11 Most Famous City Squares in The World

A city square is an open public space usually observed in the centre of a traditional town, in which community gatherings are held. These are the places that are regarded as landmarks in major cities all over the world. Several of the city squares have been prevalent since many centuries, holding a good position in history.

It is now not new that every city has some city square, identified for an important purpose like commercial and social meeting place. What new is that how these city squares attract the attention of people to come in and gather inside. These places are found to be surrounded by restaurants, shops, and a city hall. You can see that there is a fountain, monument, or a statue at its centre. If you are getting confused about the names and details of some of the renowned city squares of the world, refer below sections:

11. Grand Place, Belgium

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The Grand Place (also recognized as Grote Markt) is renowned as the central city square of Brussels, situated in Belgium. This city square is enclosed by guildhalls, the city’s Town Hall, as well as the Breadhouse. Along with the Manneken Pis and Atomium, the city square is the most significant tourist attraction in Brussels. It is noted that once in every two years in the month of August, a huge “flower carpet” is established in the Grand Place for several days. Apart from this, a million colorful begonias are arranged in designs encompassing a major part of the square.

10. Zocalo, Mexico City

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Zocalo is the common name of city square-Plaza de la Constitucion, is recognized as the representation of Mexican culture. You can witness that this place holds its history back to the period of Aztecs. Zocalo is placed in the list as it is one of the biggest city squares in the world, surrounded by various buildings with architectural and historical significance. The proofs of these ancient significances are the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. It is known that a big Mexican flag reside in the central position of the Zocalo. This flag is ritually raised and lowered every day and people noted that Zocalo is frequently used venue for numerous public gatherings.

9. Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague’s Old Town Square is situated between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge, in Czech Republic. Round the year, this city square is usually crowded with tourists as well as local visitors in the summer season. The city square highlights different architectural styles comprising the baroque Saint Nicholas Church and Gothic Týn Cathedral. Prague’s Old Town Square is a retreat for travellers exhausted of the narrow streets of Prague, serving as a place of amusement. You can witness Astronomical Clock in this city square, serving as a major spot of tourists attractions.

8. Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech

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Djemaa el Fna city square, located in Moroccan city of Marrakesh is possibly one of the most renowned city squares all over the African continent. This city square has a pronounced history, as it is established since 12th century. You can observe a miniature of the inherent culture there due to which it remains crowded throughout the day. Djemaa el Fna even serves as a marketplace because snake charmers, street magicians, out-dated medical practitioners, dancers and sellers of local items collect at the city square during the day, presenting a magnificent visual.

7. Piazza del Campo, Siena

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Piazza del Campo, built in medieval times is situated in the momentous Italian town of Siena. The city square is established in shell-shaped and it is considered as one of the most attractive city squares all over the world. You can observe that different classical buildings like Town Hall and the tower Torre del Mangia, encloses this city square. It is one of the interesting place as it organizes a horse race , two times a year, known as Palio di Siena, in which the riders circle the city square for three times.

6. Trafalgar Square, London, England

Most City Squares 2019

The Trafalgar Square of London honours Lord Horatio Nelson’s triumph against Napoleon’s navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in year 1805. It is known that the central monument, located inside this city square is a single tall column on which the statue of Nelson is present eyeing over London. Four colossal lions and many large fountains enclose Trafalgar Square. People who visit London never miss the opportunity to visit this city square; the reason is it is one of the world famous tourist attractions. You even will not complain about its space, as the city square is quite spacious, allowing large number of people to gather.

5. St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City

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St. Peter’s Square is an ellipse shaped city square, situated in front of the renowned St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. This city square was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and its centre is hold by an Egyptian obelisk, established in year 1586 under the control of Pope Sixtus V. Its major part is dominated by the huge Tuscan arcades, which is four columns deep. At the centre part of the ellipse, there is an Egyptian column which was conveyed from Egypt to Rome throughout the sovereignty of Emperor Augustus. The reason why it has become renowned all over the world is that believers collect to get the blessings of the Pope.

4. Tiananmen Square, Beijing

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The Tiananmen Square, located in the Chinese capital- Beijing is one of the biggest and most renowned city squares in the world. This city square is named after the gate which splits it from the Forbidden City, enclosed by government buildings and some monuments, like the National Museum of China and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. This city square is witness of some historical events like the establishment of People’s Republic of China. In year 1989, Tiananmen Square became the venue for disputes against government by a society of civilians. It was come to know that the government answered violently and it caused in an annihilation of hundreds of people.

3. Rynek Glowny, Krakow

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Rynek Glowny (alternatively identified as Main Market Square), located in the Old Town in Krakow secures third position in the list. The reason of its high fame is that, the city square was voted as the finest city square in year 2005 by the Project for Public Spaces. Its history can be traced back to 13th century, making it one of the ancient city squares in existence. It is known that the pedestrians can approach Rynek Glowny via 13 different routes. The aspect that adds to its beauty is attractive townhouses, buildings such as Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Cloth Hall, and St. Mary’s Basilica. This city square of Krakow is the centre of many celebrations and events including prominent Kraków szopka Festival.

2. Red Square, Moscow

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The Red Square, located in the centre of Moscow is intensely connected with the history and culture of the city. This is the landmark witness several historical event, making it one of the ancient city squares. You can see that around its periphery, there are St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State History Museum, Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Kremlin being located. As the Red Square is placed in the centre region of Moscow, it is the prime priority of visitors looking for attractive tourist destination in Moscow. You might guess that the name Red Square originates from the color of the bricks or from the connection between the color red and communism. However, the name originated as the Russian word -krasnaya can signify either “red” or “beautiful”. It is known that this word was basically used for Saint Basil’s Cathedral and was later conveyed to the neighbouring square.

1. Times Square, New York

Most City Squares 2019

Times Square in New York is frequently named the centre of the universe, and so it is the most popular tourist spot in entire USA. Because of its vast space and beauty, it draws more than fifty million visitors every year. This city square is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. The LED screens and flashlights lit up the square during night, conveying an excellent visual experience to tourists. Tourists enjoy a lot because Times Square is occupied with many restaurants and theatres. The city square is even prominent for the New Year’s Eve ball drop that starts in year 1907.

For community gatherings in any city, a city square serves the purpose as it can encompass vast number of people. Apart from being a social gathering place, these city squares have succeeded in attracting tourists all over the world.


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