Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities 2019

Pakistan was formed with a dream to make it a great nation. But today, Pakistan is one of the most controversial countries in the world. Pakistan always makes its presence in the news feed for its leaders or renowned personalities activity.

Many celebrities, statesmen, public figures and sports persons have faced serious criticisms and controversies for their actions. Here are some most controversial figures of Pakistan in 2019.

10. Rehman Malik

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity 2019

The retired bureaucrat Rehman Malik is a Pakistani politician who served as the Interior minister. He has been criticized not only by media but by the public also.

He was suspended from Pakistan senate by the Supreme Court for holding dual citizenship. Malik has been charged in various cases of corruption in his political career. He faced lots of criticism during Afghanistan war.

9. Shoaib Akhtar

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity

Shoaib Akhtar is a former fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team. He was one of the fastest bowlers ever in the history of cricket.

Besides being a great cricketer he was a controversial figure too. He faced suspension for several times in his cricketing career. He was banned for ball tampering and for abusing Paul Adams, a South African cricketer. He was sent back from a test series for alleged poor attitude. Pakistan Cricket Board suspended Akhtar for taking a performance-enhancing drug nandrolone. Afterward, the ban was lifted on court appeal. In 2007, Akhtar was banned for fighting with his Pakistan team-mate Mohammad Asif for five years. He was banned for violating the players’ code of conduct and for publicly criticizing the Pakistan Cricket Board for five years. He became free from all allegations and had made his career successful.

8. Hamid Mir

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity

Hamid Mir is a Pakistani journalist, news anchor, and security expert. In his entire career, he has come into conflict with the authorities and suspended from reporting on several times.

Hamid interviewed al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden after 9/11 attack on the USA. He was declared as a Taliban sympathizer by Pervez Musharraf after the emergency rule of 2007 in Pakistan. Hamid received death threats from different militant groups after reporting investigative stories against Taliban.

7. Mehar Bukhari

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity

Mehar Bukhari is a successful Pakistani journalist and TV anchor currently works in Dawn News. She is one of the most controversial TV personalities in Pakistan.

Mehar came in limelight by a footage telecasted on her program in which Tribal areas Taliban lashed out a young girl publicly on the allegation of an illicit relationship with a man. But later the video was declared fake and she faced heavy controversy.

In 2011 a video of Mehar went viral on the internet in which she looked to be very intimate with the two federal ministers of Pakistan, Qamar uz Zama Kaira and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf.

In 2012 a backstage video of her interview with property tycoon Malik Riaz was leaked which reviled that the show was “planted”. Malik Riaz was interviewed by guided questions to give him the opportunity to malign the then Chief Justice of Pakistan.

6. Hina Rabbani Khar

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity

Hina Rabbani Khar is a Pakistani politician was the first woman and youngest Foreign Minister in Pakistan history.

Hina Rabbani came under severe criticism in Pakistan on a matter of electricity bill. Various news sources alleged that the company named Galaxy Textile Mill, owned by Hina Rabbani’s husband and father-in-law has made massive irregularities in Electricity bill payments.

In 2012, a Bangladeshi tabloid Blitz and British media had reported about the love affair between Hina Rabbani and PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who was 11 years younger than her. Later it was published by the media that Hina is set to get a divorce and both are going to marry. It then became a scandal but she had totally denied that news.

5. Veena Malik

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity 2019

Veena Malik is one of the most controversial celebrities in Pakistan. She is an actress, TV host, model who appears in Lollywood as well as Bollywood films.

She always stays in limelight for her controversial comments, nude or topless photo shoots. She was faced with the great controversy when she posed for the Indian magazine FMH. On the cover page of FMH Veena posed nude written “ISI” on her upper arm. Later she was ranked 26th sexiest woman in the world in FMH magazine’s list.

For airing a blasphemous program on TV, Veena and her husband Asad were sentenced to prison by a Gilgit court for 26 years.

4. Malik Riaz Hussain

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity

The chairman of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain is a Pakistani business tycoon as well as a philanthropist. He is the 7th richest person in Pakistan with a worth estimated $1.1 billion US dollar.

Malik Riaz is surrounded by many controversies throughout his life. Malik Riaz was held culprit in the DHA valley Islamabad scam when his company collected USD 500–700 million from 67000 middle and lower middle classes Pakistanis. A Suo moto notice was issued against him by Chief Justice of Pakistan.

He was approached by Pakistan’s chief justice’s son to influence his father’s rulings and to give a verdict in Malik’s favor. For this work, the Chief Justice’s son demanded a playboy lifestyle from him.

3. Babar Awan

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity

Babar Awan is a Pakistani statesman and former Federal Minister for Justice, Law, and Parliamentary Affairs of Pakistan. He is also the Vice President of the Pakistan People’s Party and a senator in Pakistan’s upper House of the Parliament.

In his entire career, he is subjected to various controversies. In 2009, he was accused of getting bribes worth of 30 million Pakistani Rupees in order to provide a favorable verdict from the court and he was summoned by National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan.

His Ph.D. degree is also controversial as he mentioned the institute name from where he was awarded his doctorate degree as “Monty Cello” instead of Monticello University.

Awan was accused of contempt of court after criticizing a Supreme Court judge in a press conference. After that His license to practice as a lawyer was suspended for an indefinite period.

2. Altaf Hussain

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity

Altaf Hussain is a Pakistani politician and founder of the political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). He is one of the most controversial political personalities in Pakistan.

He has been charged over 3000 cases in Pakistan of corruption, money laundering, murders, and other heinous offenses. Pakistani Government extradited him due to his controversies in 1992. Although, under National Reconciliation Ordinance all the cases against him were dropped in 1999.

Hussain’s political leadership was subjected to controversy when his party showed a willingness to use violence to fight for power. He was also in London for inciting violence but the Scotland Yard was unable to find any credible evidence against him.

1. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

Most controversial Pakistani celebrity 2019

Dr. Tahir-ul – Qadri is perhaps the most controversial personality of Pakistan. He is a politician, researcher, and Islamic Scholar who often delivers speeches about Islam and radicalism.

He is also the chairman of the NGO named Minhaj-ul-Quran International.

The 66-year-old politician became one of the most controversial figures of Pakistan when he claimed that he had the vision of Prophet and that Prophet was angry from the ulema and people of Pakistan.

Qadri founded Pakistan Awami Tehreek party in 1989. In 2012 He started a political campaign and to protest against government’s corruption Qadri called for a “million-men” march.

In 2014, a violent clash occurred between the Pakistan Awami Tehreek activists and Punjab Police in which several protesters were being killed by the police gunfire.

Qadri’s critics believe that he is acting to disrupt democracy.

Controversy is the part of a notable figures life in present days. Many persons like to be surrounded by controversies to get fame and to keep them in limelight. Sometimes unethical works, illegal decisions also draws criticism. Although, sometimes the phenomenon of being highlighted makes negative impressions on a person’s image.


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