Top 10 Most Expensive Xbox 360 Games 2019

Meanwhile the Xbox halted its production; it offered 999 games which were circulating in the console market. However, the question arises as to how much are the most costly Xbox games value in present times. Whereas few are expensive due to their exclusivity, turning out mainly as a collector’ item, there are some additional feature that makes its charges go higher.

This suggests that these types of games can be played on the Xbox 360, providing a great means of entertainment. Greatest expensive Xbox 360 game is a publicity limited not just to boys and this pleasing gaming machine is a source of fascination for both the genders and people of all age groups. You would surely be a game lover and you will also love to play xbox 360 games 2019, if you read below sections:

10. Crash of the Titans:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games 2019

This is one of the most expensive xbox 360 games presently, obtainable in the market at a price of hundred dollars in perfect condition. On the other hand, the used version can be got at price of twenty one dollars approximately, which suggests its expensive nature. This game is dedicated for all those persons who are attentive in tradition and imaginary characters holding super powers within them. Moreover, this is the game that provides takeover as well as riding features on such kind of titans.

9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

This precise edition of Marvel ultimate alliance is prevalent around seven years and in this less time, people have started liking it. It is obtainable at a great charge of around 140 dollars whereas the used version of this xbox 360 game can be got for price of around forty eight dollars. The cause behind its excessive price is actually not the characters of super hero but in reality, this is the only game possessing DLC characters played on disc. Afterward this specific edition such characters were directly eliminated from the marketplace of xbox live gaming. The prime reason that leads to their removal was concerns connecting to issues of licensing among players.

8. Legend of Spyros: Dawn of the Dragon:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

This specific xbox 360 game has attained higher great levels of achievement in present era. It is accessible to be bought at the value of 120 dollars in its perfect condition presently in market. However, the used version of this specific most costly xbox 360 game is accessible at about seventy five dollars in market. It is known that crash is an identical game which has not attained the similar type of feedback however surprising this form from the similar franchise is a successful one. It is noted successful among kids and those kinds of adults who like to select for children games in that way.

7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

The closed form of this specific xbox game can be bought for a hefty cash of two hundred and ten dollars whereas the opened form is accessible for about ninety five dollars. This is additional collector’s version that can be familiar by anybody as of its reputation. The highpoint of this specific xbox game is a couple of night vision spectacles that provide complete functionality with an artistic plastic dummy head that is offered along with them. This game is accessible in a case finished of steel as well as it is attended with a unique art book.

6. Record of Agarest War Limited Edition:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

This is another greatest expensive xbox 360 game obtainable to be bought at a value of hundred and forty dollars similar to the above-mentioned xbox 360 game in perfect condition. In relation to its used version, this can be accepted for about eighty dollars in market. This is basically a collector’s version of the game that facilitates formation of female leads. The game offers feature of soundtrack as well as a 3D mouse pad which seems to be a dream of every gamer in today’s world.

5. Tales of Vesperia: Special Edition:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games 2019

This is also a most expensive xbox 360 game version that has corresponding sealed version obtainable in the market which can be bought at fees of 225 dollars. It is known that the opened version of this particular xbox 360 game is too a costly snip for around a hundred and twenty dollars. Moreover, this is yet a collector’s version and offers great soundtrack for convenience of users. Besides this, the game is usually attended by a guide of unique artwork provided with a steel case in this game. Reviews of users suggested that you will not get tired even after playing this xbox 360 game frequently.

4. Halo 3 Legendary Edition:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

The sealed edition of this xbox 360 game is obtainable at an estimated value of two hundred and fifty dollars. On the other hand, it needs an asset of forty three dollars in order to buy the opened form of this game. Nevertheless the helmet that is attended with the xbox 360 game is proved as dissatisfaction for maximum of users. The reason behind this is that it has been criticized to not fit but this collector’s version is still value a lot. Extra features of this xbox 360 game contain a fashionable stand as well as facility of DVD. It is known that the DVD entails of all the action full cinematic effects received from all the formerly propelled versions related in to single mega scene.

3. Bayonetta Climax Edition:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

This specific most costly xbox 360 game has been made seductively exciting for all its players by implementation of attractive extras with the main character of a prominent witch. This xbox 360 game does not possess a fixed charge on its sealed edition whereas the opened form can be obtained at a charge of approximately two hundred and forty six dollars. This collector’s version offers all the tricks of a pre-order like the jet black hair which are mysteriously protected. The forms of this game that cover a crutch gun are only obtainable in Australia and New Zealand making them highly costly.

2. Mass Effect Limited Edition:

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

The limited edition of this xbox 360 game needs a hefty speculation of dollars 350 for its acquisitions. This is very high for a game that can be accepted at about 17.50 dollars for its standard version in market. Moreover, the unlocked form is too value a lot of money as it charges about eighty four dollars. The version is presently six years old as well as it originated along with a DVD provided. The particular bonus DVD contained of all behind-the-scenes film and an art book was a compulsory requirement with a tradition booklet.

1. The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition

Most expensive Xbox 360 games 2019

This is the most expensive xbox 360 games presently in the list which does not appear to lose its price due to its high demand. The sealed form is bought at a great price of three hundred and sixty dollars whereas the opened game can too be accepted for approximately 181 dollars. People consider that this is again a lot of spending of money for a plastic instrument basically. This xbox 360 game comes along with a false kick drum bearing the logo of Beatles on the top side. Moreover, it has been planned based on the instruments castoff by such well-known legends.

There are several high in demand xbox 360 games that are extremely expensive and there are of a kind that have slushy values related to them. All of these games are presently high demand in the market and hence such games can be played among great number of users.


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