10 Most Dangerous Fish Species 2019

At the mention of the word fish, so many mouths water. They form a favorite dish that has been embraced through out the world. Fish also provide with the most nutritious form of meat according to medical findings.

For centuries, different communities especially those living along the shores and rivers have adapted to fishing as the main source of their meals. In an equal measure of the tasty and delicious fish, there are dangerous fish with capacity to cause grievous harm to humans. They live in the waters, some hide and attack when least expected. Being weary of such species is an important step to survival in the waters.

The list of top 10 most dangerous fish give an account of the deadly species. It is to provide fishers and those taking to the waters with knowledge on the best cause of caution to observe when stepping into the waters.

10. Wels catfish

Most Dangerous Fish Species 2019

A breed found in Central and Eastern Europe, the well catfish is an aggressive and dangerous predator. They live in warm waters and are to be found in lakes and rivers all across the European continent. They are large in size measuring up to five meters in, length and weight over 150 kilograms. Though the fish feeds on frogs, water birds and smaller fishes, they are also known to attack humans. An attack by the Wels catfish can be fatal. The fish inflicts damage through its razor sharp teeth and has potential to cause severe wounds. The wounds can be so severe that in some instances leads to breeding and eventual death of the victim.

9. Electric Ray

Most Dangerous Fish Species

This is the most unique of all sea creatures. It has capacity to produce electric shocks of up to 220 volts. With different species of the fish, they produce varying amounts of this shock. The electric ray posses two highly and effective kidney shaped electrogenic organs. These are the organs used by the fish to produce the electric shock. Used as a weapon of defense, the fish releases the shock when they feel threatened. They also use the rays to capture their prey by electrocuting them. Electric rays are often found on the floors of the oceans and water bodies and in some instance in the mud a factor that enables them to hide from potential predators and a skill they use in hunting their prey.

8. Lion Fish

Most Dangerous Fish Species

A native of Indo-Pacific region, the lion fish takes eighth position among the most deadly fish. The have poisonous spines and showy pectorial fins. The poisonous fins are used to offer protection from potential predators making the list of its predators very limited. A sting from the spines is very painful and the poison emitted has enough power to cause nausea and difficulties in breathing that may prove fatal through drowning if one is in deep waters. Urgent first aid measures and medical attention after encountering a sting from lion fish is adequate to save from the predicaments that come with it.

7. Electric Eel

Most Dangerous Fish Species

Electric eels are among the deadliest sea fish in the world today. The eel is known to inhabit streams and ponds in Arinoco River and Amazon areas.. A known predator, the eel is known to have special body cells known as electrocytes. These cells have capacity to produce approximately 600 volts of electric power. If directed on humans, this is enough voltage to cause heart failure and instant death. Basically, the eel is known to attack when threatened or when hunting for prey.

6. Piranha

Most Dangerous Fish Species

Found in South American rivers, the Piranha is also a dangerous fish specie. This is despite being among the most delicious fish sought by humans. The fish is characterized by sharp triangular teeth that the fish uses to strike. Known to hunt in groups, the fish is among the most dangerous with few chances of escape when they strike. This is further aggravated by the fact that the fish has a bite force that is up to 30 times more powerful that its body weight. The fish is known to feed on other fish, seeds and crustaceans. When hunger strikes however, it is a dangerous predator and will attack even animals larger than its size including humans.

5. Bull Shark

Most Dangerous Fish Species 2019

Bull sharks derive their names from having a short blunt snout. Like other sharks, they are extremely dangerous and attack whenever an opportunity arises. Actually, they are considered to be more dangerous by their ability to survive in different types of waters. By having specially adapted kidneys, the sharks can survive in both warm and fresh waters. As such, they can easily be found in lakes, rivers as well as oceans and seas. They have the highest record of casualties with over 121 victims reported so far. By being fast and aggressive, the are known to strike with ease with victims barely having an opportunity to escape.

4. Great White Shark

Most Dangerous Fish Species

Otherwise referred to as killer machines, great white sharks are on record as being very dangerous. Since 1580, there have been 403 reported cases of great white shark attacks. Of these 65 were fatal. They are known for the strong bite that they are perceived to use as a test for how good the food is. A bite from this giant shark is in most cases fatal having over 300 razor sharp teeth in its moth. The injuries are always extensive and normally leads to deep bleeding and eventual death of the victim if not help is readily available. With special features such as a strong sense of smell and ability to detect electromagnetic field emissions, the shark can easily detect a potential victim from miles away.

3. Stone Fish

Most Dangerous Fish Species

Unknown for making the initial attack, a stonefish is also among the deadly fish on the planet. They are more prevalent in Indo-Pacific oceans. Stonefish is known to have 13 sharp dorsal spines that it uses to stage an attack. The spines contain a dangerous venom that causes paralysis on the victim. Like its name depicts, the stonefish appears like a stone on the floor of the ocean or mud in shallow waters. It is from this position that the fish inflicts stings on unsuspecting predators and humans. Venom from the sting can be fatal and therefore requires immediate medical attention to save the victim.

2. Puffer Fish

Most Dangerous Fish Species

With the most poisonous venom known to humans, the puffer fish is the second deadliest fish. It takes the second position among the most poisonous vertebrates on the globe. The fish is known to carry tetrodotoxin that is considered to be 1200 time more deadly when compared to cyanide. This toxin is carried in different parts of the fish’ body including their poisonous spikes. When facing a threat, the fish is known to puff its body into a round shape leaving the pikes that carry the venom with capacity to kill a human in just a matter of seconds. One sad fact is that there is no medication to counter this venom and victims of a puffer fish ends up in death.

1. Box Jelly Fish

Most Dangerous Fish Species 2019

The number one most dangerous fish on the planet is the box jellyfish. It is responsible for over 100 deaths every year. The fish is known to produce a dangerous venom that affects the heart and the nervous system in a matter of seconds. The fish gets its name from its cube-like body shape enhanced with 15 tentacles. The tentacles contain more than 5000 stinging cells and can grow to over 10 feet in length. They use the tentacles to hunt by wrapping them around the prey and triggering the stinging cells hence immobilizing the prey.

Fish are prevalent in all corners of the world. Majority understand them as a great source of nutritious meals. Unknown to many they are also dangerous and in some cases fatal. Understanding the characters of different species is the best way to ensure you remain safe when fishing or just taking time in the waters. The top 10 most dangerous fish species are clear indication of this factor.


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