11 Most Deadliest Insects In The World 2019

Insect’s small invertebrates that belong to the arthropod phylum with six legs and three segments in the body. Though they are small in size, but their ability to cause harm to the human is not at all a negligible fact. Here in this list, we have tried to find out the most fearful insects, which are as powerful as big animals. Let’s find out the list of top 11 most deadliest insects in the world 2019.


Most Deadliest Insects 2019

Termites are horrifying insects that can damage household products, crops or anything they want to. Like ants and bees termites are also social insects and they have divided labour among themselves. There is sterile, male and female, workers and soldiers group in a termite colony. Except in Antarctica, they are found everywhere on earth. These insects are tiny (4-15 millimetres) in length. They have a ten-segmented abdomen. They feed on dead plants or any decomposed things. They like to eat wood and owing to this habit they cause damage to any wooden structure, furniture, etc.


Most Deadliest Insects

Great Asian Hornet and its subspecies Japanese Giant Hornet both are colloquially known as Yak-killer hornet. It is the world’s largest hornet with a body length of 5cm. The length of the wingspan is 7.6 cm. They can fly at a speed of 40 km/hour. Giant Asian Hornet has very powerful stings which they use to deliver venom. On stinging it can affect the nervous system, and one sting is enough for death. Its venom is flesh dissolving.


Most Deadliest Insects

Bullet Ant is the common name of the species Paraponera Clavata. The Ant has been named Bullet ant for having powerful bullet like sting. They prefer to live in the humid rain forest in Nicaragua, and in extreme South of Prague. It is the largest among the Ant family, and the bite of its sting is 30 times stronger than wasp or honeybee. Body length is approximately one inch. They Live in colonies and usually make their nest at the base of big trees. Bullet ant releases a special body odour from their body.


Most Deadliest Insects

Bot flies belong to family Oestridae. Botflies usually leave eggs directly on the skin which causes severe effects. The botflies that deposit eggs on human skin are found in Southern and Central Asia. Female botflies use to lay eggs on the human skin, and the larvae penetrate in the epidermal layer of the skin and live for 60 days. The only way to prevent bot flies is to stop the larvae from hatching.


Most Deadliest Insects

The name originated from the habit of biting human lips at the time of sleep. Kissing Bug belongs to the subfamily of Reduviidae. They are also called Vampire Bug as they suck blood from vertebrates. While sucking, they transmit parasite called trypanosome Cruze. The disease called The Kissing Bug diseases causing death to 12000 people a year; the diseases got sprayed in the same way to animals and pets. Humans and animals develop rashes and welts on the skin when any kissing bug bites them.


Most Deadliest Insects 2019

Belongs to the family of common ant these ants are mainly found in Asia, America and Europe. Its bite is so dangerous that it causes almost 20 deaths/year. There are a wide variety of Fire ants in the world (285 Species).while biting it delivers venom through its sting which causes a painful burning sensation and swelling of the skin. Due to allergic reaction death can happen. They usually stay in groups and attack. A group can consist of ten to hundreds of ants.


Most Deadliest Insects

Tsetse flies are large biting flies which is native to Africa. They are the deadliest as their biting can cause painful burning sensation on skin. While biting, they penetrated toxin on each sting and reported to cause death of half million people in Africa. At the initial stage, the venom can cause sleeping sickness in the victim, and if not treated with proper medication it would result in more complicated situation.


Most Deadliest Insects

Lonomia Caterpillar is the larvae of the Saturniid Moths from South America, but its larvae are famous as one of the world’s deadliest insects than the Moth. The larvae have a body (length 4.5-5.5cm) full of utricating bristle which is very poisonous. This caterpillar injects its venom to the human body if come in contact and that can cause death. Lonomia Caterpillar is the cause of death for many people in Brazil. Body colour is green or brown that helps them to camouflage. The venom is so powerful and anticoagulant that it causes internal bleeding on stinging.


Most Deadliest Insects

One of the most dangerous species in the insect world which is responsible for thousand of human death in north and southern parts of America. By nature, they are very aggressive. On stinging, it causes pain and swelling and allergic reaction. Death may happen due to the toxin presence which affects the respiratory system. To increase honey production this species was first introduced in Brazil, but later on, it spread throughout South and North America. They are very fast movers and skilled in chasing people.


Most Deadliest Insects

Paper wasp is the most venomous wasp among the species and responsible for human death. Found in North America and Europe. On stinging, it may cause itching, and redness on the skin and the area started swelling. More complication may occur like fever, diarrhea, convulsion and kidney failure. Paper Wasp used to gather fibres from dead wood. They can fly 40 km/hour.


Most Deadliest Insects 2019

It is one and only Mosquitoes who is the dangerous and deadliest insects in our list. It causes approximately one million deaths every year round the year. Mosquitoes are rapid reproducer, and they are career of parasites of different diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, yellow fever, Filaria, Chikungunya, etc. which had records to break out as an epidemic, causing several deaths. They have a tube like a sting attached to their heads by which they suck blood and transfer the parasites to a normal person. There are three varieties –Anopheles, Culex and Aedes. To avoid mosquito bite, the locality should be kept clean. Some species reproduce in fresh and stagnant water, so our house should be free of any deposited open water on flower pot, well, etc.

Lastly, though these are some of the species of world’s deadliest insects, which are small in size but fast in action. But we should keep in mind that they use this mechanism of stinging when they get attacked or disturbed by human beings as self-defence techniques. So we can easily avoid coming into contact with these insects without disturbing them. Moreover they are also a part of our Eco system as they eat dead plants and animals, so destroying them would affect our ecosystem, which is not desirable.


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