Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets In The World 2019

Cooking and Crockery are amongst an essential part of human life, where Kitchen is the most crucial room in any household. It comprises of some of the most mundane necessities in a human’s life, which include food, equipment to preserve and prepare your food.

Well, there are different kinds of gadget and equipment in the kitchen, which can really affect the overall cost of a Kitchen. Today technology has advanced so much that; we have automatic equipment for all mundane tasks from washing dishes, to heating food or making smoothies. Keeping the advancements in technology, we have listed some of the most expensive Kitchen gadgets in 2019 that might make your life easy but ruin your budget forever.

10. Skybar Wine Preservation & Serving System – $1000

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2019

Are you are a wine lover, then this preservation system is the best investment you will ever make. This system allows you to store 3 wine bottles, keeping it safe for over 10 days, after you open them. The unique advantage system serves the drinks automatically, so you don’t have worry about your guests during a party. This acts like a bartender, whose unique dispensing system fills glasses automatically saving your time. This preservation will ensure that your wine remains tasty and safe from all potential damages for 10 days.

9. Blendtec Stealth Blender System – $2,330

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

Blendtec is a popular household machine manufacturer, who has been making blending machines for over 50 years. This Stealth Blender system is the answer to the prayers of all housewives, who have been waiting for a machine that can blend anything, especially at a good quantity. This blender promises to crush and blend anything. It comes with a special slot which is dedicated to blending different kind of food based on its thickness, like fruits and other spices etc. This is like a super blender, which definitely one of the useful kitchen Gadget, which makes its expensive price totally worth it.

8. Dacor Discovery WineStation – $5,299

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

The Dacor smart technology used in WineStation allows users to indulge in conversation with the machine, ordering it to pour different volumes from full to half glasses of wine in your glass. It is temperature controlled, so you don’t have to worry about your wine. It is made from the best quality stainless steel, which ensures its longevity. It allows you to preserve and use your wine for almost months, even they are already opened. It allows you to preserve four bottles at a time. It also consist of LCD screen and a touch control panel, which provides detailed information for all selections.

7. Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers – $4,250

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

All house makers have a secret place in their Kitchen, where these hide all delicacies and sweets from their children. Well this Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawer look like a regular drawer, which is actually a fridge in disguise. You can store anything from vegetables to fruits to chicken, and thing in these fridge drawers. Their insides are made from plastic, while their outer layers are protected with a wooden layering, which you can paint according to the current décor of your kitchen. Common, let’s be real we all have imagined of having freezing drawers. However, this might affect you budget as it is worth $4,250.

6. Mugnaini Wood Fired Pizza Oven – $8,500

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

Pizza is amongst the most loved and appreciative food in the world. And having a traditional oven at your home, where you can cook delicious pizza at any given time, using wood fire, is literally a blessing. This Wood Fire Oven, not only adds beauty to your Kitchen, it also lets you enjoy homemade pizza. This is a multi-purpose oven which can be used to bake, cook or boil anything. This is a dream oven for all chefs, who love smoked cooking. You can use this oven to make over 1500 dishes from all around the world.

5. Hammacher Juicer – $9,900

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2019

This is one of the most powerful and faster juicer in the world, which is also a handy equipment for all homes. It can make over 90 oz. of Juice in mere one minute. It operates using the crushing method, in order to produce juice. This is an automatic juicer, so you don’t have stand next to it and push or press fruits inside the machine to produce any juice. You can use this to make juice of any fruit from pomegranate to watermelon, without worrying about its crushing power. Just invest $9,900 in this Hammacher Juicer and drink fresh juice every day.

4. La Cornue Rotisserie – $10,000

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

A Rotisserie is a must have for all chefs and restaurants. La Cornue is a semi-automatic Rotisserie, that spits and rotates the food automatically at a decent heat, that can evenly cook anything from fish to a full turkey. This machine will cost you $10,000, but promise to deliver you some of the most gourmet dishes you will ever make. This is definitely an affordable investment for restaurant owners, who can earn thousands by serving the dishes, make in this rotisserie. It is a one-time investment which will help you in the long run.

3. Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine – $20,000

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

Majority of population in the world loves coffee, which automatically makes it an expensive beverage. Well if you are coffee lover than, chances are you won’t mind spending $20,000 on this Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine. This coffee machine is a limited edition whose only 100 beauties were made, which were all sold, and probably are spreading happiness somewhere in the world. This machine was built to pay homage to Victoria Arduino for their centenary celebrations.

2. Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator – $41,000

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

Meneghini Arredamenti is the biggest home refrigerator on the planet. This huge fridge can cost of $41,000. You can store 3 month stock of food, vegetables, meats and fruits of whole pantry in this fridge. It will probably touch your roof, so avoid investing in this fridge if you have a small house, as it’s unlike it will fit in your house. It is works on fully automated technology that gives proper cooling in all corners of its system. It is made in Italy, and the manufacturer offers multiple color variants of the product, to suit your style.

1. Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew – $70,000

Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets 2019

This is one of the most expensive corkscrews on the planet, which is priced at an absurd amount of $70,000. This comes in multiple variants some of which are gold plated while some are made from platinum. Customers can add a custom signature on, by printing their signature or name on it. This can also be used as a bottle opener, tin breaker, seal breaker, and corkscrew. This is amongst the most expensive Kitchen gadget in the world.

These are some of the most expensive Kitchen gadgets in the world. Some of the items are definitely absurd; I mean why somebody wants a gold plated or platinum corkscrew? But you can definitely invest in the wine preserves this list.


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