Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World

Cleanliness is the state of being free from pollutants and contaminants, as well as retaining the same state over a prolonged period. All of us love living in clean and neat places; we like fresh and relaxing surroundings. However, it takes our collective responsibility to make our cities clean and tidy.

Despite the fact that the government has a primary responsibility to ensure that our cities are clean, it is our personal responsibility to ensure we dispose of our waste appropriately. Better waste collection and sewerage disposal mechanisms keep cities clean and green. Some cities are so clean that you may live in them for years without ever coming across scattered litter. Here is a List of The top 10 cleanest cities in the world 2019.

10. Oslo in Norway

cleanest cities 2019

One of the busiest and most populated cities in Norway is Oslo. The town is an economic hub that hosts the banking and industrial sectors, apart from it being the government center. The city is magnificent, thanks to the beautiful gardens, lakes, and green areas. The government of Norway puts all efforts to ensure that Oslo is an ideal city all over the globe. The ‘Reader’s Digest’ named Oslo as the second greenest city in the world. Tourists flock to the city every year to enjoy a relaxing and natural atmosphere.

9. Brisbane in Australia

Bcleanest cities

With a population of over 20 million, Brisbane is one of the cleanest cities in Australia, and it looks gorgeous. Brisbane has a humid weather and a relaxing environment. Brisbane is both organized and secure, with all the lavish facilities required for its people. The town is the third largest in Australia and is home to a good number of industries, although the industries are environment-friendly.

8. Paris in France

cleanest cities

The French city of Paris is a shopping heaven and a preferred choice for fashion lovers. However, unknown to many people is that Paris is one of the cleanest cities in the entire world. The government of France and the residents of Paris put their efforts together to ensure that their city is clean and green. Paris is clean and has carpeted clear roads, beautiful theme parks, and an organized traffic system. Paris offers a great traveling experience for holiday makers.

7. Freiburg in Germany

cleanest cities

Freiburg is a German city that is famous for its flowers and green hills. Those who visit Germany for their first time and make to get to Freiburg enjoy a lot. The German city has an ecosystem friendly environment, beautiful trees by the roadside and fresh grass gardens. The town is a major tourist attraction in Germany. Freiburg is also known as the flower city.

6. London in the United Kingdom

cleanest cities 2019

The government of the United Kingdom has developed a beautiful city known as London. The town is well known for its clean roads and a stimulating environment. London’s weather is always pleasant, and visitors enjoy viewing theme parks and museums. The various cultural attractions and restaurants in the city make it an ideal tourist destination.

5. Singapore in Asia

cleanest cities

Singapore is a clean, populated and clean town in Asia. Despite the city being busy, it has refreshing fun making opportunities during weekends and evenings. The people of Singapore speak three official languages: English, Malay, and Tamil. The city’s population is around 5.4 million, and it dominates the world in many ways, one of them being cleanliness. Singapore has one of the most strict environmental laws, which has significantly contributed to its cleanliness. The town is an island and is known as ‘the garden city.’

4. Wellington in New Zealand

cleanest cities

One of the most prominent cities in New Zealand is Wellington. The environment of this town makes it an ideal destination for tourists. Some of the features that contribute to Wellington’s rank as one of the cleanest cities in the world include green roads, museums, and a naturally relaxing environment. The town has a high population, but the residents know how best to take good care of the environment. Wellington is a naturally beautiful and an attractive city. Residents of Wellington prefer using public means over private means for transport.

3. Kobe in Japan

cleanest cities

One of the richest and wealthiest cities in Japan is Kobe. The town is highly populated and is a major tourist attraction. The city is famous for its advanced sewage management installations and vehicles that are friendly to the environment. So civilized and disciplined are the occupants of this town that they never throw garbage on the roads or streets. Campaigns to advocate for environmental protection have made Japan one of the cleanest countries in the world, with the country having made significant steps towards environmental conservation.

2. New York in the USA

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With a population of around 1.7 million, New York is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. The city has parks, museums, hotels and shopping malls. The city is home to two major green parks in America and one green restaurant. The city is the second cleanest city in the world, making it a preferred tourist destination.

1. Helsinki in Finland

cleanest cities 2019

Here comes the cleanest town in the world, Helsinki. The city has a population of 7.8million and features green mountains, beaches, and museums. The town has exotic tourist attractions, the best being the complex electricity installation that consumes less energy to produce electricity. Thus, the Government of Finland does an incredible job to maintain a clean city. Carpeted roads and eco-friendly cars add to the city’s cleanliness and beauty.

Cleanliness means better health for the people. The above are the cleanest cities in the world, which reflects the attitude of their inhabitants and their value of beauty. All city dwellers have a role to play in keeping their cities clean. The responsibilities range from paying taxes genuinely to enable the government to provide waste collection services to throwing litter in the correct places. These cities are an inspiration to many other cities across the globe, which strive to be cleaner and greener.


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