Top 10 Most Popular & Best Reference Websites 2019

Reference Websites are the software or tools specifically designed for referring or mentioning of any given topic to anyone. It basically or by definition is an act of referring or says mentioning some information to someone who is in need of information. References basically lead to more information or detailed information of any given topic/ subject for instance if I am referring a book to you to study zoology to study for more information of the subject so that you add more information to your already earned/ gained/ studied knowledge. Referring the books related to any given subject is always useful.

Referring to different websites/ search engines/ open base etc are always very useful to consult, enquire, gain information for more information on any topic, or subject for improving our knowledge base. And that is necessary for our continuous and over all development. Even in our daily life we extensively use the information that is referred to us by our teachers, doctors, advisors, parents, employers and other people for supporting us in the process of development and well being. In reference websites there are many linked web reference pages pointing to the same topic. A web reference page lists all the sources we have used in our research.

Below given are the top ten most popular reference websites in 2019 that fetch information about the given topic on the basis of keywords you provide. And these websites are ranked according to the average number of visitors in Alexa Global rating and survey that was done in The United States of America.

10. Stock Exchange:

Best Reference Websites 2019

This reference website is ranked number 10 in the latest survey its unique visitors approximately are 23,000,000 in number. Stock Exchange provides you a rich base of information that is very useful.

9. Google Books:

Best Reference Websites

It is one of the services provided by Google Incorporation. It is a service that provides information sourced from a number of books and magazines that Google has scanned and read by optical mark recognition system using OMR devices. On the basis of last updated survey that was done in May-2017 it is positioned at number 9. The unique regular visitors of Google Books are approximately as strong as 30,000,000 in numbers.

8. Wiki How:

Best Reference Websites

Wiki How is a profit making Company because it runs for social cause. Wiki How, in short is an online database rich in providing ‘How to’ guides. It was founded 12 years ago by Josh Hannah, and Jack Herrick in America. It is gracefully positioned at number 8 rank and has 58,000,000 unique visitors.


Best Reference Websites

It is a 20 year old website. It is a vast pool of information. It can be termed as an encyclopedia because it is very useful and reliable reference website that is looked up to by millions of its users for information. This year it is ranked number 7 website among other websites in the top 10 reference websites. The estimated number of visitors of is approximately 59,000,000.

6. E How:

Best Reference Websites

E How is one of the best working reference websites and enriches its users through reliable, more than sufficient information to its visitors. E How maintains a strong user base that is of estimated unique visitors and regular users. In number it is calculated approximately 65,000,000 visitors.

5. Wikia:

Best Reference Websites 2019

Wikia is doing well enough at the position number 5. Its estimated number of visitors is 85,500,000. Wikia is all about giving you the best possible information required.

4. Answers:

Best Reference Websites

This reference website closely competes with or Dot dash. Its ranking in a survey is 4. And its user base is approximately 95,000,000 in number.


Best Reference Websites

Its new name is Dot dash. is a part of About Incorporation. It is a kind of network of articles and videos on various different topics. It stands at the position 3 in websites survey. Its regular visitors are around 100,000,000.

2. YAHOO! Answers:

Best Reference Websites

YAHOO! Answers are also a rich collection of information. People look up to it after Wikipedia because of its reliability, fast processing of data and high accuracy factors. It also maintains a strong user base and its estimated visitors are around 150,000,000. YAHOO! Answers respectively earned the title of 2 most reliable and visited website for reference search and its ability to produce the accurate and précised answers.

1. Wikipedia:

Best Reference Websites 2019

It is undoubtedly the most searching and useful reference website. You name a topic and you find that here. In broader sense if we think Wikipedia is a vast ocean of information. We just need to input any topic from any branch of study or related to this entire universe, Wikipedia will serve you with the required information or solution. Wikipedia is quite an old and rich source of information or say processed data of our choice. It’s not strange to know that it is world’s number 1 reference website that satisfies its strong and very loyal estimated monthly visitor’s base that approximately is around 475,000,000 in number. One of the best features that Wikipedia provides that it lets you edit the existing information and/ or add information to it.

Here in this article sufficient information about referencing, reference pages, and the top 10 most popular reference websites are given. Article is very helpful and contains valuable information that is useful for the new as well as of old users. I hope that you enjoyed the above information. Happy Referencing!


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