Top 10 Most Popular & Best Online Educational Websites 2019

Are you interested in learning something new? But for that you’d go to school for that. But here I am going to give describe you something different where you can learn freely, anytime and anywhere. If you are searching for online courses then this article is just for you.

In this list we have prepared a list of top ten best online educational websites in 2019 that offers various course category and they also provide certificate after completion of the course. Below in the list you can choose the appropriate website according to your choice and take admission in online course although some of them are not offering free course but they are as low as $10.

10. FutureLearn:

Best Online Educational Websites 2019

FutureLearn is an ideal website that offers course programs from leading education organisation and institution partners. It is a part of open university and provides you lot of online courses where one can learn from his/her own pace while people can accessed from mobile device and laptop. Site offers popular online course categories like, health & Psychology, business & management, teaching, Tech & coding, law, history, literature, language & culture, study skills, nature & environment, Politics & the modern world, science, engineering & Maths and to name a few.

9. OpenLearn:

Best Online Educational Websites

This is another great website that offers various category online course programs. The site designed to give you free access to educational materials from the Open University. The site was launched back in the 90s but today it offers both interactive and topical content in a variety of content formats, including courses. Here one can take admission in various courses and learn through audio and video format, subject and more options. You can pick subject according to your choice and can start learning, some of its popular courses like, education and development, money and business, history and the arts, health, sports and psychology, nature and environment, language and to name a few.

8. Alison:

Best Online Educational Websites

Alison is another perfect and best website that offers various online course programs. It has almost 7 million students from across the world. It is an online learning centre that offers high quality, free education course and services and community support. All the courses are designed for absolutely anyone looking for new promotion, job, and business venture and college placement. You can choose from 750 courses while they also provide you with diploma level education along with certificate. This is one of the top class website where one can learn a lot on different topics and fields.

7. Udacity:

Best Online Educational Websites

This is another effective and affordable bringing higher education website that offers both credentials and online courses that teach students the skills that are currently in demand by industry employers. Website claims that they offer top class education at fraction of the cost of traditional schooling. Udacity is an excellent platform for those who are looking or planning on working in technology. You can start learning through your ios, android and laptop. Website offers wide variety of online courses like, history, nature and environment, law, science, maths and many more.

6. Tuts+:

Best Online Educational Websites

This is website is specially designed for those who play and work in creative technology. Vast library and lot of courses are available in illustration, design, web design, code, video, photography, audio, business, motion graphics, 3D animation etc. They has more than 870 video courses and 22000 tutorials while you will also get 10 day free trial before you‘ll be asked to stay for $15 per month one can choose from 1,022 courses and learn from 24,011 tutorials.

5. edX:

Best Online Educational Websites 2019

edX is one of the best website that offers access to higher education from over 90 of the world’s leading educational institutions including MIT, Harvard, Berkley, the University of Queensland, the University of Maryland and others. This great educational website governed and founded by universities and colleges while it is the only open and nonprofit massive open online course leader. One can start learning here computer science, engineering, psychology, marketing, biology and many other fields you’re interested in.

4. Open Culture:

Best Online Educational Websites

Open culture’s library offers 12,000 courses with over 30,000 hours of video and audio lectures that are totally free. If you are looking for budget online courses then consider this one. It is one of the top class website where one can spend a bit of time and choose from thousand of courses. There are many courses available on this website that are from leading institution from around the world including Stanford, Yale, Harvard, MIT, Berkley and others. Certificate, Audio books and eBooks are also available on this website.

3. Lynda:

Best Online Educational Websites

This is another great educational website that is fully owned by LinkedIn. It is a hub for professional looking to learn new skills related to creativity, business and technology. One can choose from various category courses such as business, animation, design, music, audio, marketing, video, development, culture and nature, photography, and to name a few; a great place to learn and enhance your skills in a better way.

2. Coursera:

Best Online Educational Websites

This is another one of top class online education website where you can take courses from over 140 of the country’s top organisations and universities. The website has partnership with the Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan, JOHNS Hopkins University, and others. It is world’s best online education hub that offers top specialisation such as data science, Python for everybody, statistics with R, Excel to MySQL, Big data, machine learning, business foundation, single page web application with AngularJS, Algorithms, Part I and many others.

1. Udemy:

Best Online Educational Websites 2019

We have placed this website on first place because it is such an incredibly valuable and popular resource. The website offers 40,000 courses in all sorts of different topics. One can also learn through android, iOS and computer. This is a great place to learn complete Java Masterclass, the complete web developer course 2.0, the web developer bootcamp, lean to code by making games-complete C# unity developer, complete python Masterclass and many more. This website doesn’t offer free course but they start as low as $10.

This article representing valuable information about online educational websites. The entire listed websites offering wide range of online courses almost from every field where one can start learning according to their interest. The information is valuable and helpful for those who want to learn something new. Finally we hope that you enjoyed the above reading. Good luck.


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