Top 10 Most Expensive & Luxurious Motorhomes 2019

If you prefer traveling, particularly on the open highway, then you perhaps love a nice motorhome which is a home away from home. The extravagance of possessing your personal vehicle with a kitchen, a bathroom, and all the required facilities has made a motorhome a preferred one. Current years have realized an increase of bus-transformed luxury motorhomes, conversions of buses into advanced houses running on wheels.

Though it is reality that majority of the extra features of such original machines surely are not quite essential, they are certainly enviable. Since the last few decades, such kind of vehicles has been rising in admiration as well as they have progressed to supply to different pieces of society. A luxurious motorhome gives you all new experience on adventure matched to your home, so get further details by reading below: Checkout the top 10 most expensive & luxurious motorhomes in 2019.

10. Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45DLQ

Most luxurious motorhomes 2019

This is a luxurious motorhome, known to be wonderful elegant vehicle made keeping in mind the royalty. It comes innate with heated porcelain floors, quartz counter-tops, as well as a walk in shower. Moreover, it too comes with mobility, cutting-edge touch screen technology as well as smartwheel creating it smooth to drive and regulate. This is basically a master suite that comes with a walk-in closet, a bar as well as a complete entertainment system creating it comfortable for long trip through the country. People can reside and travel very comfortably on the Entegra Cornerstone for long time without feeling suffocating or nostalgic at costly price of $450,000.

9. UNICAT Amerigo International

Most luxurious motorhomes

This RV (recreational vehicle) appears slightly like a trash truck; however its modest exterior is misleading. The body of this vehicle does not offer extreme features to focus at in matters of comfort. However, the interior of this motorhome adds up to half a million dollars in its price. The company names its models ‘exploration vehicles,’ and this aspect is one of the greatest rugged RVs currently on the market. Constructed with solar panels as well as a 2,000-mile gas cistern, the vehicle can go shore to shore without ending. Moreover, in its inside structure, there is a provision of a master suite, kitchen, desk space, and also amenities for a watermaker which can purify water to make g it drinkable.

8. Country Coach Magna 630

Most luxurious motorhomes

This is another recreational vehicle of selection for environmentalists as well as nature lovers, recognized as an eco-friendly vehicle. The designers of it have gone entirely green on this vehicle by supplementing features like rooftop solar panels that control every system inside the bus with walnut breakfronts as well as earth toned garlands. This motorhome maybe environment friendly however it does not support on performance one bit, driven by a 600 HP Cummins engine through power tilt as well as by support of telescope wheels. With such excellent power systems, the motorhome can hike a mountain without extra effort or distress.

7. NewMar King Aire

Most luxurious motorhomes

The Newmar King Aire motorhome is the highpointof luxury travel, created with most luxury materials offering it a look of a luxury palace. The vehicle comes with a roomy kitchen in accompaniment with hardwood cabinets as well as there is provision of master bedroom. This bedroom is basically of kind of a walk-in bathroom as well as includes two villa sofa sets. At its interior, you will be hailed by an attractive cockpit that will bring you ruling the roads similar to a true king, the whole design, structure and feel of this motorhome is made royal.

6. Country Coach Prevost

Most luxurious motorhomes

Contrasting to most vehicles on the list, this motorhome is not designed keeping in mind adventurers. Basically, it is made for people roaming amongst cities but who want to do it in style. This motorhome conveys the grace and style of greatest luxury RVs as well as possesses vast safety features creating it a great deal for purchase. Moreover, it also comes with cedar lined cabinets and walls, porcelain flooring with an astonishing entertainment mechanism as well as a lovely master bedroom. Overall, this motorhome is certainly worth the price, though it may not offer many features, it is one of the greatest prevalent RVs as well as has sells in millions every year.

5. Foretraveller Custom Edition

Most luxurious motorhomes 2019

This RV belongs to one of the eldest motor home building companies in the globe making it a luxurious vehicle. It is common that presently buyers assume the classiest handwork and outstanding finishing in their motorhome. This RV fulfils the expectation as it possesses advanced framework which allocates the shakings over the floor resultant in the final noise reduction. This is quite identical to what you may feel while traveling in a flight, hence this motorhome is considered as a luxurious one. It is known that its design as well as interiors are very traditional and might not be as attractive as the other models from its competitors.

4. Will Smith’s ‘The Heat’

Most luxurious motorhomes

This is perhaps the major and greatest customized RV built ever, adding luxury overall. It is not just that this could be ranked well as one of the awesome recreational vehicles built till date, but comfort it offers is excellent. The characteristics as well as amenities offered inside this huge structure would demand more description, so you can just be assured that it is the most luxurious one. This is basically 1,200 square foot mobile home which spans across 22 wheels, possesses more than 14 TV screens as well as its leather costs higher than $120,000.

3. Marathon Designer Coach

Most luxurious motorhomes

The Marathon Designer Coach is another beautiful depiction of of art fashioned to perfection, with luxurious design. Moreover, the woodwork is totally brilliant, the equipment as well as remaining amenities are stylishly designed and prepared to appear very spacious. As the production volumes are very low, it demands much time to get your hands on this motorhome, however the wait is almost worth it. This recreational vehicle is presently in use by several celebrities as well as millionaires living in the US. This is the one reason, you can mention behind the purchase of this luxurious motorhome.

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus

Most luxurious motorhomes

This is perhaps the most stunning motor-coach built ever which may not seem modern however the materials castoffs for its interiors are expensive. The furniture and many additional amenities are all significant and awfully expensive, the one that replicates in its price tag. On the external area of the Vantare, it owns a garage slide-out section that can suit a mini sports car as well and its gas tank can possess nearly 235 gallons, which must charge nearly $1,000. Basically, this motorhome is a vehicle created for a millionaire; nearly everything about it is fashionable and sophisticated, adding luxury in your travel.

1. Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo

Most luxurious motorhomes 2019

Recognized as one of the most expensive RVs in the globe presently, this is the ultimate house on wheels. Its design bonds features from motor, yachting as well as aviation sports positioning it the final toy for billionaires and millionaires. This is actually a $2 Million space age vehicle which is very popular between oil tycoons located in the UAE and possesses sale of 100s in the region. Moreover, this vehicle comes finished with advanced master bedroom, a fireplace as well as a rooftop terrace within it. However, the greatest impressive aspect in this motorhome is the ‘Sky Lounge’ which alters the vehicle into a secluded retreat.

These luxurious motorhomes can only be purchased by millionaire or billionaire, as it has extreme high prices in millions. Presently, the greatest expensive RVs are nothing more than a ‘home away from home’, hence providing luxury in unique way.


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