Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Comedians 2019

‘Laugher is medicine’, the saying goes. True to this, medical research indicates that by being happy, a person’s life is prolonged. Laughter is the biggest expression of happiness; it creates ease, relaxation of the body and above all that of the mind.

One of the biggest handicaps is a reliable source to keep one ever laughing. Comedians form an integral part of the society by offering people an opportunity to forget the rest of the world and get happy; get a moment of laughter. In what has come to be referred as ‘Laugh Industry’ in some quarters, comedians are teaming with other in entertainment industry to produce comic figures who keep the audience entertained. Among the leading industries is Bollywood where numerous artists are cropping up with well crafted comic pieces. If you wish to get a taste of Bollywood comic, you need to seek no further.

Here is a list of top 10 most popular Bollywood comedians of 2019 who have kept the industry active for decades. They are humorous, creative and with capacity to deliver with the much laughter you require.

10. Swapnil Joshi

Best Bollywood Comedians 2019

Born and brought up in very humble backgrounds, Swapnil is one of the biggest names when comedy is mentioned. In his early days, he started off as an actor appearing on Television shows. He moved on to movies landing to comedy where he has already curved a niche for his name. Everything about Joshi is funny, his posture, facial looks he is one who gets audience laughing even before he opens his mouth. In 2007, he was among the comedians who took part in the Comedy Circus 1. This is alongside having taken part in various comical movies.

9. Bharti Singh

Best Bollywood Comedians

Despite being said to suffer from a health condition, Bharti Singh is one of the best comedians Bollywood can offer. She brings on stag a unique approach to the comedy industry. Unlike majority of comedians who feature jokes on other personalities, hers are self centered. She jokes about her looks, experiences and all that is about her. She managed to be placed in the runners up position during the 4th season of the greatest Indian laughter. Alongside comedy, she also made a mark in the pistol shooting and archery national competitions where she jokingly said she took the shot to make a win after failing be at the top in the comedy section.

8. Navin Prabhakar

Best Bollywood Comedians

A commerce graduate from Mumbai University Navin Prabhakar has taken the comedy industry with a storm. He is one in a few who succeeded in the field that attract only a few of the professional mostly from the business field. His greatest performances feature mimicking. Just talk and he repeats the same giving it a humorous touch. Having ventured in to music before the acting career, Navin has also taken part in numerous stand-up comedies among them the Indian laughter challenge. He ahs created a personal character known as Pehchan Kaun who is well received by the fans and one who commands massive following and acclamation from the fans.

7. Sudesh Lahiri

Best Bollywood Comedians

At the seventh position of famous comedians of Bollywood is Sudesh Lahiri. He is a common face appearing in both Punjabi films and television shows. In 2007, he took part in the Indian laughter challenge emerging among the top three contenders of the title. His biggest popularity resulted from taking a side part in “ready” one of the popular movies in the country. Sudesh was among he comedians who took part in comedy circus part 2. He currently takes part in Circus Ke Mahabali, a popular reality show widely viewed in India and outside it borders.

6. Sunil Pal

Best Bollywood Comedians 2019

Having made his name in the film industry, Sunil Pal is one of the best and highly accredited Indian Comedians. He took part and won in the Indian laughter challenge in 2005. Alongside providing laughter, he is a leading actor within the film industry. He is credited by producing one of the biggest movies in Bollywood “ Bhanvao KO Samijho” released in 2010 and featuring 51 of the stand-up comedians. Despite his success in the movies industry, much of his strengths are geared towards the stand-up comedy with intent to keep as many as his fans always laughing and yearning for more.

5. Rajpal Yadav

Best Bollywood Comedians

With his roots traceable to a small village of Punjab, Rajpal is among the reigning comedians in India. His great success in the industry is famed to have originated from his home village. He appears in various Television shows including “Hans Baliye” alongside being a major player in stand-up comedy. He came into stardom after taking part if the famous Indian laughter challenge. He is among the common characters that appear on the Punjabi films. Other than his successful career in India, he is also gaining popularity in oversea countries including United States, Canada and New Zealand. With his success growing by each day, he takes the fifth position among the famous comedians in Bollywood.

4. Saloni Daini

Best Bollywood Comedians

In the history of Indian comedy, Saloni Daini is the youngest actor to have graced the floors and gained success. Her first time to face the camera was at the age of three years and has grown with the industry to take the fourth position among the most famous comedians. She is features in on of the famous Indian Movies named “no problem” where she acts as the character named Tuk Tuk. Over the years, she has won the hearts of many fans and has risen to be a darling of many. She is considered to have a bright future in the industry owing to the great potential she displays on stage.

3. Johnny Lever

Best Bollywood Comedians

Known to be one of the greatest contributors to the growth of comedy industry, Lever is also among the most experienced comedians who grace the comedy shows. His contribution to the industry is known to be immense among them being a great mentor to up-coming artists. During his career, he has managed to bag over 13 film awards all related to his hilarious comical contributions. He is the most travelled comedian from India having appeared in shows in different states within the country and in countries all over the globe. In Bollywood, he has appeared in over 300 productions.

2. Raju Srivastav

Best Bollywood Comedians

Born in Kapur India, Raju is the country’s record holder in having the most stand-up comedies. According to statistics from Bollywood, he has staged over 3,500 shows in different theatres around the country. He brings to the stage a fantastic character and an ability to mimic hundreds of different voices. He takes the second position in the list of best performers and most famous comedians. He has managed to rank at runners up position in the Indian laughter contest a factor that adds to his popularity.

1. Kapil Sharma

Best Bollywood Comedians 2019

With his own show, Kapil Sharma is one of the biggest celebrities in comedy. Other that the popularity he gains from his show, his performance is outstanding and one that Indians always die for a chance to attend. He known to have a soft appeal to the audience that makes him connect with ease. This is alongside hosting some of the big names in the comedy industry on his show.

Comedians spice up lives. The laughter and smiles they bring to our faces are a worthy feature that cannot be ignores in all circumstances. The top 10 most popular Bollywood comedians of all times have brought joy, laughter and excitement to the Indians and the world at large. They present an ever-growing industry that brings along the best for all persons.


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