Top 10 Most Famous & Biggest Waterfalls in The World 2019

Anyone who has had a close-up view of any waterfall cannot deny the breathtaking and majestic sight of the geographical wonder of nature. In most cases, waterfalls usually occur in the upper cause of a river.

The formation of a water fall occurs when running water in the river gradually erodes the rocks, but some rocks will be more resistant that others. Eventually, there will be a steepening in gradient where the river stream flows causing a break in elevation which forms the waterfall. While it is difficult to measure waterfalls, the most notable and grandest ones are determined by their width rather than the height or volume. We will highlight some of the largest and biggest waterfalls in the world in this list.

10. Sutherland Falls

Biggest Waterfalls 2019

Sutherland Falls is found in New Zealand near Milford Sound. The water falls measure an astounding 580 feet and is believed to be the largest and tallest in New Zealand. The waterfall is one of New Zealand’s greatest natural heritages as well as a source of tourist attraction. It is one of the most protected natural phenomena in New Zealand owing to the fact that thousands of tourists flock the falls for a glimpse at one of the most beautiful marvels of nature. New Zealand is known for its extensive greenery and the falls are right in the middle of that awesomeness.

9. Saltos Del Mocono

Biggest Waterfalls

This is also another South American giant which is found in Argentina along the river Uruguay. The falls also has some parts of it in Brazil. The waterfall has a depth of 6000 feet through a trough that has a basaltic formation. It has a 180 degree semi-circle of waterfall. The width of the giant is 6775 feet and has a depth of 35 feet. It is considered one of the most unique large river waterfalls due to the formation of the trough and the degrees of the waterfalls which is just spectacular. It is perfect for a weekend getaway as you will get to enjoy nature’s marvel at its best.

8. Cataratas Del Iguazu

Biggest Waterfalls

The Cataratas Del Iguazu falls is found at no man’s land between Argentina and Brazil. The South American marvel of nature which is also identified as Iguazo Falls has a width of 8,800 feet and drops to about 369 feet. A large part of the river water falls into an area commonly referred to as the Devil’s Throat but the rest goes over other individual falls. It is a seasonal fall, owing to changing weather conditions and during summer the height of the fall is greatly reduced. The falls have been a great destination for all those who love great scenery from a breathtaking view. If you are planning to cross the two countries, why not visit the Cataratas Del Iguazo while at it?

7. Chutes Kongou

Biggest Waterfalls

Ivindo river plays host to the Chutes Kongou falls which is one of the biggest and most spectacular falls in the world. . It has a strong flow of 900 cubic centimeters per second. The giant fall is 3.2 km wide and 56m deep. The Chutes Kongou is considered to be the most beautiful in Central Africa. The falls are also on a major center of fish biodiversity. It si also consideded a national treasure as the Government of Gabon reconsidered its intentions to build a dam for hydroelectricity purposes. It is a great tourist attraction. Gabon being a tropical rainforest country, the marvel of nature is highlighted by the Chutes Kongou falls.

6. Salto Para

Biggest Waterfalls 2019

Salto Para falls is found on the beautiful countryside of southern Venezuela. The Salto Para is found along the Caura river where there are formed by emergence of two branches with an island in the middle. The waterfall is about 18,400 feet wide and drops at almost 200 feet. The waterfall is most credited not because of the height but of the flow of the river. The sight is spectacular especially during early summer and late spring when the sun is just about to re-emerge. It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway and plus you get to boat ride, fish and enjoy the best local cuisines from the restaurants nearby.

5. Niagara Falls

Biggest Waterfalls

The Niagara falls are located on Niagara River which connects two great lakes; Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and also serves as a border been Canada and USA. The Niagara Falls derive their name from the three different Falls namely the Bridal veil falls, The American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. Despite being relatively smaller in size than other waterfalls, the Niagara fall shave attracted the most tourists compared to other waterfalls. Statistics indicate that approximately 15 to 20 million tourists visit the attraction annually. Additionally, the waterfalls have been made popular by celebrities and daredevils who attempt to accomplish innovative fetes.

4. Inga Falls

Biggest Waterfalls

Inga Falls is located in the republic of Congo and forms part of a larger water fall called the Livingston Falls. The Inga Falls is considered one of the largest waterfalls in the world as it has a width of 3,000 feet. The water falls consists of a series of rapids and falls that drop approximately 400 feet and extends over 9 miles. One of the most impressive aspects of the water fall is a massive of drop of 70 feet in one go. While there are other falls along the main river, the Inga Falls are the most attractive and the biggest with crystal clear water and breathtaking meanders just before the waters take a thunderous fall.

3. Victoria Falls

Biggest Waterfalls

The Victoria Falls is located in Sothern Africa at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Zambezi River. The waterfall is commonly referred to as the seventh natural wonder of the world as it is a sight to behold. The Victoria Falls is approximately 5604 feet in width and 108 feet in height. It may not be the highest or the widest, but it manages to attract tourists from all over the world. The beauty of the Victoria falls is to behold as the water falls on the gorges and rises more than 100feet up with a spectacular appearance of smoke; hence it’s also known as Smoke that thunders. The popularity of the Victoria Falls also stems from its historical background whereby it is believed that David Livingston a British Explorer was the one who discovered it and named it Victoria Falls in honor of the Queen of Britain.

2. Chutes Wagenia

Biggest Waterfalls

Located in the Republic of Congo, Chutes Wagenia is among the largest waterfalls in the world as it measures approximately 4,500 feet in width. As a pride of the nation, Chutes Wagenia also known as Stanley falls or Kisangani falls stretches across the width of Lubama River with a drop of approximately 30 feet. The Kisangani falls gains its significance globally from its massive volume and width. Despite being located deep in the African country, the waterfall attracts an impressive number of tourists with visitors streaming in from all over the world to watch nature’s marvel at its best. The falls are at their best during spring and at the end of winter.

1. Chutes de Khone

Biggest Waterfalls 2019

It’s the largest water falls in the world, Chutes de Khone commonly known as Khone falls, is found in Mekong River in southern Laos, on the border of Cambodia, Chaampasak province. The waterfall consists of several falls descending approximately 69 feet. While Chutes de Khone waterfalls may not be the most visually captivating, it is considered by far the largest waterfall in the universe because of its width of 35, 375 feet. Experts estimate the volume of water that passes through it is approximately 11,600 cubic m per second. You will enjoy the most spectacular views during either spring or fall. The Chutes de Khone is a true marvel of nature.

Most tourist both local and foreign, will agree that appreciating some of nature’s wonders is one the most relaxing and fulfilling things. In this regard most tourist will consider activities that involve the Outdoors such as taking hikes, mountain climbing and visiting waterfalls. Waterfalls are among one of nature’s natural wonders and attractions. Evidently, most waterfalls possess a visual splendor and mystic that attracts visitors from all over the world. Unfortunately Waterfalls occur in specific areas and locations that are favored by certain climate. In most cases many people will have to travel oversees where they can view the waterfalls. Countries that have natural occurring waterfalls strive to preserve and nature them not only as a form of tourist attraction, but also a national heritage.


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