9 Most Dangerous Germs 2018

Infections occur day in and day out. Thanks be unto God who has helped humanity by giving them excellent minds to find solutions to all these infections. These numerous infections are dealt with, and one is saved from their adverse effects. Even so, what will happen when one gets infected, and the causative agents are resistant to drugs? Or worst still, they will have caused severe damage to your body before they are eliminated. The following are some of the top 10 most dangerous and worst germs the world in 2018 has to deal with.

9. Aspergillus

Most Dangerous Germs

This is a dangerous virus that is responsible for breathing problems associated with asthma. It causes pulmonary infections as well as blood infections. When diagnosed promptly, it can be adequately death with. Otherwise, it can lead to death because of suffocation. To keep the situation under control, many people that have asthma have inhalers that help them deal with asthmatic attacks.

8. Escherichia Coli and Klebsiella

Most Dangerous Germs

Many people know this bacterium as E Coli. A person can acquire this bacteria by consuming foods that have not been cleaned properly or have not been cooked properly (undercooked). In the olden days, this bacterium would cause severe stomachaches as well as diarrhea. One would be treated, and all would be well. However, they have become resistant to drugs leading to difficulties in treating them or getting rid of them. It is a good thing to know that we can all avoid this bacterium very easily. All one has to do is maintain their hygiene especially when dealing with food. All raw foods should be cleaned thoroughly, cooked properly, and we should all remember to always wash our hands.

7. Rabies virus

Most Dangerous Germs

The rabies virus is usually acquired by people after being bitten by a dog that is infected. Primarily, dogs are the common transmitters of rabies. However, other animals like raccoons, monkeys, bats, and even foxes can transmit it. Once a person is bitten by either of the mentioned animals that carry the virus, the virus will travel to their brain system and nerves and affect the quality of life that they live. This virus takes a few months to incubate and when the incubation period is over, and then you will be in for a shock. A person’s behavior will change drastically. It is therefore wise that people vaccinate their dogs with antirabies because this is the preventive measure. One also has to go to the hospital for rabies shot immediately they are bitten.

6. Methicillin-staphylococcus Aureus

Most Dangerous Germs

This germ is hard to deal with, and it belongs to the staphylococcus family. Over the years this bacterium has evolved and has become resistant to treatment. This germ is highly contagious, and the people that mostly get infected are patients in the hospitals because of their reduced immunity as well as some medics because f being in that environment for an extended period thus exposure. If not untreated, it can lead to the removal of the affected part so as to prevent its spread or get rid of the infection.

5. Bacillus anthracis

Most Dangerous Germs

This virus is what causes anthrax. Anthrax is a virus that is vicious and affects both human beings and animals. A person can get anthrax either through inhalation or open wounds. For a long period, this disease killed many people because it occurred naturally. But with the medical advancements the world has made, it is now manageable. Even so, this does not make it any less dangerous. It can still kill human beings when not properly treated. To show you just how serious this bacterium is, it is used as a biological weapon of war used to overcome the enemy. A release of this bacterium can lead to massive deaths.

4. Clostridium botulinum

Most Dangerous Germs

This is a very wicked germ that targets a person’s nervous system. We all know that the nervous system drives a person’s body and once it is affected, the quality of life that a person has is severely implicated. It can cause the whole body to break down and function ineffectively. This is a very scary fact about this bacterium. Many people that have died because of this infection and the reason being improper breathing since the muscles that aid with breathing gets paralysed.

3. Acinetobacter baumannii

Most Dangerous Germs

This bacterium is one of the most dangerous bacteria that the world is struggling with. It is famously known as the ‘Iraqibacter’ because it was responsible for the death of thousands of Iraq soldiers. The only way a person can get this bacterium is through wounds in the body and other openings. The worst thing that makes this bacterium a struggle is the fact that it is resistant to treatment with antibiotics. Because it is resistant to treatment, an infection can lead to death, and that is why it has killed many people over the years. Having high standards of hygiene can be a good place to start dealing with this bacterium.


Most Dangerous Germs

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus that causes AIDS is one of the most feared viruses in the world. We have all seen how this virus can devour a person in just a matter of weeks or months. There is no joking about this virus because even a joke will creep you out. This virus is acquired through sexual intercourse that is unprotected, sharing sharp piercing or cutting objects, blood transfusion, and others. Once a person gets contaminated and acquires this virus, their immune system becomes very fragile, and they become susceptible to all kinds of diseases and infections because the body cannot fight them off. This virus has killed many people, and it still does. Even with the availability of anti-retroviral drugs that help sustain victims, AIDS still kills many people. If you ask me, it is the worst thing after cancer.

1. Ebola

Most Dangerous Germs

We have all heard of this ruthless virus that will kill its victim days after they are infected. If there is a demonic virus, Ebola has to be it. The origin of this virus is West Africa. Ever since it came into being, it has ravaged many countries because when it is not properly contained, it spreads like wildfire. When the virus gets into your body, it will affect all the blood vessels in the body as well as the cell linings thereby causing one to bleed continuously until they die due to excessive bleeding. One will bleed from every kind of opening like the nose, ears, and other places. It is very easy to get contaminated by this virus because you only need to stand next to an infected person and you will be the next victim. This virus is much more ruthless than HIV. At least with HIV one does not need to be quarantined. One can still have a normal life. With Ebola, you do not even get a moment with your loved ones before you contaminate them.

Every time you are infected with a germ, and you can go to the hospital, get treated and the infection clears up, thank the gods of medicine. When you deal with any infection caused by any of the above-mentioned germs, you will learn to appreciate every healthy moment you get. These germs are some of the most vicious germs we have, and the worst thing is that they are not so easy to deal with; at least most of them.


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