Top 10 Most Popular & Best Italian Fashion Designers 2018

Fashion designing is a field that updates itself continuously in order to provide people with latest fashion accessories and products. Fashion is recognised to be a fascinating matter for not just females but also males. Actually, this is a worldwide field of innovation, in which every professional supplement his touch of creativity as well as exquisiteness to a piece of cloth.

Italy is basically stared as the home of fashion, comprising several fashion houses as well as highly qualified brands. Moreover, Italian designers are well-known for their artistic collections, which are observed attractive and all the temper. Though they are not traditional, they continuously transform traditions, yielding all the new. If you are interested in knowing details of the Italian fashion, then below are the topmost popular Italian fashion designers of 2018.

10. Andrea Incontri

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Incontri started working his career in designation of a product as well as interior designer for brands like Samsung He worked for this prior rendering his elegant artistic to fashion design by starting his personal eponymous label. It is of no surprise that Incontri has been chosen as the latest creative director at Tod’s menswear because his durable leather as well as ready-to-wear pieces seeks the essence of the brand simply. Though, this is of no doubt that this is a demanding role, the designer has persisted to create his namesake brand by creating seasonal collections. Moreover, his pieces are solid and architectural working to capture a feminine appealing which is certain to endure to attract a wide fanbase.

9. Roberto Capucci

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Roberto is essentially an Italian fashion designer, who made extraordinary dresses in original materials, renowned in the fashion world, since his start of career. The designer has been perfect in shows demonstrating greatest excellent as well as well-known designers. In year 1970, Roberto depicted initially his collections in one museum, situated in Rome, through a collection that changed the custom of fashion. Moreover, Roberto is popular as he is regarded as one of the most significant designers of the 20th century. He started the large experimentation with the enclosure of rigid, decorative, and structural components, in a combination of rich as well as poor material, luxurious fabrics and stones.

8. Andrea Pompilio

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Pompilio formed an imposing resume by functioning for high-profile fashion lines like Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, and Prada prior establishing his personal brand in year 2010. Moreover, he has built a status for manoeuvring, modern pieces by a hermaphrodite ambiance. Though Pompilio seeks motivation from diverse range of eras, his contribution is too greatly inspired by uniforms. The uniforms include his greatest recent women wear as well as men wear collections seek inspiration from military clothing. Notwithstanding this severe aesthetic, Pompilio still makes wearable pieces by serious endurance that link the gap between womenswear and menswear.

7. Au Jour Le Jour

Best Italian Fashion Designers

This popular Italian fashion designer carries the fun to Milan with sections that are pervaded with youth as well as pop culture mentions. It is known that Design duo Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez established their brand in year 2010 and have filled Milan Fashion Week by help of pattern. This designer focuses on colour and kitsch in absence of cutting back on sincere Italian based quality. In creation, you can expect animal print, gingham and pastel varieties abundantly for womenswear as well as menswear collections. Their show decor too shows the brand’s insincere attitude and their latest Spring/Summer menswear depict characterised school desks scrawled with teenage love notes.

6. Valentino Garavani

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Garavani is an Italian-based fashion designer who is recognized as the creator of the Valentino SpA firm. The international start happened at Florence in year 1962. His crucial show held at the Pitti Palace was excellently received as a realistic surprise. Moreover, the designer was heaved by orders called from foreign purchasers as well as by fervent comments by the press. Moreover, during the era of 1970s Garavani spent substantial time in New York, where his occurrence was included by society characters like Vogue’s editor-in-chief named Diana Vreeland and the art icon named Andy Warhol.

5. Marco de Vincenzo

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Out of many popular Italian fashion designers presently, Marco de Vincenzo owns a hectic schedule in his career. Not just does he complement a demanding day job in form of a head accessories designer for Fendi, he has too worked to produce two collections per year for his label since year 2010. This foundation in craftsmanship has directed him to consistent, fascinating collections with great attention to detail. In place of turning to brief trends for motivation, Vincenzo looks to diverse fabrics in form of the starting point for his collections. Thus, people can suppose a technicolor palette in an assortment of fabrics ranging from lurex to wool garments.

4. Stella Jean

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Stella Jean is essentially an Italian-Haitian based designer who combines attractive color spectrums as well as different influences to prepare look which discharge categorisation. Jean applies techniques of digital printing to manufacture high-octane trophy fashion pieces, while seeking motivation from fairy tales and kid’s literature. Moreover, Jean received the Who Is On Next prize in year as well as she was selected by Armani to present at his premises. For her summer 2014 collection, she toured to Burkina Faso by the Ethical Fashion Initiative, which is a project of the UN which offers a great platform for artists from developing countries.

3. Alessandra Facchinetti

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Recognized as a more established name in the world of Italian fashion scene, Facchinetti is proof of the achievement of talented Italian designers prevailing in popular positions at leading labels. Facchinetti initially attained a name for herself in form of a creative director of Valentino year 2007. After that, Facchinetti’s design flairs have been chosen by Tod’s, where she currently works as creative director of collections for women. Though the brand has formerly been more well-known for shoes as well as accessories than clothing, Facchinetti has built the brand’s reputation steadily. This is accomplished for ready-to-wear by practicing her stripped-back artistic to create classic, wearable clothes.

2. Mauro Gasperi

Best Italian Fashion Designers

He is a popular Italian fashion designer as Gasperi got training in Florence at the popular Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design. Moreover, she also worked for brands like D&G after completing her graduation. He later on showed as well as sold collections in growing fashion capitals like Tokyo and Moscow prior resolving back home in Milan to continue his business as well as exhibit his work. Gasperi’s pieces display high-end stylishness however it still stays very affordable, making his brand popular with young aged people. Besides, he even takes great motivation from his contextual in architectural trainings as well as yields work that has a clean finish.

1. Nina Ricci

Best Italian Fashion Designers

Ricci is basically a French-based fashion designer of Italian origin, regarded as the most popular Italian fashion designers presently. Initially, she moved to Florence, located in Italy with her family at an early age of 5 years and after that to France as well at an age of 12 years. Her fashion house-The House of Nina Ricci developed speedily all through the era of 1930s as well as their house de couture had encompassed 11 floors including 3 buildings. Her fashion house was founded by her and her son named Robert in Paris in year 1932 and possessed by the Spanish beauty as well as fashion group named Puig since year 1998.

Fashion designing is a field that demands latest innovation and continuous updating to keep up-to-date. These designers presently accomplished to serve the purpose by working efficiently.


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