10 Most Famous Eye Popping Gorgeous Roman Theatres 2019

The beauty of Romans is well known and famous all around the world. And when it comes to their sense of architecture and the extreme knowledge and passion for creating gorgeous structures people still look forward to them to take ideas even on today’s date. The roman theatres are a matter of amusement and glee. Although there are numerous majestic structures made by the Romans but their theaters hold a unique place. Let’s take a sneak-peek over some of the magnificent and splendid theatres made by the Romans that glorify them till date.

10. Jerash theaters

Best Roman Theatres 2019

They are well known for enfolding not just one but two big Roman theaters within it. It is a huge archeological site in Jordan that has made a significant impact all over the world. Out of the two theaters, the one which is situated on the northern side has the capacity to hold 1600 people at once. It was built in 165 AD to be used mostly as the city council chamber of the state. The one situated in the southern part is much larger and bigger as compared to its counterpart. Being built in 90-92 AD it has the capacity of around 3000 spectators at one time.

9. Roman Theatre of Merida

Best Roman Theatres

Being built in 16 AD, the Roman Theatre of Merida is situated in Spain as of today. It was built by Agrippa who was the general and a very close friend of Augustus, the emperor ruling at that time. The theatre is grand and big enough to hold around 6000 spectators at once. With time the Theatre of Merida underwent numerous restorations and renovations to keep its architecture intact. The structure that we see today is the result of restoration that took place from 1960 to 1970. Apart from the grandiose structure it also shows the architect knowledge of that time.

8. Roman Theatre of Amman

Best Roman Theatres

Situated at Jordan, the Roman Theatre of Amman holds one significant place in the country. It was built in the 2nd AD when the reign of Marcus Aurelius was prevailing. The main structure was made cutting the hillside that can hold around 6000 spectators. It is oriented to the north to keep the sun off the spectators which were one intelligent decision of the architect. A total of three tiers were made in the theatre which is divided as per the class. While the ruler sat closest to the action taking place in the theater, the middle section was for the military followed by the general public to sit in the highest section. The theater was made in such a way that even the last section could see and hear the course of actions easily taking place in the arena.

7. Theatre of Sabratha

Best Roman Theatres

Being established around 500 BC the Theatre of Sabratha is located in Libya. The port was initially established as that the trading post which is called as Phoenician Trading post and reach its height when the Romans ruled. They make use of it as a coastal outlet for African hinterland products. In the year 1930 the theatre got its renovation and the reconstruction lead to what today it is. With the capacity of 5000 spectators it has 25 entrances to accommodate the coming people. The majestic structure and impressive construction of the theater are enough to hold the attention of people around the world.

6. Aspendos Theater

Best Roman Theatres

One of the best preserved theatres of the Romans is the Aspendos Theatre which was built way back in 161 to 169 AD. It is located in Turkey on the slope of a hill. As per the ancient scriptures Zeno is regarded as the main architect of this grandeur structure. Currently the theatre is being used for various performances and musical festivals. Mainly the opera performances and ballet festival is being performed at the site. It can hold about 10,000 spectators which itself is alone to prove the grandness and vastness of the Aspendos Theatre.

5. Theater of Caesarea Maritima

Best Roman Theatres 2019

The privilege of being one of the top tourist destinations of Israel due to its splendid architecture and magnificent structure goes to the Theatre of Caesarea Maritima. It was built way back in the first century AD at a place that enfolds beautiful sea views by its sides. It faces the Mediterranean Sea and this is the reason why it is used to organize concerts in the summer season. It was built by Herod the Great and named it after Augustus Caesar who was his patron. By this act he honored him. It is one of the most impressive archeological sites in the country and therefore receives numerous visitors daily.

4. Theatre of Bosra

Best Roman Theatres

The city Bosra is one of the ancient cities situated in Syria. The name of the city is mentioned in the ancient literature by the Egyptians hieroglyphs in the 14th century. However, in 106 AD the city got conquered by the Romans and they made Bosra the capital state of the Arabia province held by them. The theatre in the city was built in the 2nd Century AD by the Romans which can be easily understood by the majestic structure which is the signature of the Romans architecture. It is considered as one of the best conserved Roman theatres in the world till date. With the capacity of about 1500 spectators, a fortress was built surrounding it by the Ayyubids.

3. Theater of Emerita Augusta

Best Roman Theatres

The Theatre of Emerita Augusta is again another magnificent archeological site in the Roman city of Emerita Augusta which today is called as Merida. The theater was built during 16 to 15 BC and is now a most significant archeological site in Spain. It also holds the privilege of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to its majestic architecture everyday many tourists visit the place to see its grandeur. Apart from the tourist spot it is also used as a theatre for performing various Classical festivals of Merida.

2. Theater of Ephesus

Best Roman Theatres

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world the Temple of Artemis belongs to the same place where this roman theater belongs to. Ephesus has been a spot of tourist attraction for those who love to admire the ancient architecture and the archeological sites. The large and sumptuousness of this theatre can be easily understood by its capacity. It can hold about 25000 spectators at a time. it was used largely for recreational purposes like drama and music. Later when Romans ruled the theatre was also used for gladiator fights.

1. Ancient Theater of Orange

Best Roman Theatres 2019

This is one of the most beautiful and splendid work of architecture of the recent time. It is situated in Orange in Southern France the place which was earlier known as Roman colony of Arausio. The Ancient Theatre of Orange has got the privilege to get its place as a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO. Even today it is been extensively used for various recreational purposes. During summer it is used for the opera performances which are enjoyed by many tourists and the visitors of the place. The splendid beauty of the place is worth watching and admiring.

Once you take a ride over the article you get an urge to visit these places to see the beauty they enfold. Don’t think twice; just pack your bag and head towards taking the expedition to the theaters you have never seen before. Bet me, you won’t regret your decision ever.


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