Top 10 Most Famous Cliff Side Beaches Around The World 2019

There are many beautiful things to look around in the world. Cliff is a vertical rock exposure formed by erosion and weathering. It makes nature a lot more beautiful with its amazing presence. A beach is a landform, one side of which is covered with the water body. Generally, it comprises of loose particles such as gravel, sand, pebbles, shingle, cobblestones, etc. It is also a natural acquirement. It is considered as the best place to relax in the warm sunny days as well as in winter. Below are the top 10 most famous cliff side beaches around the world 2019.

10. Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Best Cliff Side Beaches 2019

Maya Bay is one of the unique cliff side beaches in the world which is located in Koh Phi Phi Leh, in Southern Thailand. This beach is by the side of Andaman sea. The island is surrounded by hills made of limestone and the water is deep blue and clear in this area. This beach is very close to Phuket, and it is possible to reach there within an hour by boat. This beach is one of the best places to travel in vacations in Thailand.

9. Navagio Beach, Greece

Best Cliff Side Beaches

Navagio beach is one of the best cliff side beaches in the world which is also known as a shipwreck beach of Greece. This beach is also known as Smuggler Cove which is located on the Ionian Island of Greece. There are many cliffs made of limestone. The beach appears sandy outlook, and the water is so clear and blue. Tourists are attracted by the natural beauty of this beach. Navagio is a base jumping location as well.

8. Legzira Beach, Morocco

Best Cliff Side Beaches

Legzira beach is one of the most attractive cliff side beaches around the world. It is in between Sidi Ifni and Mirleft. This beach has a long stretch around eight kilometers which is rocky. One can see two natural red stone arches in this beach. It is considered as one of the public access beaches. The dramatic rock formation is wonderful and makes this sight more beautiful and eye-catching. The view of Atlantic ocean is well seen from this peaceful place.

7. Tropea Beach, Calabria, Italy

Best Cliff Side Beaches

Tropea beach is one of the best cliff side beaches around the world, considered as one of the best vacation place and tourist spot in Italy. This beach is situated on the shore of Calabria, Southern Italy. The water of this area is deep blue and clear like crystal as well. The sky’s reflections are seen in the water. Which creates an amazing view of this beach. It is a unique beach of Italy. Tropea beach is the best bathing place as well. Like other beaches, it is not a remote beach. It is situated in the town area of Tropea.

6. As Catedrais Beach, Spain

Best Cliff Side Beaches

As Catedrais Beach is also popular in the name of Beach of the Cathedrals. This beautiful beach is situated in Cantabria coast in Galicia, Ribadeo, Spain. The main feature of this beach is it is surrounded by caves and natural arches. This beach is also the perfect place to take a bath or swim. During high tide, this beach appears a little bit smaller in comparison. The original name of this beach is Praia de Augas Santas. The construction of the arches and caves looks like cathedrals.

5. Dias Beach, Cape Point, South Africa

Best Cliff Side Beaches 2019

Dias beach is located in Cape Point, South Africa. It is one of the most remarkable cliff side beaches around the world. This beach is very close to the beautiful city, Cape Town. Dias beach is considered the place of ultimate freshness and exceptional attraction to the local people as well as foreign tourists. During the vacations, this beach is becoming a buzz. The wild cape is the main attraction of the tourists. This beach was called the Cape of Storms. The line of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore is wide on this beach. So, bathing and swimming are dangerous in this area.

4. Halona Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Best Cliff Side Beaches

Halona beach is situated on the south-eastern shore of Ohio, Hawaii. The cliffs of this beach are made of limestone as well as rock. It is an attractive place to tourists as well as shooting for movies. It had a role in ‘’From Here to Eternity”, a 1953 movie. In this area the sea is serene and this beach is considered as one of the best beaches to swim and bath. This reef is also covered by corals with a beautiful cave in it. This beach became famous after the movie shooting. Tourists came here to spend time in a relaxed mode and get the freshness of mind and body as well.

3. Bottom bay, Barbados

Best Cliff Side Beaches

The bottom bay beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados. It is placed in the 3rd position among the amazing cliff side beaches in the world. This beach is constructed and surrounded by coral cliffs. The mass of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore is wide on this beach. So, bathing and swimming are forbidden here. This beach is located on the southeastern shore of Barbados. It is in between Palmetto bay and Cave bay. The water is as fresh as Crystal on this beach. The surroundings are also marvelous and soothing. Travellers can feel the nature from its core in this place. Bottom bay is a beach where people can see tortoise and whales in the clear water.

2. Etretat beach, Normandy, France

Best Cliff Side Beaches

This beach is well known for its chalk cliff construction with three marvelous arches and pointed needle. It is the 2nd most beautiful cliff side beaches in the world. This beach is situated in the Normandy region, northwest part of France, on the coast of the Pays de Caux area. This place is an amazing place which attracts several tourists from France and foreigners as well. In the beach area, there is a beautiful resort town which is popular for its location as well as its ambiance. This beach is considered as the inspiration to many artists. Among the three arches, two arches can be seen from this resort town, but the biggest one can not be seen from the city.

1. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Best Cliff Side Beaches 2019

This is located in the Philippines province, Palawan. It is the north most point of the mainland of Palawan. The main reason of its fame lies in the ecosystem and exceptional natural splendor. This beach is the outline of Bacuit Bay. It is remarked as one of the best cliff side beaches in the globe. This is also a protected area. CNNGo has declared this beach as the best island destination and beach in the Philippines. The cliffs of this beach are made of dramatic limestone crust and rocks. In this area, there are many sand beaches as well. It is very difficult to choose which one is best. The water is deep blue which makes the Caribbean Sea look more gloomy in contrast.

These beaches are the best beaches in the world 2019. Other than these there are many beautiful and attractive beaches that stretch along the oceans & seas with cliffs. Several people come to enjoy the beauty of nature. It does not give comfort to the eyes only, it keeps our body and minds good as well.


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