Top 10 Most Famous & Best Restaurants In India 2019

India is definitely a country which is famous for having a blend of culinary traditions. The country celebrates the idea of multiculturalism and this idea of multiculturalism has helped people of every subcontinent to produce several mouthwatering recipes. If we focus on the subcontinent’s of India we will find that each city has its own flavor and there are millions of cuisines are being prepared in the eateries of each city. The food eateries and restaurants usually offer the best local cuisines of that particular city.

Restaurants make your dining experience more colourful, vibrant and amazing. It always feels great to go for a family dinner, or a romantic date and glorifying any special event at your favourite restaurant. Nowadays, most of the restaurants in India provide a classic ambience to their customers with meeting areas to arrange any kind of special events in the restaurant like a birthday party, marriage ceremony or engagement, or any special meetings.

However, there are also many restaurants that are widely known for their delicious dishes and innovative method of services. There are many restaurants in India that have acquired not only national but also worldwide fame. The top 10 among the best and most famous restaurants in India in 2019 are as follows:.

10. Sakura – (The Metropolitan Hotel, Nikko, New Delhi)

Best Restaurants in India 2019

It has been among the Top 5 Best Japanese Restaurants across the world since past few years. With the same, it is also awarded as the ‘Best Japanese Restaurant of Delhi’. The food items involved in the making of their dishes are specially imported from Japan. Each of their dishes is delicious and sinful. The vegetable tempura is the most significant food item of Sakura.

9. Italia (The Park Hotel, Chennai)

Best Restaurants in India

Italia deserves a place in the list of top 10 restaurants in the country. The restaurant offers you Italian cuisines. Each of the ingredients such as prosciutto and parmesan, succulent seafood, wood-oven pizzas, the delicate homemade pasta are imported. They also offer a wide range of veg dishes. Each of their dishes is flavourful and authentic. The Baked asparagus, Tiramisu and the delicious risotto with roasted chicken are their signature item.

8. The Koh (Mumbai)

Best Restaurants in India

It is one of the country’s newest restaurants, popular for their Thai cuisines. It has earned a lot of fame within few years of its opening and is loved by many foodies across the country. It was opened by a well-famed chef of New York, Ian Kittichai, in the month of August. The Koh restaurant provides its customers with innovative and modern Thai foods, made up from the imported ingredients from Thailand. Their signature dish that one must try for once is The Hamachi (a white fish of Japan).

7. The Bukhara restaurant (New Delhi)

Best Restaurants in India

It is a very well famed restaurant in Delhi. Each and every food lovers in India has heard the name of Bukhara. Not only Indians but people from across the world comes to eat here. It is located within the ITC (Maurya) hotel of New Delhi. The food here is as tasty as the ambience is wistful. It is not only famous in India but has also earned equal fame in international region. In the year 2009, Hillary Clinton, US State Secretary had also visited the restaurant. The inner decor of the restaurant is so beautiful and elegant that a sense of royalty is experienced by the people while entering the restaurant. The restaurant is specialised in Indian foods, especially the north Indian cuisine, Dal makhani and roti.

6. Zen (Leela Palace, Bangalore)

Best Restaurants in India

It is a 5-star multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore and is one of the most luxurious business hotels in India. It presents the regional dishes of different countries. The restaurant has an attracting and sleek appearance. It ranks number one in the top restaurants in Bangalore. They provide their customers with Japanese, Thai, Korean Balinese, and Singaporean mouth watering cuisines. Their speciality includes the Japanese Sake, Korean Sushi, and Korean barbecue.

5. Travertino (The Oberoi, New Delhi)

Best Restaurants in India 2019

It is declared to be one of the most expensive restaurants in India by the Forbes magazine. They are especially specialised in Italian foods. Their presentation of the dishes are very unique and eye catching. Dishes such as the risotto with Umbrian black truffle, the tagliarini with pancetta are some of their signature items. The interior of the restaurant is marvellously designed, providing their customers with an elegant and classy environment with an aesthetic touch.

4. The Wharf (Radisson BLU Temple Bay, Chennai)

Best Restaurants in India

It is a seaside restaurant and is known as one of Asia’s best restaurants to flaunt off. Here the fishes are caught right in front of the eyes from the nearby sea. They offer a pleasurable experience and a delicious meal and is always overflowing with customers, making it a bit difficult to get the reservation. Their menu chart includes a variety of exotic dishes that are presented elegantly and stylishly. The food is delicious, authentic and sinful as well. The inner atmosphere of the restaurant is perfect for a dinner date. One can try the Moroccan chicken steak and the corn steak which will keep shimmering your mouth for the next 24 hours.

3. Karavali (The Taj, Residency Road, Bangalore)

Best Restaurants in India

Karavali is one of the best restaurants in the Banglore city. It is a beautifully designed restaurant with wooden ceilings, antique lamps, and royal furniture. Its ambiance speaks of elegance and royalty. The popularity of Karavali crosses the Indian borders. The foods here are influenced by the South Indian frontiers of the country. The Alleppy fish curry and The Coorg fried chicken are their most popular item enjoyed worldwide.

2. Villa 39 (Colaba, Mumbai)

Best Restaurants in India

The restaurant is known worldwide for its phenomenal Italian cuisines. Its pristine white interior, glittering chandelier, dim lighting, silver Rococo columns and decent ambiance with a slow and light music playing in the background makes the place perfect for romantic dinner dates. It is one of the most attractive restaurants in the Mumbai city. The food here is very authentic and simple. Their mouth-watering dishes includes The Carpaccio di Manzo and the Terrina di Mozzarella Caprese.

1. Wasabi by Morimoto (The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai)

Best Restaurants in India 2019

It is one of the India’s most exclusive Japanese cuisine restaurants. It peaked to number one in the list of top 10 restaurants in the country in 2017. The most attracting part of the restaurant is its sushi counter and the teppanyaki counter, where people love to eat the Sushi and Teppanyaki dish. It has a classy and eye-soothing appearance. Their most popular cuisine includes the Iberico ham, guacamole Pani puri, Japanese beer, and Rice wine with crab samosas.

The above top 10 restaurants are made onto India’s must-be-seen-at list. Each and every foodie must visit these restaurants at least once in their lifetime. Their mesmerising ambience and finger licking delicious dishes will make anyone fall in love with and make them visit the place again and again. Make your dining experience more enjoyable and memorable at these top 10 ultimate food stop destination.


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