11 Most Expensive Diamonds In The World 2019

“A Diamond is a piece of coal under pressure, if you are feeling pressure today you are about to shine.” When we think about the expensiveness, valuableness the first thing struck in our mind is Diamond, due to its amazing sparkling image. Diamond is the most precious element all around the world, the word Diamond is taken from a Greek word adamas, which means indestructible or which can’t be destructed. It is the only gem or stone known to man that is made of a single element i.e. Carbon, besides graphite. Diamond is completely made of Carbon atoms crystallized in a cubic or we say isometric arrangement.

Diamond is the hardest substance ever found in this earth. They are basically form between 120-200 kilometers or 75-120 miles below the earth’s surface, when the coal is preserved for around 2.5 billion years or more. Historically, most of the world’s diamonds or we say, the majority of those on our list were discovered in mines in South Africa and India. Destinations such as Canada, Brazil and Australia have recently uncovered incredible natural resources as well. Here we are going to give light on some of the most expensive diamonds in this world in 2019.

11. Vargas diamond

Most Expensive Diamonds 2019

Vargas diamond is a blue-white colored 726.6 carats (approximately 145.32 g) uncut diamond which was found in Brazil in the year 1938. It was pull out of the ground by two person namely Joaquim Venancio Tiago and Manoel Miguel Domingues. Later, it was cut down into twenty-nine pieces by Adrian Graselly. The flawless diamond is now the property of a New York Jeweler Harry Winston. The estimate cost of that uncut diamond is more than one billion dollars.

10. Golden Jubilee Diamond

Most Expensive Diamonds

Golden Jubilee Diamond is yellow-brown colored 755.5 carat (approximately 109.13 g) diamond which was discovered in Premier Mine in South Africa. Premier mine is also the source of origin of Cullinan diamond in 1905. It is one of the largest cut and faceted diamond, which is valued at $4–$12 million USD. It was previously known as Unnamed Brown. Original owner of this precious stone is Henry Ho, now it was belong to King of Thailand.

9. Millennium Star

Most Expensive Diamonds

Millennium Star is a colorless uncut 777 carat (approximately 155.4 g) diamond which was found in the Mbuji-Mayi district of Zaire in 1990. It was bought by De Beers in mid-nineties during country’s civil war. It was later cut down by Steinmetz Group to produce flawless pear form diamond crystal. The largest part which is cut from this millennium is star heart-shaped Centenary Diamond whose weight is 273.85 carats approximately 54.770 g. The estimated cost of this precious diamond is over $160 million USD.

8. Koh-i-Noor

Most Expensive Diamonds

Koh-i-Noor is a colorless uncut 793 carat (approximately 158.6 g) diamond which was found in India and it comes under the category of the oldest diamond ever found in the earth. It is found possibly in 13th century in today’s Guntur, Andra Pradesh. Various myths are associated with this precious diamond which was first owned by the Kakatiya dynasty. Later this sparkling diamond exchange several time between various factions in South Asia. Finally, it was presented to Queen Victoria after British conquer Punjab in 1849 after that it was cut and set into the Queen’s crown which now became a part of Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The price of Koh-i-Noor is never been estimated therefore it is a priceless stone.

7. Incomparable Diamond

Most Expensive Diamonds

Incomparable Diamond is a brownish-yellow diamond of 407.48 carats (approximately 178 g). It was found at MIBA Diamond Mine in Democratic Republic of Congo in the year 1984. Before cutting into pieces it was one of the largest diamond ever found in the earth. The stone was cut down by a team led by Marvin Samuels, who also co-owned this precious stone along with Donald Zale of Zales Jewellers and Louis Glick. The estimated price of this rough brownish yellow diamond before cutting was more than $2 million USD.

6. Star of Sierra Leone

Most Expensive Diamonds 2019

Star of Sierra Leone is a colorless 968.9 carat (approximately 193.78 g) type IIa alluvial diamond which is discovered on 14 February 1972 in the country Sierra Leone at the Diminco alluvial mines in Koidu. It is fourth largest gem quality diamond ever found in the world. This precious stone later purchased by a New York jeweler Harry Winston for $2.5 million USD. It was then cut down into small pieces in which largest is a flawless pear shaped diamond of 53.96 carats.

5. Excelsior Diamond

Most Expensive Diamonds

Excelsior Diamond is a blue-white tint gem-quality rough diamond whose weight is 970 carat. The precious gem was discovered in 1893 at the Jagersfontein Mine, Orange Free State in South Africa and was the largest diamond in the world until the discovery of cullinun in 1905. Now, it was cut down into eleven pieces of different sizes from 9 to 70 carats and the largest piece i.e. Excelsior I, which was auctioned in 1991 and 1996, was purchased by Robert Mouawad for $2,642,000.

4. Lesedi La Rona

Most Expensive Diamonds

Lesedi La Rona is a colorless type IIa diamond whose weight is 1,111 carat and was found in the Karowe mine in Botswana on 16 November 2015 due to which it is previously called Karowe AK6. It is the third largest diamond ever found after Sergio and Cullinun and due to which it now being placed at the fourth spot in the list of most expensive diamonds. It will probably be sold privately and was insured for $120 million in June 2016.

3. Cullinan II

Most Expensive Diamonds

Cullinan II is colorless 317.4 carat diamond which is the second largest part among the nine parts of Cullinan diamond and is also called the “Lesser star of Africa”. It is also belong to the British Royal Family and placed in the Imperial State Crown. Its estimated price is more than two billion USD.

2. Cullinan I

Most Expensive Diamonds

Cullinan I is a 530.4 carat colorless diamond which is the largest part among the nine parts of the Cullinan diamond (3106.75 carats) and the second largest cut diamond in the world which is found in South Africa in the year 1905. The diamond was named after the founder Sir Thomas Cullinan who was superintendent of the mine. It is the second largest cut diamond in the world and is found in South Africa in the year 1905. The diamond is also known as Great star of Africa. It is currently the property of British Royal Family. Its cost is more than two million USD.

1. Sergio Carbonado – Priceless

Most Expensive Diamonds 2019

Sergio Carbonado is basically a 3167 carats (633.4 grams) black diamond which is very rare in nature and was found in the year 1895 in Bahia province of Brazil. Carbonado diamond is unique and has never been found during any conventional mining and processing operations around the world. It is said to be meteoritic origin. It is the largest rough diamond ever found and the black diamond is known for its purity that’s why it is priceless and comes on the top of the list.

Diamonds are forever due to which some diamonds are priceless, we can’t estimate there pricing due to their beauty and shininess. They are the sign of luxury mostly used in weddings, anniversaries and also a sign of love. We make lots of research to bring you this amazing list, hope you guys enjoyed it.


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