Top 10 Most Popular & Best Social Networking Websites 2019

With the advancement in technology, the connecting medium has changed tremendously. In today’s world, technology has helped human beings a lot in terms of connecting with the loved ones, finding jobs, searching for life partner and what not.

In today’s time when everyone is very busy in their respective lives and do not find time to meet up with family and friends; at such time social networking websites serves as a boon to people. Let’s look at the top 10 most popular and best social networking websites in 2019.

10. Google Plus:

Best Social Networking Websites 2019

Is a multilingual social networking service owned and managed by Google. It was launched in 2011 to replace Google Buzz. It lets it user o open an account and share photos, videos with friends and family. One can share important links and information with other users. It also offers a feature called ‘Circel’ which enables the person to organise groups and share information. It has over 111 million active users. Following are the ranks of Google Plus at various ranking platforms- 42 – eBizMBA Rank, 30- Quantcast Rank and 45 – Alexa Rank.

9. Pinterest:

Best Social Networking Websites

Is a mobile and web application which has been designed to search information on WWW. It allows the user to search, collect and store the information and sources. It was started in the year 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann. Registration is required to use this application. Registered users can follow other users on the site and can access their pinned information. Information related t hundreds of topics is available on Pinterest. The best feature of this site is that the user can search the visual information and can store it for the future use. It has been ranked 40 in eBizMBA Rank, 13 in Quantcast Rank and 67 in Alexa Ranking.

8. Tumblr:

Best Social Networking Websites

Was founded in 2007 by David Karp. Since 2013, it is owned by Yahoo! Tumblr is a micro blogging and social networking website. It allows the users to post short multimedia blogs. Registered users can like and follow other’s blogs and can also start their own blogs. Till few days back, the website has hosted over 349.3 million blogs and had over 555 million monthly visitors traffic. Tumblr ranked 39 in eBizMBA Rank and 48 in Alexa Rank.

7. VK:

Best Social Networking Websites

It is a Russian based social media and networking website. It was launched in 2006 and was designed by Pavel Durov. The website in available in multiple languages but it is majorly famous among the Russian speaking population. The website allows its registered users to communicate with each other either publicly or privately, share images, tag the videos, audios, images, play browser-based games, create and share events etc. It is the most popular website in Russia. At present, it has over 410 million accounts. VK is ranked 15 in Alexa’s rank and 32 in eBizMBA rank.

6. Reddit:

Best Social Networking Websites

Reddit Was founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. It is a multipurpose website. It acts as news aggregator, web content ratings and discussion platform. Its registered users can post content on the site. The users can also vote upward or downwards to various posts which determine the position of various post. Max upward voted post appears on the front page. The post can be related to multiple fields like books, fitness, images, food, science, gaming, movies, and music. The website has a 542 million visitor base. It ranks 17 in Alexa Ranking and 30 in eBizMBA rank.

5. LinkedIn:

Best Social Networking Websites 2019

This Is a social networking website designed for employment related network. LinkedIn was founded in 2002 with headquarters based in California. The website is majorly used by working professionals and job seekers. It allows the people to create network with professionals which helps in getting the employment related information. It is an effective website for the job seekers as well as employers. Here people can invite others and create a group and carry on with the work within the groups. LinkedIn has over 500 million members in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn rates at various ranks- 26 – eBizMBA Rank, 17 – Quantcast Rank and 22 – Alexa Rank.

4. Instagram:

Best Social Networking Websites

Is an online application which allows its users to share pictures and videos with public and personal friends. This site was developed in 2010 and was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram is available in 33 languages for its users. Its user base is approximately 200 million. There are many celebrities who also use the site and give an insight of their lives to their fans and followers. Instagram is at 26- eBizMBA, 45- Quantcast Rank and 18- Alexa Rank.

3. Twitter:

Best Social Networking Websites

Is a different type of social website. It is basically a news and networking website. Twitter users can post and interact with the world but within the restricted 140 characters limit. Only the registered users can tweet, whereas the others can only read the tweets. Twitter was founded in 2006 by John Dorsey and others. It has around 319 million active monthly users. At the time of major incidences, like U.S presidential election in 2016, twitter proved to be the largest source of breaking news. The ratings for twitter are as follows; 11- eBizMBA Rank, 11- Quantcast Rank and 16 – Alexa Rank.

2. YouTube:

Best Social Networking Websites

Is an American video sharing website. It was formed in the year 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. This website allows the user to view, share, rate, comment, upload and subscribe to the channels available on the site. It is not a chat site but here; people can connect and communicate by watching and uploading the videos. Also by commenting on the videos, people do really connect with each other. YouTube has 800 million users and visitors on monthly basis. It has been ranked as the second best and most popular site by Alexa (a web traffic analysis company). Each minute more than 400 hours of content is uploaded on the website. YouTube has got different ranks like 3 – eBizMBA Rank, 2 Quantcast Rank and 4 in Alexa Rank.

1. Facebook:

Best Social Networking Websites 2019

The best and the no. 1 social networking website in the world is Facebook. No other site can compete and overtake the position of Facebook. It is an American online social media and networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow roommates. This site can be accessed from desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets over the internet. As of March, 2017 the site has 1.94 billion active users. In terms of facilities, quality, privacy, features- the site has earned great reviews and ratings from the users as well as rating companies like eBizMBA, Quantcast Rank, Alexa Rank etc. which has given 3rd, 5th and 3rd rank respectively.

Social networking sites have served as a great platform for finding friends, jobs, travel destination, DIY arts and craft activities, connecting with friends, sharing and exchanging any important information. These sites act as an immediate friend who is available 24×7 to help us in every possible situation. Above mentioned websites are the world’s 10 best social networking sites available on the web. These sites have the maximum visitor traffic and highest reviews among the other available networking websites.


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