TOP 10 Most Expensive Sports Cars In The World 2019

Cars also known as automobiles or motors are an important part of the technology in this sector that are used as means of quick movement or transport as compared to walking, motorcycles or bicycles. Most if not everyone likes to own one of the latest of these automobiles or cars for their very well-known personal reasons. Young people majorly men and to some little extent women, are fond of fancy sports automobiles which paint them as rich and reigning.

Many cars around the world are used for transport, but some are used as luxury sports cars with which most of them have a limited capacity of only two people or occupants. Sports cars have fancy shapes, colors, and designs which make them different and attractive as well. These sports cars usually have powerful engines, strong and can move at deafening speeds for high-class shows and have very high and efficient fuel consumption. These very sports cars have some latest features not found in normal transport cars hence the reason for their quite high prices. Below are the top 10 most expensive Sports Cars in the world in 2019.

10. Porsche 918 Spyder 2015

Most Expensive Sports Cars

This is the most expensive sports car in the world so far. It is a combination of various car latest technologies and features. It is a hybrid of all recent features in the world which will awe people. Apart from its highest price of $929,000 it is also the fastest car around the globe. This 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder is elegant and stylish as well.

9. Lamborghini Aventador

Most Expensive Sports Cars

When the name Lamborghini is mentioned, what rings in the mind of many is the association with one of the most expensive cars in the world. This model is a product of the Automobili Lamborghini. It has a mighty engine and moves at very high speeds. Its price is so high, $497,650, making it one of the not so easily affordable cars in the world.

8. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 2015

Most Expensive Sports Cars

With a price tag of $369,900, Ferrari is a car model discussed with the high and mighty around the world and is automatically associated with the expensive and rarely available sports cars in the world. It has a dual gear box, and its engine is one of the latest. It goes at very high speeds just in a couple of split seconds.

7. Ferrari FF 2015

Most Expensive Sports Cars

The mention of a Ferrari brings to mind sports. This very model is too associated with sports around the world. Its shape is the most appealing thing, a clown shoe. This is a rare gem in the world. The speeds and the engine capacity of this car are so high in split seconds and very powerful respectively. Its design is so perfect and can be purchased at a price of $349,900 only.

6. McLaren 650S 2018

Most Expensive Sports Cars

The McLaren was introduced in the market as competition to the Ferrari and Porsche. It is rated as a superb automobile. The makers of the McLaren made sure it is made out of the latest engineering technologies and features. Its engine is turbo and has a state of the art automatic clutch too. The McLaren is loved by the people because it can also move at very high speeds. Its entire design is just stylish with the emphasis on its doors. A piece of a new McLaren car is found at a price of $325,000.

5. Aston Martin Vanquish 2014

Most Expensive Sports Cars

Aston Martin was specifically launched in 2014. It is also one of the very famous sports cars, one of the most expensive to be ever made. Its style and design are appealing. Its performance is in no doubt one of the best on record regarding speed and its very surprising feature of fuel efficiency. In very few seconds this car can zoom to very high speeds ever recorded. The Aston Martin is sold at a price of $296,295.

4. Ferrari 458 Spider 2015

Most Expensive Sports Cars

The mention of a Ferrari brings the memories of a sports car. It is the most luxurious and considered the best in the world. This specific brand of Ferrari is quite expensive and best too. The design is state of the latest art, and its engine has never disappointed the users. Once it was tested on its speed and this very model, in just 3.4 seconds had done 202 mph. That is a speed record unheard of in many places around the globe. Anyone in doubt of its capability can just get $295,495, buy it and confirm the manufacturer’s expertise.

3. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series 2014

Most Expensive Sports Cars

Mercedes Benz is a very well-known automobile model in the world. These brand of cars are very sleek and beautiful and very expensive at the same time. This very specific type of the Mercedes is one of the most expensive sports cars, considered one of the best concerning performance and design too. It only comes in black color just as its name suggests. Its engine is potent and faster as compared to the other models. Its high speed is also amazement to its lovers. Its most amazing features are the doors and how they open. Its design is, with no doubt a well-done job of the manufacturers’. This model of the Mercedes Benz can be bought at a price of $275,000 only.

2. McLaren MP4 -12C 2014

Most Expensive Sports Cars

This sports car has been made by all the latest features introduced in the world in the automobile industry. McLaren Automobile is the designer and developer of this idea turned the vehicle, sports car. It goes at an amazing price of $231,400. It has a turbo engine that is efficient in performance. In a time of 3.1 seconds, this very model has been proved to speed from 0 mph to 60 mph, quite a high speed. It has only been designed for two people with a sunroof as an added unique feature. The young lads love it because of its sleek and stylish design.

1. Lamborghini Gallardo 2014

Most Expensive Sports Cars

One of the most loved and famous sports cars in the world is the Lamborghini. Their brands and models are very beautiful and some of the latest as well. The Gallardo is a great hybrid of performance and style or rather classic design. It costs roughly $216,962. Like the rest of the sports cars, it is made for two persons. This very model has a stylish outlook; the outside could be Gray or black while the interior is coloured or done in red. This very feature makes it stand out and loved by the users.

Most sports cars if not all are usually highly priced which makes them rare simply because the common man might not be able to afford. Otherwise, they are all stylish, well designed, sleek, very efficient, good performance and safe in nature. This could be the reason the cost so expensively.


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