10 Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

Japan is the country that is notorious in the area of technology and inventions and same applies for video games too. This country holds everything astounding- and bizarre, ranging from creepy urban mythologies to strange cuisines, the game developers and programmers were consecrated with a perpetual source of stimulus.

Crazy video games in Japan have been predominant since the beginning of gaming, however as they advanced from basic, pixelated visuals to smooth realism, the individuals of Japan have mastered the skill of the bizarre. Sensual humour, rough jokes, murder and mayhem – these all are the aspects applied by Japanese designers to develop few of the wildest video games. Apart from this, few of such developers conveyed the notion of an exclusive plot and appealing gameplay somewhat way too far. Hence, developers from this country developed variety of unnatural games, which actually resist judgment in any logic or approach. If you are crazy about playing some of the popular and craziest Japanese video games, refer below description of Japanese video games to get clear idea.

10. Hatoful Boyfriend

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

Hatoful Boyfriend is renowned as a Japanese video game, focused primarily about dating pigeons and variety of birds. The player plays this game in form of a high school girl, who is a collector/hunter and dwells in a cavity in the desert. The game occurs in prestigious St. PigeoNation’s Institute, which is basically a high school where all the scholars are birds. Thee player is acceptable to choose one out of 8 several bird-men, comprising a scary partridge performing the character of the school nurse. If this does not make you uncomfortable, the game presents options to encompass few puns like making use of ‘everybirdie’ in place of ‘everybody’.

9. Silent Hill

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever 2019

The Silent Hill video game is straight motivated by Resident Evil; however its way and tone are completely different. This video game is a mental chiller, learning the psyche and piercing into the mind. The crazy feature to note is the dreadful creature design and ugly ‘Otherworld’ that has wormed its track into broader consciousness, most newly perceived as an encouragement for Stranger Things’ ‘Upside Down’. This Japanese video game even had its separate film, with Christophe Gans’ variety attaining points for catching Silent Hill’s terrifying visual.

8. Creature To Koi Shiyo

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

This Japanese video game is an outstanding specimen that love can originate in different shape, system or classes. In this video game designed by Triplethreat, the player takes part as Ichitarou, is actually the personality of the game, whose parents are departed outside country for work, leaving him lonely with his sister. The video game stimulates a respectable set for affection to spark among players in the game. In this condition, the personality of the lovely infancy friend named Kokoro comes into the picture. This video game owns three endings, and identical to every other Visual Novel, the ending you observe is based on the selections you make through the whole periods of gameplay. One significant aspect you can learn after playing is if you have touched the age of thirty and are yet unmarried, you may wish to ponder searching for the soul mate in a cornfield.

7. Doki Doki Majo Shinpan

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

Doki Doki is renowned as a DS game developed by a famous game developer named SNK Playmore. In this Japanese video game, you will notice that a player play as Akuji, who is essentially a high school guy makes entertainment of how they’re all in high school and he is ‘laidback’. Laidback here indicates a meaning that a person who completely does nothing, worries regarding nothing and possesses a cool to be true sort of attitude. Later on, he has approached near to by Lulu, a crux which says him that there are occultists present in the school and he requires revealing them. Hence, the character decides to stop being a settee potato and have few witches captured.

6. Final Fantasy

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

It is perceptible that Japan is renowned for its exclusive flair of role-playing games, commonly highly-stylised fantasy strolls with turn-based fighting and solemn narratives. The video game-Final Fantasy is the leader; in which the JRPG that had the most stimulus exterior of gaming circles. The maker of Final Fantasy also created an appalling film (named Spirits Within) which seems to be the crucial part for major recognition. This video game series is created up of philosophy and a shared style, in place of using all-embracing storylines. It is known that in Final Fantasy, every contestant builds its personal lore and universe.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

Favourite Japanese video game-Sonic the Hedgehog might not had the great reputation of it recently, exceling in a series of middling titles that has perceived his stock drop as a video game personality. In present time, this Blue Blur stays as a cultural image renowned for his rapidity and boldness. This game was essentially made by well-known developer named Yuji Naka, the character named Sonic by him was a straight forward retort to Super Mario. You can notice that his fierce speed a counterpoint to super Mario’s more serious platforming while playing. It was come to know that the rudimentary threesome of Sonic games were runaway hits, blinking the first real ‘console war’ among Mario’s Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive.

4. Seaman

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

At first instant, the title of this Japanese video game makes you ponder it’s a game regarding sea adventures or even about the story of a fisherman examining for his misplaced water bottle. The acclaim of great playing interface of Seamen goes to developers named Vivarium and Jellyvision. In this video game, you turn out as a pet owner of some superior species –the Seaman. The seaman is essentially approximating a fish, which late turns into a toad for few cause. It is recognized that the only difference is that it abides a human face, it deliberates with you, and apparently it abuses you.

3. Kato and Ken

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever 2019

Recognized as Greatest Attack Power Ever – Kato & Ken is a video game developed by Hudson Co. for the Virtual Console as well as the TurboGrafx-16. The game is basically a platform game, where you opt for a character to play with right at the commencement of the game, performing as either Ken or Kato. Both these characters are investigators, working on a huge escapade to save life of a capitalist from god-knows-what. The impression of the game is very simple as you just need to go on platforms, jump, defend from enemies and dipping to your death, quite similar to game-Super Mario Bros. Nevertheless, it seems that the person who developed this video game developed it out while having a god amount of motivation in the bathroom. In this, your superior bout is farting, and when you are walking on your track you will perceive a person urinating around several scrubs.

2. Gakuen Handsome

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

Gakuen Handsome video game was basically derivate from a BL graphic novel by team named YokkyuFuman. This Japanese video game is fundamentally an imitation making amusement of BL (known as Boys’ Love) games in simple terms. Primarily, the game launches with an anonymous character, and then you can handpick the name- that drives to an all-boys high school afterward a seven-year period of nonappearance from the hometown. This is the area where he encounters a cheerful group of persons like a retarded lecturer, a student group president who is very obstinate on his scores that he attempts to do suicide when dipping in second position in them as well as a self-absorbed yandere who attempts persons with his jaw.

1. Sweet Pool

Most Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

The story of “Sweet Pool” video game resembles to Sakiyama Youji, a person who pushes to a Catholic high school –source Jesus is vital- after a long period nonappearance due to some fitness concerns. He encounters three individuals at the place; one of them is an underdeveloped who is strange in the head. Ins Sweet Pool, eliminating on one fateful day, Youji initiates to menstruate right from his bu**hole, later he begins shitting minor spots of meat monsters. After that, it is your task to select the appropriate adoptions in the game to support Youji conquest some parasites that have gushed out of his back part.

Compared to other video games, popular Japanese video games add thrill and passion while playing. These popular games are the one that has amassed a good number of people playing it on regular basis.


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