11 Deadliest Animals Around The World

We are surrounded by various kinds of animals. Some of them are very ferocious, poisonous and aggressive, whereas some of the animals are too cute to be kept as a pet. Here we have tried to make a list of world’s most deadly wild animals. We normally think of big animals as deadly or fearful, but if you go through the list, you can see even a small invertebrate like jellyfish has considered as the most poisonous animal. Here we start:


Most Dangerous Animals 2019

Box jellyfish are often found floating at a speed of 5 mph in the Indo- pacific water in the north of Australia. The body is transparent, so they are nearly invisible. Box jellyfish has been marked as the most venomous marine creature in the world. The Medusa of the box jellyfish has a bell-like box where tentacles are attached. Box jellyfish uses these tentacles to hunt its prey. Though it has been considered as the most poisonous marine animal, few species of them can cause human death.


Most Dangerous Animals

Great white sharks are also famous as the white pointer of the sea. They are a species of large Macarel shark that found in all coastal area (where the temperature varies between 12 -24 degree Celsius) of the major oceans. Found in large number In North America, Japan, South Africa The scientific name is Carcharodon carcharias. White sharks are very big in size and prey upon other marine animals, but there is no record found about its man-eating habits. The famous movie The Jaws was filmed on a Great White shark. Total body mass is approximately 680- 1,100 kg and Body length are 4.5 – 6.4m (Female shark) and males are 3.5-4m(adult). It can swim at a speed 40km/hour. The great white sharks are a good spy -hoppers which mean they often lift their head up to the sea surface to watch their prays.


Most Dangerous Animals

Can you imagine you in front of Black Mamba? I know all of you will scream out No. Yes, it is so fearful that we can’t even want to imagine. Every snake whether it’s poisonous or non-poisonous creates a fear at first sight, but Black Mamba is just different for its speed and aggressiveness. The scientific name is Dendroaspis Polylepis, and normal skin colour is grey which darkens with age. In Africa, Black Mamba is the other name of sure death. It is so fearful that it is called Death Incarnate. Mainly found in rocky and savanna area of East and South Africa. There are several myths and stories that depict its speed and aggressions on its prey. It is venomous, and it can cause death within 45 minutes. Having a slender body this snake is speedy, deceptively powerful and thus the most feared snake in Africa.


Most Dangerous Animals

Though buffalo has been domesticated, Cape buffalo never been so good to be rare at home. They are mainly found in Sub-Saharan Africa. They are Likely to graze in herds and famous as Black Death in Africa. The nature of African buffalo or Cape buffalo is very unpredictable, all on a sudden they can attack. They are so powerful to defend themselves against the lion. They are the most robust species that can grow up to six ft height and weight near about 1 ton. They never hesitate to attack moving vehicles and a record number of hunters killed by this fearful animal every year. They can run at a speed 35mph.


Most Dangerous Animals

Being one of the most poisonous Amphibians, This species of Golden Dart Frog is endemic to the rainforest of Columbia and other South American countries. The upper portion of the skin is thickly coated with toxic alkaloid Poison, which is commonly used by the native people to use on their dart and arrow while hunting. For this reason, this species is killed in numbers and now become an endangered species.


Most Dangerous Animals 2019

Cone snail have a geometrical cone shaped body, this type of snail is highly venomous and having the capacity to sling human being. Normally found in warm water near the equator. Their look is very beautiful with a marble like a shell, but do not dare to touch them as their concealed teeth will work like a harpoon to sling and deliver the poison into the human body. Keep in mind that there is no anti venom.


Most Dangerous Animals

Leopard belongs to the big cat family in the genus Panthera; Leopard is one of the feared animals in the world. Most of the animals intend to frighten and run away on the injured, but leopard became more aggressive when it gets injured. Highly speedy, and cunning. Skilled in climbing tree. It running speed is 85km/hr. Height is 45-80cm (adult, at the shoulder). Mostly found in the sun, Saharan Africa.


Most Dangerous Animals

Belong to the lizard family; Komodo dragon is also known as Komodo Monitor, that is found in Indonesian islands of Komodo, Flores, Gili, Montana, etc. Komodo dragon is the largest living species that can grow up to 3 metres in length and weighs 70kg. They use to hunt everything including invertebrates, birds and mammals. Their bite is venomous. They prefer hot and dry places to live. They are carnivorous in nature.


Most Dangerous Animals

This is one of the world’s largest land animals. Their behaviour is unpredictable. Though from ancient age elephants are known as a friendly animal, wild elephants are very much aggressive. African elephants are found in the dense forests of sub-Saharan Africa. During the time of feeding a herd of elephants may deplete an area causing damage to uncountable trees using their powerful tusks and trunks. In aggressive mood, they can destroy the entire village in few hours. For their tusks, they are poached by hunters and for this reason the number if African elephant is reducing in a large number.


Most Dangerous Animals

Lion belong to the genus Panthera under the family Felidae. The African lion is a term commonly used for the species living in Africa. They are big in size (male 250kg), and the lion is the second largest living cat. The male species have a beautiful mane. In general, the lion is not a human hunter, but in some cases when turn man-eater it becomes ferocious and seeks out human prey. In Kenya in the year 1998, 28 railway workers killed over a nine-month period by a man-eater lion.


Most Dangerous Animals 2019

Saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile of all, and it is also the largest Riparian Predator in the world. Male saltwater crocodile can vary in size from at least 6.30m and can reach up to 7.0m in length. The saltwater crocodile is said to be found in small numbers through India and Bangladesh portions of Sundarbans. It is said that 100,000 to 200,000 adult saltwater crocodile is found in Australia. Saltwater crocodile has a special trick of catching its prey; it is known as the ‘DEATH ROLL’, and it eats everything from buffalo to sharks.

Each animal of the above list is deadly, fearful but unique in nature. Though we get rare chance to face them in our life time, so there is nothing to fear about when you are in the safe distance. They are the creation of God as we are and they have to defend themselves from the hunters. So let them live peacefully in their comfort zone.


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