Top 10 Most Popular & Best Ford Cars Of All Time

Purchasing an expensive car is not everyone’s cup of tea and the car brand –Ford is the one which produces expensive cars. It is very difficult to beat that as this car company founder named Henry Ford is the one who insists for manufacture of luxurious and expensive cars. The brand is accredited with discovering the vehicle assembly line, handling and paying its employees impartially, as well as for conveying motoring to the crowds.

This car company offers reliable and affordable Model T, Ford’s impact on not just the car industry alone but even its impact on entire world has been immense. Till now, Ford has manufactured few wonderful cars over the last century which became popular among people. Are you interested in knowing details of most popular ford cars of all time? Well, for that read below sections:

10. Ford GT

Most Popular Ford Cars 2019

Years 2004-2006

Revitalizing the GT40 as a manufacture supercar was a courageous move done by Ford; however this company accomplished to tweak it off with flair. Carefully approaching the unique racer as well as presenting a rear-drive layout, mid-engined, the revised car was, critically, three inches taller in height. This height comparison is suggested clearly, henceforth the nonappearance of “40” from its name. This car model was too longer and wider in dimension, and below the skin the two generations were quite dissimilar. It is known that the 5.4-litre boosted V8 permitted a 0-60mph dash in 3.2 sec period as well as a high speed five miles per hour over the sanctified 200 mph threshold.

9. Lincoln Continental

Most Popular Ford Cars

Year: 1939-1987

Since years, American-based automakers own a reputation for “land-yachts,” popular cars that are expensive, luxurious, and enormous as well. The Continental model from Ford might as well have been the sample for this market section in the world. The present car model is impressive, prevailing, and comfortable, which is precisely what a big section of the American populace needs. Basically this popular model from Ford is road trip country, as well as people expect a cushy four-door exchangeable from it.

8. Ford RS200

Most Popular Ford Cars

Years 1984-1986

The Ford RS200 car is regarded as one of the extreme rally cars which people believed never to have had a good bite at the superior stage cherry. Produced for the Group B rally protocols of the early era of 1980s, which imposed some limitations on vehicle manufacturers, the RS200 presents a mid-mounted, turbocharged 1.8-litre engine that yields 380bhp. Its lightweight structure as well as four-wheel drive mechanism suggests that it runs fast on any surface. Though, the prototype was proclaimed in year 1984, it just arrived in production in year 1986. Essentially, there was catastrophe in its leading campaign year when an RS200 car careered off the course at year 1986 Rally of Portugal, slaying three viewers.

7. Crown Victoria

Most Popular Ford Cars

Years 1979-2012

It is common that if a person tells “taxi” or “cop car,” you perhaps think of a Crown Vic. It might have desired, given the little power keeping in mind the absolute size of the V8. Moreover, a little awkward, but the Crown Vic is considered as one of the roughest damn cars to watch on the road ever. When Ford publicized that it was about to substitute the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with a speedier, more efficient and better-handling car, the reaction was to store CVPIs as well as demand that Ford persist producing them. However, when it was discontinued, it noted the leading time in decades that Ford brand has not presented a rear-wheel-drive V8 car in America.

6. Ford Transit

Most Popular Ford Cars

Years 1965-present

The implication of the Ford Transit car model cannot be overstated since its launch in year 1965. Right from company mainstay to hired personal load-lugger facilitating students to transit between digs in absence of having to fork out for remunerated support. They have too made appearances in many forms: fire engines, ambulances, police vans, breakdown vehicles, and as the exit vehicle of choice. Moreover, this Ford car is too ranked as the third biggest-selling Ford in entire UK, after the Fiesta and the Focus car. Presently, this car owns a 34.6% share of its market, vending over four times the quantity of its succeeding four rivals combined.

5. Ford Escort (Europe)

Most Popular Ford Cars 2019

Years 1968-2002

Carried in to substitute the prevalent Ford Anglia, the Escort model of year 1968 was front-engined as well as focused on rear-wheel drive. It highlighted a set-up that hovered in the look of the front-wheel drive requirement that was turning very prevalent among Ford’s family car competitors. It is known that the Escort Mk 1, through its Detroit-inspired “Coke bottle” middle structure as well as “dogbone” shaped front grille was an immediate hit in market. This hit was accompanied with motoring reporters as well as the public alike. Besides, they were even popular competition cars, as well and successful model for the 1600cc Escort Mexico of year 1970.

4. Ford GT40

Most Popular Ford Cars

Years 1964-1969

Out of many models, this one is regarded as the greatest-ever race car in the history. It is found that the model originated as a consequence of the breakdown of 10 days’ discussions to purchase Ferrari during a period when racing, and winning, resolution races was at top of Ford’s plan. After the rejection from Italy, Ford created its personal engineering squad applying expertise from British outfit named Lola, and formed this GT40 depended on the Lola Mk 6. Moreover, this car model-The Mk 1 GT40 was determined with a stability and reliability issues however Carroll Shelby accepted control of its progress.

3. Ford Mustang

Most Popular Ford Cars

Years 1964-present

The Mustang car model from Ford has turned more than simply a car over its 50-year history, hence regarded as all time popular. The typical American muscle car, its star rank was improved in films like Bullitt and Goldfinger with men namely Steve McQueen and Sean Connery. However its winning petition was no coincidence; it was the consequence of thorough learning of the car market as well as buyer demographics. It revealed the era 1960s would be occupied with teenage drivers; hence people consider it a popular model. This product is the one with power, noise, eagerness and a great body construction, all delivered at a reasonable price of $2,400.

2. Ford Thunderbird

Most Popular Ford Cars

Years 1955-2005 (non-continuous)

The Thunderbird car from Ford, founded in year 1955 was the answer to the stunning Corvette sports car. This latter car had been presented in market two years before by bitter rival named as General Motors. It is known that the more powerful Corvette sold high but the Thunderbird, by its less violent styling and more luxurious interior design, finally moved in much greater volumes. Following generations of the Thunderbird car debatably lost their approach in matters of styling, chiefly across era of 1970s and ’80s. The particular car marked a short-lived return between years 2002 and 2005 however the less stated about the 11 generation, the better it is.

1. Ford Model T

Most Popular Ford Cars 2019

Years 1908-1927

Considered as popular car of all time, Ford hit the large time with the Model T car. Though the average American-based worker in year 1908 earned only $200-$400 per year, the particular car model’s $825 launch price was regarded affordable in comparison with other cars. This Model T was too robust and reliable, as well as it is quite simple to fix if anything went wrong. This aspect makes it an ideal mainstay for rural business proprietors of an country. Higher than 15m “Tin Lizzies”, as they were recognized, rolled off the lately conceived assembly line in era of its 19-years production period.

Ford cars are renowned for their super design, durable construction, great mileage and appealing look. If you can afford, you must try any one of these cars from Ford to know how popular it is.


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