10 Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Modern people living on earth today are obsessed with objects and gadgets. It is entirely reasonable for people to feel strong fondness and attachment to physical objects, but the problem begins when you develop sexual feelings for an object. We would all agree to flirt with your laptop and feeling strong sexual attraction for the Statue of Liberty is not normal behavior. It is ludicrous and insane to suggest that such people do exist. But, in reality, many individuals feel strong romantic feelings for an object. We have made a list of the top ten weird romances between people and objects.

1. Love at First Sight with a doll (Davecat and Sidore)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Love at first sight is what Davecat says about his relationship with Sidore the doll. After a series of bad relationship with human women Davecat fell for Sidore the doll. Abyss Creations was paid a whopping $ 5500 to create his wife. Davecat couldn’t be more impresses when Abyss delivered her. He married Sidore soon after and they have been happily married for the last thirteen years! They live together in the suburban of Detroit.

2. Strong sexual attraction for the Statue of Liberty (Amanda Whittaker)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Amanda Whittaker, a British woman, has reported of feeling sexually attracted to the Statue of Liberty. She has previously reported to be attracted to different types of shapes. She even calls the Statue of Liberty as “Libby”. Amanda visited the site five times. She claims to love the famous statue from 2007. This lady hails from Leeds, England and has many monuments of Statue of Liberty at her place.

3. Relationship with an iBook (Bill Rifka)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Bill Rifka has declared that he is in a relationship with his iBook. He has declared that he is in love with his laptop. This 35 year old man believes that his laptop is a male and they are in friendly relationship. He has also admitted to flirt with his laptop now and then. Bill also claimed that their relationship has existed for a few years now.

4. Physically attracted to machines (Edward Smith)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Edward Smith can be man who is a mecaphile. He can also be described as an addict who enjoys physical relationship with gorgeous machines. In the last 45 years Edward has been sexually attracted to 1000 cars. Mustangs and luxury cars like Jaguars are some of Edwards favourite. However, Edward claims he is committed to Vanilla who is his long-time lover. Vanilla is a 974 Volkswagen Beetle. It is a second hand car brought some 30 years ago. Edward describes his love for cars by saying that some guys may look on beautiful women but he looks on the front and rear of cars and finds them sexy.

5. In love with a English Oak Tree (Val Theroux)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Val Theroux is a strange woman who claims she has an affair with an oak tree in the English countryside. She is 64 year old Canadian woman who has been visiting England for the past several years to keep the affair with the oak tree alive. Val is a retired nurse from Kamloops and she frequently holds workshop in Reiki. During her trips to Britain she always takes out the time to visit New Forest, Hampshire and spend some time with the Oak tree. She usually spends the morning alone with the oak tree and hugs it.

6. In love with a huggable pillow

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Lee Jin-gyu, a South Korean man who says that he is smitten with a huggable pillow which he has married. The pillow bears an image of Fate Testarossa. Fate Testarossa is an anime character who is a magical girl in the popular series Mahou Shoujo. In the year 2010 Lee took this bizarre attraction to a new level by marrying the huggable pillow. The pillow was made to wear a wedding dress and the local priest was called for the special wedding ceremony. Lee’s friends have said to journalists that he is obsessed with his pillow and takes it everywhere.

7. Married to an Amusement park (Amy Wolfe)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

A woman from Pennsylvania called Amy Wolfe fell in love with an amusement park. The church organist from Pennsylvania sat on a ride at the age of thirteen and fell in love with the amusement park. The only problem was it was not a healthy love towards a place but sexual attraction. In the year 2009 Amy married the amusement park. She even went as far as to change her surname to Weber because it was the surname of the manufacturer of the rides. She carries bolts and some spare nuts with herself to feel near to the amusement park and she also has a picture of it in her bedroom.

8. Married to the Berlin Wall (Eija Riitta)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

A Swedish woman called Eija Riitta fell in love with the Berlin Wall. She saw the Berlin wall for the first time in television when she was just seven years old. She instantly fell in love with it. She saved up pictures of the wall since she was a teen. She even saved up to visit the wall. On her sixth visit to the Berlin wall she tied the knot to it. She even made her surname Berliner-Mauer which means Berlin Wall. She was horrified when the wall fell in 1989.

9. Married to a Macbook (Hermione Way)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Laptops have become essential for being a part of the society. But, for some people it has become more than a gadget. Take for example Hermione Way a British blogger who married her Macbook unofficially. She calls her Macbook Alex fondly. Way is a blogger at Techfluff.tv and claims to spend every minute of the day with her Macbook. The reason her marriage is not made official is because the current British law does not allows marriages between humans and computers. The blogger hopes these laws will soon change and she would officially become Mrs Macbook.

10. Smitten and hitched with a mannequin (Duaveed Hakhainhaguadole)

Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Duaveed Hakhainhaguadole, an American man, got married to a mannequin named Carla. He wasn’t pulling up a prank on people. He invited the media to his faux wedding ceremony. They recorded the ceremony. Most people did not take the marriage seriously, but Duaveed is pretty serious about his mannequin wify. He has been reportedly seen walking with it on the streets.

There is our list of the weirdest human relationships with objects. We can certainly now see that it is not important to find a person to fall in love. Even objects can fulfil emotional needs for some people. Call them mentally ill or attention whores, we would end this article by saying let’s just live and let live.


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