Top 10 Most Popular & Best Xbox Games Websites 2019

In the age of internet gaming has been transformed in a great way. Now any game whether it is Indoor or Outdoor, you can play on your computer or mobile. All the popular games like soccer, hockey, cricket, shooting and many more are available online. Think of any game and it is there on internet. Various websites are offering online games which you can play alone to kill your time or with your friends. Now even you can play a particular game with strangers too.

With these online games, you can stay engaged any time without going anywhere, you also do not need to get the specific uniform for the desired game in this virtual world of gaming. Here are the top 10 best Xbox game sites in 2019 where you can utilise or pass long hours on computer. Below listed websites have their own set of merits and identical game selection.

10. Kongregate:

Best Xbox Games Websites 2019

This site was introduced in 2007 and now owned by Gamestop Corporation. It has around 70,000 visitors with a vast collection of games such as shooters, puzzle, action, role-playing and online multiplayer. Though it offers some free games but if you want to access special themes, ad free gaming and many more, you have to opt for a premium annual membership. You can sign up for free to save paints, badges and also can participate in the helpful community and leader boards.

9. Addicting Games:

Best Xbox Games Websites

This site is owned and operated by Nickelodeon. It is one of the favourite sites among kids and teenagers. This site has the most extensive category of games compared to other sites. Games available here are specified such as girly games, teen games and many more. This site is flash based and has something for all. Playing games here also allows you to embed on your personal blog, portal and social networking. Along with this feature, game app for IOS device is also given, which makes it more popular.

8. Armor Games:

Best Xbox Games Websites

It is a wonderful gaming site which can appease your nerd inside. Earlier Armour Game was known as Games of Gondor. Just like Kongregate user can create a free account to access some of its games along with Social network integration, quest guides for particularly tricky games and tips for newcomers. Main game categories such as sports, strategies, arcade, shooters and puzzles. Armor Games showcase a deep and renowned catalogue of web’s few best online games along with upcoming alternatives.

7. Newgrounds:

Best Xbox Games Websites

Earlier Newgrounds was one of the flash based game and animation site on the web, founded in 1995. Now it has been changed with new features like music content and serves as online portal as well. Though integrated new features make it versatile but it has not lost the flash based appeal for gaming yet. Games here can be specifically filtered on the basis of rating, content views, and popularity. Site offers best “action and adventure” and stimulation games, which will fill you with excitement. To engage user community more site offers monthly contests for gaming and animation creators and to make event more enthusiastic, a big prize is also announced. You can sign up for free on this site and can benefit of basic game features and various online challenges.

6. Miniclip:

Best Xbox Games Websites

Miniclip has become the world’s largest privately-owned online game website among other existing sites, since it was launched in 2001. Site offers users to embed their player profile pages, leaderboards, achievements and awards with social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Miniclip has the advanced features like the most substantial game library and housing genres, which makes it what it is among its competitors. Miniclip features all standard games, remarkable sport games and adventure games. It has an international appeal for the users as it can be accessed in more than 15 languages.

5. FOG(Free Online Games):

Best Xbox Games Websites 2019

You might think of it is not an appealing and fun site for gaming, as its tittle says Free Online Games but that is not true. This one of the best sites for online gaming with vast selection of games and categories to choose from like adventure games, sports games and even fun games. The only drawback is that invasive advertising, which becomes distracting for users while playing the game here. Though Games are absolutely free but few users will not mind to opt a membership if it is offered to make their game more interesting and hassle free. User has to sign up to access favourite list, chat rooms, notifications and view history.

4. Yahoo Games:

Best Xbox Games Websites

Though Yahoo Games were launched in late ‘90’s, still they have not lost their charm. Yahoo games are still one of the most entertaining and fun to play online games. Apart from the classic solitaire and chess, site offers other generic and popular games like sports, adventure, puzzle and fun games. Most of the games are free still to access some good deals you have to sing up with your Google account or Yahoo account. Once you sign up to the sight you can avail more games with customization options.

3. Candystand:

Best Xbox Games Websites

Two companies Nabisco and Yeah, were earlier into cookie business, which however decided to launch an online gaming website, thus Candystand was launched in 1997. The idea worked quit well and Candystand became a successful gaming site since then. Site remains a premium place for flash based free games. Like all other free gaming sites, it offers a vast collection of games in various category but the drawback is that you have you go through all those annoying long video advertisements. Being able to play games of your choice here, you can also benefit of other offers like compete for trophies and other prizes with fellow gamers, after sign up for free registration.

2. Zynga:

Best Xbox Games Websites

Zynga games are one of the best sites for online games, it is loaded with advanced feature and user-friendly site. They launched “Farmville” which was a huge success and was kind of a revolution in gaming wold as engaging users to the top extend. Being a social gaming company their games are most played on mobile devices thus they offer free app for android and IOS devices. You can download their app form play stores. You can play games with your friends after singing up with your social networking. Beware, Zynga games will keep you engaged all the time thus you might be addicted.

1. Bored:

Best Xbox Games Websites 2019

As the name says, Bored? Then simply go to Bored and kill your time with its various simplistic games. Although online games here are free but you have to sign up to access for premium games and advanced features. With freegames, you have to go through all those irritating video advertising but then it is justified as you get awesome collection of games which will surely amaze you.

Listed above are the best websites for online gaming. You can play the games for free or opt premium membership for desired features. Few of them offer free app for mobile devices which makes gaming more exciting and keep you engaged all the time.


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