Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World 2019

I sit down and I remember the days when having a mobile phone were something so big. During those times I never thought I would have my phone. I was still a young child then. I finally managed to have one. I will not mention the make because right now it will just make you think I was suffering. After a while technology went further and brought us something better. Technology brought us phones that were smarter than some people I know.

This was a very exciting thing, and ever since, humanity has been enjoying life because of these smartphones. Everyone right now can access smartphones. Your phone may get spoilt today, and you will have a new one tomorrow. It is that simple. However, in as much as there is a great supply of smartphones going around and their prices becoming very affordable, there are just those smartphones that you can only afford to admire via the screen of your current smartphone after googling them. This is because of their price. Some of these most expensive smartphones of 2019 include:

10. Savelli Jardin-Secret white ice- $10,000

Most Expensive Smartphones 2019

I know I will not be wrong is I say the most number of people that bought this phone when divided based on gender, it was the women. With a crocodile leather cover and gold, which woman will be able to resist it? This phone is a little smaller than most phones. Yes, it is gorgeous and all that but without any special features backing up its beauty, I think I will take a pass on this phone and especially if I have to pay $10,000 for it.

9. Sirin Solarin- $16,000

Most Expensive Smartphones

This was the first smartphone to be launched that presented a feature which was referred to as the WiGi. This feature offered this phone a wireless standard that helped it offer is users a speed for transfer that is up to 7 gigabits in just a second. It is one of the most expensive androids that we have today. At just $16,000, you can have this phone. In my own opinion, I would buy this phone. The primary reason for doing so is that it is highly secured because of its encrypted messaging features. I am a lover of texting.

8. iPhone princess- $176,400

Most Expensive Smartphones

Peter Aloisson was the designer behind this iPhone smart phone. And yes, he aced on the name. I look at this phone, and I see princesses. That aside, this phone is made of a total of 318 diamonds. The name supposedly comes from the 138 diamonds which make part of 318 which was princess cut. It also has 18 karats of gold since it is gold plated. For around $176,400, you will get yourself this beautiful iPhone smartphone.

7. iPhone 6 Amosu call of Diamond- $1.7 million

Most Expensive Smartphones

What a name for a phone and especially a beautiful smartphone like this. The designer behind this phone is called Alexander Amosu. What makes this smartphone worth the $1.7 price tag is the fact that it is adorned with a total of 6,127 diamonds (VVS1). It also has a big diamond cut out in the shape of an apple, and it forms the Apple logo.

6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot- $1 million

Most Expensive Smartphones

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot smart phone is a unique smartphone and excellently designed. I have never heard of a phone that has African wood incorporated into its design. This is the first. Other than that, it is also made of diamonds that are bleached. It is expensive enough to acquire diamonds let alone bleached ones. The Gresso smartphone serves the same purpose like many other smartphones, but its unique designs make it worth the $1 million price tag.

5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone- $1.3 million

Most Expensive Smartphones 2019

This is one of the smartphones designed by Peter Aloisson who is a well-known expert in designing. The best thing I can say about this smartphone is the fact that it is highly protected against theft and others forms of threats. What makes this smartphone exquisite is the fact that it is adorned with around 50 diamonds. Ten of these are blue in color. A part of it that is covered by rose gold. For just $1.3 million you can have this Diamond Crypto Smartphone.

4. Golden Sticker iPhone 3G 32GB- $3.2 million

Most Expensive Smartphones

This smartphone has a very beauty and sleek look that will entice anyone with money. Again, what makes this phone expensive is the diamonds that it is covered with. It is made with 136 diamonds that weigh 271 grams in total as well as pure Kashmir gold that weighs 22 carat. You may be thinking that this phone has something extremely special, but the truth is that there is nothing special other than the gold and diamonds. The fact that is Ram is 256 MB makes it even worse. When you buy this phone, you can take solace in the fact that you are buying gold and diamonds. I am yet to decide if spending around $3.2 million on this phone is worth it.

3. Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB- $5.7 million

Most Expensive Smartphones

This is an exquisite phone, and anyone who can own this smartphone is indeed a blessed person. This phone is made by Apple Company, and it is adorned with the most precious stones we have in the world. This smartphone has 500 pink diamonds. The Apple icon has around 53 diamonds, and the home button is also made of diamonds. The design for this phone is by Stuart Hughes, and we can all agree that he did a great job. Even so, for around $5.7 million, I will still have a hard time getting convinced that I should buy it.

2. iPhone 5 black diamond- $15 million

Most Expensive Smartphones

Have you ever heard of Stuart Hughes? Well, he is the brain behind the design of this phone. For $15 million, you will get a smartphone with a black diamond as a home button which is 26 karat, 25 karat gold dressing for the black panel with 600 white diamonds studded on it, and a sapphire glass screen. To add to this, you will also get 53 diamonds that are perfectly cut and used to make the Apple logo.

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6- $95 .5 million

Most Expensive Smartphones 2019

I look at this phone and I think, ‘no way will I ever buy this phone even if I could.’ I am sure spending $95 .5 million on the phone is what many of us will never do. What am I going to use it for that I cannot do with another amazing iPhone smartphone? If I cannot call heaven and speak to my loved ones, then I am never buying it. Falcon brand is the owners of this edition of iPhone, and from the name of the brand, you can know that it is all on the make and not the function. This phone is made using exquisite gemstones or materials of premium quality to make it. You will either get a 24k gold case, a platinum case, or a rose gold case. There is also a gorgeous gemstone mounted at the back. All these reasons contribute to this atrocious price.

I know that most of the smartphones on our list are iPhone models. However, you cannot blame them for topping the charts. Even without the gold and diamonds, they will still top the charts. How much more will they if they are highly decorated with precious stones? These smartphones are very expensive and before you drain your bank account, make sure you can comfortably afford them. After all, they do not offer anything extra that what normal smartphones can offer.


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