Top 10 Most Expensive Engineering Colleges In India 2019

In India, engineering is the job for a science student. It’s almost like an unsaid rule: ‘If you are studying science in 11th &12th;, in India, you are already half-an engineer.’ There’s absolutely nothing wrong in this. However, due to this, the number of students studying engineering has become so high that it has involuntarily created a situation wherein engineers are finding it difficult to secure worthy jobs.

While in general, the fee commanded by engineering colleges is not the highest, there are a few colleges that charge a bomb in comparison. While many of these colleges are private colleges, there still remain a few government run colleges that cost a lot. Apart from the expenses, there’s another thing binding these colleges together. Many of the colleges listed in this list also appear in the list of the ‘Best colleges for engineering students in India.’

So which are the most expensive engineering colleges in India in 2019? Let’s find out:

Note: Please remember that the fee figures given in this article are an approximate and not exact representation of the fee structure as the fee structure in each college, varies according to the course taken.

10. Thapar Institute of Technology: Patiala (36,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India 2019

The Thapar Institute of Technology dates back to 1956 when it was known as the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. Today, it is an autonomous college and one of the best private engineering colleges in India. According to India Today (2017), it ranks 10th in the list of engineering colleges in India. It is located within the urban confinement of Patiala in Punjab, covering over 250+ acres of land. The university is affiliated with the UGC and NAAC, as well.

9. Birla Institute of Science and Technology: Pilani (40,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India

BITS, Pilani has a reputation second only to the IIT’s in the country. Every aspiring engineer dreams to get into this college which has such a distinguished reputation and alumni. The institute is primarily concerned with undergraduate courses in areas of science, engineering and technology. Established in 1964 as a private university, today, BITS Pilani has a number of affiliations that includes: UGC, ACU, NAAC, PCI and ACU. In terms of ranking, this institute has surpassed the national boundaries and has taken up a place in the top 800-1000 engineering institutes in the world.

8. Indian Institutes of Technology: All over India (55,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India

If there’s one college in the country that needs no introduction, it has to be the IIT’s. The quality and pedigree of talent is so high in each of the IIT’s, that we will be looking at them as one in this article. The fee-structure for all of these institutions is along the same line, approximately 55,000 INR/semester. Initially, the number of IIT’s present could be counted on one’s hands, however, today that’s not the case. The government has been constantly increasing the number of these institutes in the country with the objective of educating as many Indian’s within the country, as possible.

7. Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology: Gandhinagar (60,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India

As the name suggests, the patron of this institute is Dhirubhai Ambani. In terms of an institution’s life, this is merely an infant beginning operations only this century, in 2001 to be precise. What set’s this university apart from the rest is its course in information and communication technology. When the university began, it was the only university in the country to be offering such courses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The infrastructure of the university is outstanding, with very few universities surpassing it.

6. Birla Institute of Technology: Mesra (80,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India 2019

The Birla Institute of Technology was founded by the late B.M Birla, in the year 1955. It’s status is that of a ‘Deemed University’, with numerous affiliations such as: UGC, AICTE, NAAC, NBA etc. Although the main campus lies at Mesra in Ranchi, various offshoots of the university have been set up all across not only India but, there are a few centers in other Asian countries like UAE, Oman and Muscat, respectively. According to India Today’s ranking, it was listed as the 9th best engineering college in the country, 2017.

5. Lovely Professional University: Jalandhar (90,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India

Lovely Professional University is a very well-acclaimed university in Punjab. It has world-class infrastructure and a lot of facilities that attract batches of students. Established in 2005, the college is known to be among the best private colleges in the country, although, it’s particularly well known for its law school and not engineering school. The university takes part in a number of student exchange programs with different colleges all over the world.

4. LNM Institute of Information Technology: Jaipur (1,45,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India

Started in 2003, the LNM Institute of Information Technology is public-private venture that offers courses in five major disciplines: Communication and Computer Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It’s a non-profit venture that’s situated in the outskirts of Jaipur within a 100 acre campus. Its affiliations include the UGC and in the year 2006, it got the title of ‘Deemed University’.

3. SRM University: Chennai (2,00,000 INR/sem or 4,00,000 INR/year)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India

SRM University has gone through a lot of change since it first began in the year 1985. Until the year 2002, the college was known by the name SRM Engineering College. In 2003, it got the status that of a ‘Deemed University’ and by 2006, it came to be known as a full-fledged university. The college has 7 campuses in total, with a majority of them being in the state of Tamil Nadu. As per India Today’s rankings, it stood 8th amongst the best engineering colleges in India, 2017.

2. Manipal University: Manipal (2,01,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India

While being one of the most expensive engineering colleges in the country, Manipal University is also one of the best colleges to study at. Witnessing the student-life, let alone being a part of it, is a beautiful experience as it is located in a small town that’s literally filled with students. The university came into existence in the year 1956 and since then, it has grown leaps and bounds to reach where it is today. One glance at the alumni list of this college will make you want to study here! It’s international ranking of 700-750, further adds to the case.

1. Amity University: Noida (2,02,000 INR/sem)

Most expensive engineering colleges in India 2019

Amity University is one of the best private colleges in the country, if not the best, to say the least. It was established in the year 1995, though it began full-operations in the year 2003. The affiliations that it has include: UGC, NAAC, AIU, ACU and WASC. Amity, has taken it’s name beyond the boundaries of this country. It has set up universities in 8 other countries, excluding India. Since we are talking about engineering colleges in India, we will concentrate solely on the ranking of Amity’s School of Engineering & Technology. It appeared on Outlook India’s “Top 100 Engineering Colleges in 2017.”

This article concentrates solely on the most expensive engineering colleges in India. There are a number of engineering colleges that place in the best colleges list and not this particular list. So if you are looking at engineering as a career option and you have budgetary concerns, please do not be dissuaded by the contents of this article only.


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