although the other characteristic features look similar to a normal domesticated cat, the unique eyes and cute face makes them extremely adorable. They are human-friendly as they have very docile and playful nature. They love to mingle up with children and adore the human company. If one is looking out for the options to getting a bizarre cat breed domesticated, Munchkin could be the cutest option for them.

1. Sphynx

Most Bizarre Cat Breeds 2019

The other name of the breed Sphynx is ‘Canadian Hairless’ and these are considered as the most strange looking cat breeds all around the world. The extremely weird feature of them is the cats are born without furs. Some people find it very exotic while some find it very creepy and prefer to stay away from them. Although they look like they don’t have fur, they actually have fine flimsy and delicate hairs which are not visible with the naked eyes. The cats from this breed are very wrinkly and this adds to their bizarre feature. The heavy wrinkles all around the body give them a strange and sinister look. People generally get afraid looking at the cats from the breed Sphynx.

Didn’t you find these cats really weird? It is not just their physical appearance but their nature as well as temperament which makes them unique and out of the fellow breeds. Some are scary while some looks extremely adorable. But if you are a cat lover you would love each and every breed with full dedication. Won’t you?


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