11 Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

A nuclear accident is not something that anyone can joke about. A nuclear accident will always have adverse effects on the lives of those contaminated by the exposure to radiation by causing deformities and even growth of cancer cells. The world has seen some of the worst nuclear accidents that have left many people still experience the adverse effects. Luckily, there are those that did not have adverse effects on the people because they were contained in time. The following nuclear accidents are worth of your attention.

11. Kyshtym disaster

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This accident happened in the year 1957 in Uziersk, Russia. The reason behind this accident is a failed cooling system that resulted in an explosion at the site. The explosion led to the evacuation of 50,000 people so as to save them from the contaminating agent released. This incident got its name from a town called Kishtim.

10. Saint-Laurent Des Eaux

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This is considered one of the worst nuclear accidents that have ever occurred in France. It took place in the year 1980. The reason behind the accident is the failure of the cooling system. This cause overheating of Uranium that was present in the reactor and consequently melting it. The international nuclear event scale (INES) this accident was ranked at 4.

9. Sosnovy Bor nuclear accident

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This nuclear accident happened in the year 1992 in Russia. There was a leakage of radioactive gas released to the air as well as iodine. This happened because of a ruptured fuel channel in the plant’s plumbing system. Out of all the nuclear accidents that have ever occurred in this nuclear plant, this was the first to be reported by media houses. Although there is not much information about it, we can guess that it was serious enough to get the attention of the media.

8. Brazil Goiania accident

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This was a nuclear accident that was just as a result of stupidity and selfish desires. It occurred in the year 1987. Thieves thought it wise to steal a radiotherapy old source from an abandoned hospital. Due to lack of proper knowledge required to deal with radiotherapy equipment, four people lost their lives because of the exposure of the radioactive material the equipment released. Other people also got exposed to radiation as they tried to handle the equipment.

7. Three Mile Island in the USA

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This accident occurred in the year 1979 because of faulty systems that eventually led to a meltdown at the plan. The accident was linked to poor maintenance by the people who handled the plant as well as inefficient craftsmanship. A lot of radioactive elements were released into the air as well as the water thereby polluting the environment. Even so, there were no injured people because of the meltdown and no cancer cases were reported because of the emission of these radioactive elements.

6. Tokaimura nuclear accident in Japan

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This nuclear accident happened in the year 1999. It resulted in the killing of two employees while the other was exposed to radiation levels that a person can handle. This accident happened when these three employees were carrying out an experiment without proper qualification or training. The result was that they overloaded the precipitation tank with uranyl nitrate solution. The nuclear reaction became too much, and there was the massive emission of gamma and neutron radiations. This goes to show what lack of knowledge can mean to a person’s life.

5. Mahima nuclear power plant explosion-Japan

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

In the year 2004, there was an accident at this nuclear power plant. There was a broken pipe in a building that was hosting the turbines for the plant’s reactors. This pipe caused a leakage of hot water and steam that resulted in the death of five workers. There were also six other workers who sustained serious injuries because of this. This pressurised water reactor plant accident occurred just before a scheduled periodic inspection took place. It is sad because lives would have been saved. Until the Fukushima accident, this was the most recent nuclear accident in Japan.

4. Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This nuclear accident is also very recent because it happened in MARCH, 2011. A tsunami caused by an earthquake caused the plant to be flooded thereby interfering with the cooling system of the plant. Because of this, there was an overheating at the plant that caused meltdowns of the reactors. This accident led to the release of radioactive substances that endangered the lives of people and also affected their lives. Japan saw a lot of air pollution that day.

3. Marcoule in France

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This is a very recent nuclear accident that took place in the year 2011 in the month of September. One man died while four others were seriously injured. A furnace where all the metallic waste was melted exploded leading to a fire breakage. Luckily the fire was contained, and a safety cordon was set up to minimise contamination due to the leakage.

2. Radiotherapy accident in Zaragoza

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

We all know how radiotherapy is beneficial and efficient in treating cancer. However, when there is an overdose, disaster is bound to strike. This is what happened in Spain in the year 1990. There was a wrong operation of a cancer machine at a cancer clinic center, and there was an overdose of cancer patients. Because of this improper operation of the machine, a lot of people lost their lives; a total of twenty people. Sixteen others were wounded severely. A lot of lives were under threat because the incident took place for ten consecutive days.

1. Chernobyl

Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

This nuclear accident is by far the worst in the history of the world because it took the lives of many people; a total of 31. Another reason that makes it come at number one is that the people that live in this area still experience some effects caused by this explosion like deformities and even cancer development. This incident happened in the year 1986 in Ukraine. There was the overheating of the plant leading to a steam explosion, fire, and a meltdown that released harmful substances to the people.

In conclusion, we can all agree that it is better to be safe than sorry. Nuclear plants need to be operated with extra caution. Some mistakes can cost people their lives. Proper maintenance should be carried out more often as well as routine check-ups to make sure everything is perfect. Anyone who lacks proper training when it comes to working in nuclear should not even be let into the building.


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