10 Most Expensive Useless Things In The World 2019

We are all living in a world where some people have a lot of money. Although rich people believe only in luxury, there are many who buy things that are completely useless. You may call it wastage of money and it is true up to a great extent. Actually, there are a lot of things in the world that are completely useless but very popular.

The true reason for their popularity is rich people have shown interest and have purchased them. The reason could be any but this has largely enhanced the market value of such things. It would definitely be a surprise for you to know how much money people have spent to buy them.

It is quite true that different people have different taste and opinion. This is another leading reason that in the current scenario even some of the extremely wired things have become so popular. It may seem strange but the world is full of such things which are useless but are expensive. This article lets you know the top 10 most famous expensive useless things in the world 2019. Check them out below. It must be noted that below mentioned things only seem cool but actually they are not.

10. Gold toilet paper

Most expensive useless things 2019

Recently some e-commerce stores across the globe presented gold toilet paper to purchase. The cost of this paper was around $3.2 million dollars. It was said to be made with 22 carat gold flakes and you wouldn’t believe that a lot of people for whom price tag doesn’t matter purchased it. There were hundreds of such roles which were sold by several e-commerce websites. You might be wondering what difference gold toilet paper makes when compared with ordinary one. The fact is its nothing but the taste of some rich people who is very bad. They often purchase things that don’t deserve such a price.

9. Ruby and Diamond pen

Most expensive useless things

Common people often purchase a pen from the stationary store which is extremely cheap and cost them around $1. Some people even borrow it from friends or colleagues. What if its market value is around $596,000? It was purchased by a few people recently. Actually, some 15 carat diamonds were fixed with it. Although it seems very beautiful, it doesn’t make sense to invest such a large sum of money on just a paper pen. Things like these have a limited life and they even get lost stolen very easily. Now just think what if something similar happened with you?

8. tea bag $15,000

Most expensive useless things

Well, a lot of people enjoy tea on the bed duringthe early morning. What if it costs you $15,000? Seems very strange but it is one among those useless things people have purchased by paying such a huge money. Encrusted with diamonds, this was the most expensive tea bag till date which was released on the 150th anniversary of Brooke Bond. The wired thing is it actually had tea leaves inside. Now the question arrives in the mind is who wants to use it after spending such a huge sum of money. Many people show interest in this item and some even purchased it.

7. Hello kitty

Most expensive useless things

A hello kitty is a very popular character which is available in the market at a very low cost and i.e. around $5 to $10. A hello kitty with cost $162,000 was made available in the year 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. It was prepared from the common material but they fixed a lot of expensive stones on it making no sense. It was a shinny kitty and there is nothing special about it. It was sold the day next to when it was made available. Many people call it one of the very useless yet expensive things purchased by someone till date.

6. Ghost detection Machine

Most expensive useless things

Everyone knows that ghosts actually don’t knock before coming if they exist. However, many people including some famous celebrities may have no idea about this. Lady Gaga purchased a ghost detection machine spending $500,000. There was no solid proof of the authenticity of the machine (obviously not). The reason to buy such a thing by her was called a publicity stunt by media. It is quite true that many things like these have been purchased by many other people as well by paying a very large sum of money.

5. Hair extensions $24,000

Most expensive useless things 2019

Miley Cyrus purchased them with such a heavy amount and it was said that she never used any of them till date. Obviously, it makes no sense to invest such huge money on something that is of no use in the future. These hair extensions were having no special thing about them and she purchased it in an auction without even knowing what is so special about them. It is in our list of most expensive useless things in the world because a lot of people agree to the fact that they cannot even thing anyone can spend such a sum of money on a thing which is completely useless when compared to its price.

4. Pizza $1800

Most expensive useless things

A lot of food-lovers all over the world love Pizza. In fact it is one of the largely selling fast food in the world with an average daily consumption of a million. In New York, it is served at a price of $1800 in a famous restaurant. Well, frankly speaking, even we don’t know what was so special about this it. Some people say they use fish cream as an ingredient and that might be the only special thing about it. Enjoying it may not make you feel good. We mean who mind to spend such huge money just for the sake of a Pizza. However, there are people who visit this restaurant and enjoy it.

3. Most expensive cell phone

Most expensive useless things

There is nothing wrong to say that cell phone is one among the commonly used electronic widget. Today it is available in almost every pocket. There are lots of manufacturers across the globe. It was in the year 2008 when the famous cell phone manufacturer introduced a cell phone with a price tag around $2.3 million. It was made from pure gold and a few diamonds were also inserted into it. A rich family from England purchased it the next day. Hope they are enjoying it.

2. Lego box $15,000

Most expensive useless things

A Lego box is a pretty cool thing but only if you have them in bulk. Actually, they can be combined with each other to build something amazing. However, what if a single Lego box costs you $15,000? Possibly you cannot even think of spending such a huge sum of money on such a useless thing. It was in the year 2010 when a 3 gram Lego box made from 14 carat gold was made available to the public.

1. Most expensive chocolate box

Most expensive useless things 2019

Probably everyone love chocolates and people can be seen enjoying them anytime. Earlier this year a chocolate box was unveiled by a famous chocolate manufacturer of Europe. The price of the box was $16,000 and it was said to be made from some of the very special ingredients. If those who tasted it are to be believed, they found nothing special about them.

This list of most expensive useless things in the world probably makes you think how rich people don’t mind spending money on things they like. There are many such products which are made available on daily basis to the public and are completely useless. Still, people show great interest towards them.


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