Top 10 Most Expensive NFL Teams 2019

National Football League is one of the most important sport played and followed by millions of fans. Earlier known as American Professional Football Association. Organized in the year 1920, APFA was relaunched as National Football League after 2 years. NFL is one of the professional League of America in which 32 teams take part and every team plays 16 games. NFL conducts a season of 17 weeks starting after Labour Day and ends after Christmas.

In 1966, NFL merged with American Football League and conducted Superbowl played between teams of NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference). Among all the professional leagues played in the world, NFL attracts the most number of people all around the world. Let us discuss the most expensive teams in National Football League in 2019:

10. Green Bay Packers

Most Expensive NFL Teams 2019

Professional American football team that participates in NFL as a league member of North Division, National Football Conference. Established in 1919, the team is owned by a non-profit organisation in the United States. Priced at 2.00 billion dollars, the Packers have clinched world championship title 13 times. Coached by Mike McCarthy, the Packers are the only team that has won NFL titles consecutively three times. In 1966, they formed Green Bay Packers Foundation which helps in social as well as civil affairs in the United States.

9. Philadelphia Eagles

Most Expensive NFL Teams

Member Club of National Football Conference, Eagles are the professional football team based in Pennsylvania. Priced at 2.5 billion dollars, the team has won three NFL titles under the mentorship of Doug Pederson, they have also played two super bowls. The Eagles were formed in 1933. Philadelphia Eagles is one of the oldest team and have soaring rivalry with New York Giants.

8. Chicago Bears

Most Expensive NFL Teams

They are the professional American football team based in Chicago. Although the team was founded on 1919 in Decatur, it was shifted to Chicago after 2 years. The team has marked its place in Pro Football Hall of Fame after clinching one Superbowl and nine NFL titles. Coached by John Fox, the Bears has shown excellent sportsmanship on the field. Priced at 2.56 Billion dollars, the team has its current home ground at Lake Shore Drive, Chicago.

7. Houston Texans

Most Expensive NFL Teams

The member club of American Football Conference, this team entered the league in 2002. Coached by Bill Obrien, the team has already five playoffs in NFL. The five playoffs are sufficient to prove that this team cannot be taken for granted yet they are youngest in the field. Priced at 2.8 billion dollars, the Texans have proved their importance in the NFL. Since they are new to the league, there is no rivalry as yet but the other teams surely take them as the biggest threat.

6. New York Jets

Most Expensive NFL Teams

A professional Football team based in New York, founded in 1959 in American Football League which was merged later with American Football Conference after joining the NFL and changed the title to New York Jets. Priced at 2.88 billion dollars, the Jets are the nightmare for most of the teams in the league. Coached by Todd Bowels, this team is always on an attack mode on the opponents. Buffalo Bills are their biggest rivals.

5. San Francisco 49ers

Most Expensive NFL Teams 2019

This professional American football team has its home ground at San Francisco Bay. Earlier, this team played under AAFC and later merged with National Football Conference to play the NFL leagues. The Francisco 49ers was founded in 1946 and now it is priced at 2.9 billion dollars. Coached by Chip Kelly, this team has many rivals in east NFC.

4. New York Giants

Most Expensive NFL Teams

An American professional football team which is most popular among the football lovers of United States. They have their base at New York Metropolitan area. The team is a member of NFC and their home ground is MetLife Stadium of United States. The team has been a part of NFL since 1925 and it is one of those teams which have such a long relationship with NFL. Priced at 2.95 billion dollars, the Giants have grabbed a total of eight championships till now. Coached by Ben McAdoo, this team never gives up without a fight and that’s why it is loved by most of the football enthusiasts.

3. Washington Redskins

Most Expensive NFL Teams

The Redskins competes as a member of NFC to compete in NFL leagues and considered as one of the richest American football team. Priced at 3.00 billion dollars, they have their base at Washington DC metropolitan area. The team was formed in 1932 at Boston but in 1937, they shifted to Washington DC and since then, they have played more than 1100 games with five NFL championships to their credit. Coached by Jay Gruden, the Redskins got some of the strongest players of American football in their team.

2. New England Patriots

Most Expensive NFL Teams

The Patriots are known to be one of the most richest and powerful teams in the NFL. They compete as a member of AFC East division in NFL league having their base in Boston. The team is priced at 3.25 billion dollars and have clinched 8 AFC titles till now. Coached by Bill Belichick, they have also been in NFL playoffs more than three times and have played nine super bowls which is more than any other professional football team. The Patriots joined NFL in 1970 and have Gillette Stadium as their home ground which is situated in Massachusetts.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Most Expensive NFL Teams 2019

This professional American football team has its base in Fort Worth Metroplex of Dallas. The Cowboys compete in NFL league as a member of NFC. The team is located in Frisco, Texas and their home ground is AT&T Stadium in Texas. The Dallas Cowboys is considered the most richest and powerful team in American football with the price towering at 5 billion dollars. They have more than 5 league championships and 5 Superbowl to their credit. The coach of this team is Jason Garret who has taken this awesome franchise to the new heights in the American football history.

So, these were the best and most expensive NFL teams including members of NFC and AFC that compete with each other in National Football League. Most of them are famous for their arch rivalry among each other. These teams have the best football players presently playing the American football and when they battle in the stadium, they make NFL leagues fabulous. National football league has taken American football style to a new level and many franchises are now getting interested in putting their teams in NFL. This has famous American football all over the world.


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