Top 10 Most Famous & Best Universities Around The World 2018

Education plays a vital role in not only the development of an individual but also in developing the economy of any nation of this world. Universities help an individual to build their place in this competing world. It not only aims to give high-level adroitness but also the vital training for teachers, engineers, doctors, scientists, nurses etc. It is due to these trained personalities whose analytical skills are so developed by studying in universities which drive to reach their aim and serve the society.

There are many leading universities which are serving the students for becoming the bright future of the world. Here I have provided the best and most famous universities around the globe in 2018:

10. Indira Gandhi National Open University

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IGNOU was established in 1985 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. It works for both on-campus and distance learning college. The college provides education facilities in thirty-five countries through twenty-one schools and a network of over 2300 study centers. IGNOU also acts as an accreditor for open university and distance learning programs throughout India. IGNOU offers numerous academic programs at Bachelor, Master, MPhil, and Ph.D. levels.

It has emerged as the largest university. It always attempts to give vital help to the students to encourage them in their studies with effective communication.

9. Allama Iqbal Open University

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It is the first open university in Asia. Its main campus is in Islamabad and has a wide network of regional centers throughout the country. The University has introduced an extensive variety of undergraduate, graduate, Master’s, M.Phil. and Doctoral projects. The University likewise offers basic functional courses for unskilled people and semi-literates. These programs have made this University better as compared to the other educational institutions of Pakistan as it takes into account the necessities of all age groups and levels of education. There are plans in progress to expand the distance education facilities in the coming years.

8. Islamic Azad University

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Situated in Tehran, Iran, the Islamic Azad University consists of a private chain of universities throughout the country. They offer masters and doctorate programs. They maintain the largest academic library in Iran and operates a news agency. It aims at advancing knowledge and culture, giving specialist human resources important for the country, building up suitable grounds for people to actively partake in developing knowledge and research.

7. Bangladesh National University

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This university offers graduate and post-graduate level education to students in more than 1,600 colleges. All these are affiliated with National University. The university is controlled by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and it is effectively seeking expansion through courses, institutions and the number of attending students. The University has been playing the most important role in providing better opportunities for higher education among the students who are coming from the rural and semi-rural background at an affordable means. Enrollment: About one million students.

6. Anadolu University

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This Turkish university maintains three distance learning programs, seven schools, four vocational schools, nine institutes and twenty-eight research centers and units in two campuses. Anadolu University has over 1,800 faculty members and prides itself on updating technology and a year-long intensive English program. Unfortunately, enrollment numbers those are current, cannot be found as it is known that this university expanded its campus since the count was made on enrollment numbers shown here.

5. University System of Ohio

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Ohio has 14 universities, 24 branch campuses, 23 community colleges and over 200 adult workforce education centers actively functioning under it. They serve around 600,000 students, offers various programs that vary from a GED to a Ph.D. They ensure that their students enjoy a comfortable educational life, with high-quality facilities provided to them. The university’s research mission to be a driver of new discoveries is laced with its property-grant mission to encourage the economic progress of the state of Ohio and the country. The total annual enrollment of this university is over 509,720.

4. State University of New York

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The State University of New York is the biggest comprehensive university system in the United States. There are 64 institutions which includes research universities, medical centers, liberal arts universities, community colleges, technology colleges and an online learning network running under this university. They serve around 1.3 million students, including nearly 600,000 in credit-bearing courses and programs and over 700,000 students through other programs. Their nearly 3 million alumni are showing their colors around the world.

3. Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia:

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It is an open university, was founded in 1984 as a part of the national strategy of Indonesian Governments. As it is the only university in Indonesia that provides education entirely by distance mode. It has over 600,000 students in different parts of the country. The majority of the students are working adults. Since the time this university was founded, it has enrolled over 1.5 million students. It is serving around 650,000 students through 37 Regional offices which are set up all over Indonesia.

The university also puts strong importance on independent learning to make the students independent individuals.

2. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University:

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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University was earlier known as Andhra Pradesh Open University. this university is situated in the Hyderabad. It has a broad network of 206 study centers which are spread throughout the state Andhra Pradesh. The motto of the university is “Education at Your Doorstep”. In August 1982, the university was established through an act of Andhra Pradesh State Legislature. It functions through a wide network of 117 study centers.

It follows a multi-media teaching-learning approach which is widely liked by the students. It comprises of self-learning print material, supported by audio and visual lessons. The lessons are also regularly broadcast through All India Radio.

1. Ramkhamhaeng University:

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Ramkhamhaen University is one of the two open universities in Thailand. It was established in 1971. It was developed at the time when Thailand was in an educational crisis. There are two campuses maintained by this university. The University’s main focus is on developing programs which are accessible to both urban and rural students in Thailand. It also to aims to develop a worldwide exchange of information with other universities in the world.

Additionally, the University provides a broad range of excellent academic facilities. These include the Central Library, the University Press, the Research and Development Institute, the Institute of Health Science, the Institute of International Studies, the Educational Technology Office, the Institute of Computer Science, the Arts and Cultural Institute, the Sports Office, the Ramkhamhaeng Institute of Languages, and the Institute of Human Resources Development.

High education received from the universities is very vital in the fast growing world, acts as a key driver for the growth of the economy and aim to provide major factors for increasing social, economic, physical development.


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