Top 10 Most Popular & Best Shopping Comparison Websites 2019

In today’s time, internet is playing the major role in each and every aspect of our life whether personal or professional. Internet has given new horizons to the life of human being. Everything which used to be manual has now become electronic including shopping. Earlier we used to go market and buy each product after visiting many shops and comparing the prices but now shopping has also become electronic.

With the introduction of e-commerce businesses, shopping has become more convenient and easy. Furthermore, with the shopping comparison websites, it has become even more feasible and comfortable to search, compare and shop without even visiting the market. Here, 10 best shopping comparison websites 2019 will be discussed which helps the customers in buying the best product at the most reasonable prices:

10. Pronto:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites 2019

It is a price comparison website founded in 2005. Few years back the website was ranked as the 7th fastest moving website. The websites allows the consumers to write reviews, rate products and brands, interact with other consumers online and join the group of shoppers having same taste and preferences. It serves as a shopping comparison and social interactive website for the consumers. The website has a visitor’s traffic of over 4,200,000 and ranks 2,857 in eBizMBA, 204 in Compete Rank and 7,980 in Alexa rank.

9. Shop.Com:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites

Founded in 1992, powered by Market America was started as a one-to-one marketing company. The website aims at providing the most enthralling shopping experience to its customers. The website claims that it is a new kind of site where the experts have gathered the best collection of all the stores exclusively for its customers. Along with reviews and comparison, the site also offers expert opinion and advice to help in making correct decision and to buy the best product as per the needs of the consumer. It is a much appreciated site by the consumers as around 6,000,000 people visit the site and takes its services. It ranks 2,425 in eBizMBA rank and 1,506 in Alexa rank.

8. ShopZilla:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites

Shopzilla was founded in 1996 and has a great history with customers. The site has almost 40 million monthly visitors and is considered as one of the best website to compare products. The site provides great sales and information. It provides reviews and rating for over 100+ million products. The site is currently at 2,101 no. in eBizMBA rank, 453 in compete rank and 5,092 in Alexa rank.

7. Woot:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites

Woot an American online retail and comparison website. It was started in 2004 by Matt Rutledge. It has two websites one for electronic gadgets or computers and other for all the household goods and other products. In the year 2010 it was acquired by online giant The website has a unique concept of “One Day, One Deal” where one product is at a discount on a daily basis. The site also offers comparison and information regarding various goods. It has 1,251 ranking in Alexa rank and 1,500 in eBizMBA rank.

6. PriceGrabber:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites 2019

Is specifically a price comparison site founded by Kamran Pourzanjani and Tamim Mourad in 1999. This site partners with various sellers and merchants to provide the information about their goods and products. This site also acts as a data source for many other websites like Yahoo!, MSN Shopping and others. It was the first site to provide information related to tax and shipping cost for each product, hence giving a clearer and complete view of the final prices of the products to the consumers.

5. ShopAtHome:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites

Is a comparison cum cash back earning website started in 1986 by the couple Marc and Claudia Braunstein in Denver, America. It follows a new concept of cash back. The site offers great deals and cash back offers on the products of more than 4000 merchants. Signing up is essential to access this feature. Once the customer signs up, he can get the deals and offers from hundreds of online stores available on ShopAtHome. The consumer can earn up to 40% cash back on each dollar spent. More than 80 million shoppers have earned millions in cash back. This unique feature makes it among the favourite websites of shopping and comparison. The site has 728 ranking in eBizMBA rank and 1,346 in Alexa rank.

4. Slick Deals:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites

Is the most trusted online website started with an aim to provide reviews, ratings, deals and discounts about no. of products to the consumers. The website has a community feature where the consumers can join the community and help each other in finding the best product at a best price. The community can also vote and review and can offer useful feedback on the best deals and offers. Experts of this website also curates the FrontPage of the site with the best product deals based on the votes and feedback of the community members. The site has 17,500,000 monthly visitors and is at 641 ranks in Alexa rank and 740 rank in eBizMBA rank.

3. BizRate:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites

It was launched in 1996 by Farhad Mohit. Its founder wanted to provide a platform to the consumers to navigate and compare the online retailers. In order to give information about the quality and other aspects of online retailers-Bizrate was started to provide ratings, reviews and customer feedback about various retailers and the goods offered by them. It still continues to serve the customers by providing the best value and ratings for over a million products and brands. Over 19,000,000 people visit BizRate website for finding the true value of the product. The site ranks at 716 – eBizMBA Rank, 74 – Compete Rank, 104 – Quantcast Rank and 1,970 – Alexa Rank.

2. Nextag:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites

Is a private comparison website for various products. It was started in 1999. The site offers comparison for different categories ranging from books, clothing, food, health & beauty to baby, toys, computers etc. The site has a monthly visitor’s traffic of over 30 million. Along with customers the site also offers various features like promotional messaging platform, marketing messages, buyers’ reviews, automated tracking system etc. to the merchants that help in increasing and promoting their companies among the customers.

1. Google Shopping:

Best Shopping Comparison Websites 2019

Is the best shopping comparison website in the world. It was started by Google in 2002. It is available in more than 23 countries. It was originally known as Froogle. It is integrated with Google’s pay-per-click platform. The information searched on Google Shopping is also displayed on Google search engine. Google Shopping has more than 20,500,000 visitors and 650 ranks in eBizMBA rank and 700 in Quantcast Rank. Alexa’s new rating is not available.

Above mentioned websites are the 10 best sites for comparing the products and brands. These websites offers best reviews, ratings and prices for over millions of products. It allows the customers to compare and find out the best products at best prices. These 10 are the best among its competitors and has great reputation and image among the customers. Shopping comparison websites are a boon for busy customers allowing them to access, analyse and compare the products within the convenience of their home or offices.


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