13 Most Famous & Hottest Female Politicians In The World 2019

Politics has always been a male bastion since time immemorial. Power is one thing that men never like to share, especially with women. Maybe, this is what made men coin the term ‘weaker sex’. However, those days are gone. Today, the women are very active in every aspect. It could be sports, academics, or even politics. You cannot pin down a woman that easily anymore.

You have a lot of women statespersons over the years. Sirimavo Bandaranaike was the first ever woman Prime Minister of any country. Indira Gandhi, Sheikh Hasina, and Margaret Thatcher are some names that immediately come to mind when you speak of top women politicians. In fact, Donald Trump made it to the top most post in politics today through some deft handling of delicate issues. Otherwise, the USA would have easily witnessed its first ever woman President in Hillary Clinton.

However, women politicians always have an edge over the male counterparts. They have definitely greater skill at managing delicate issues. The success of the women Prime Ministers mentioned above are the best examples to prove the point.

Women have certain advantages. The most prominent among them is grace. Women can look graceful even in adverse conditions. They have the assets that can help them sail through the toughest of circumstances with ease. Let us look at some of the most famous women politicians in 2019. It is an additional advantage that each one of them have a special kind of sex appeal as well. Of course, that is not the prime reason they have become successful. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult to ignore this factor.

13. Ruby Dhalla – Canada

Most powerful women politicians 2019

A Canadian politician of Indian origin, Ruby Dhalla is a powerhouse in Canada Politics. A Liberal Party member, she has been a firebrand leader with a penchant for calling a spade a spade. In fact, she was just 10 years old when she wrote a touching letter to the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi when some devout Sikhs were shot by the Indian Army during the Operation Bluestar at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Indira Gandhi personally acknowledged the letter and made a mention of it at several forums. This goes to show that Ruby Dhalla had the character to make it big in politics. On the attraction quotient, she is a stunner in every way. Ruby Dhalla opens our list at the No. 10 position.

12. Anna Maria Galojan – Estonia

Most powerful women politicians

The erstwhile Soviet Union was famous for some of its most beautiful women in the world. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, you still have them but they represent different countries. At No. 9, we have such a half Caucasian beauty, Anna Maria Galojan heading the Estonian movement. She basically belongs to Armenia. Now, politicians have always courted controversies wherever they set foot. This beauty is no different with people accusing of embezzling over 60,000 Euros of public money. She responded in an unusual fashion as only she can, by posing nude for Playboy. You do not what happened subsequently but she mad a fabulous picture with her natural beauty.

11. Joanna Mucha – Poland

Most powerful women politicians

The Polish women have a unique sense of beauty. In addition, most of them are well educated. Joanna Mucha, representing the city of Lubin in the Polish Parliament (Sejm) since 2007 is a beautiful woman with the right credentials as well. Holding a Ph.D. in Economics, this woman is the best example of beauty, brains, and power all rolled into one. In addition to being a politician, she lectures at the Catholic University of Lubin. Of course, one must say that her students are lucky to experience the best of all her qualities. She is a perfect entrant at No. 8 in this list.

10. Orly Levy – Israel

Most powerful women politicians

Israel is a country known for providing equal opportunities to men as well as women in virtually all the fields. Hence, you find many Israeli women working in important positions in the Government. One such person, Orly Levy is the No. 7 in this list. Formerly she was serving in the Israeli Air Force. After her retirement from the Air Force, Orly was a successful model and TV host. Blessed with one of the most perfect figures among all politicians in this list, Orly became a member of the Knesset for Likud Yisrael Beiteinu. A mother of three children, she has not yet lost her sexual charm. Maybe, this is the Israeli way of telling the world that they are the best at everything in life.

9. Vanja Hadzovic – Serbia

Most powerful women politicians 2019

We have one of the most alluring personalities at No. 6 in this list. Vanja Hadzovic, an adviser in the Serbian Foreign Ministry has been in the list for the most inappropriate of all reasons. She had her enticing photographs posted all over the social media not very long ago. This might be inappropriate for a politician but if you have the assets, there should be no harm in flaunting the same. However, she is a very hard worker and has served as the Vice President of Serbia’s Socialist party. One of the most attractive politicians in recent times, she has the capacity to grab the attention of people in different ways.

8. Sethrida Geagea – Lebanon

Most powerful women politicians

It is not an easy life being a politician in Lebanon. You have to contend with a rogue nation like Syria as one of your neighbors. Many strong male politicians have bit the dust. This includes Samir Geagea who was incarcerated in prison for 11 years before his release in 2005. Under such circumstances, we have a strong woman by the name of Setrida Geagea, wife of Samir Geagea, standing up in defiance of Syria. One of the most beautiful and attractive personalities in the Lebanon political scene she is an avid follower of the Christian religion. Her strong qualities make her quality for inclusion in this list at No. 5.

7. Luciana Leon – Peru

Most powerful women politicians

Some people have a penchant of making it big very early in life. In the field of politics it is very difficult to do so because politicians mature with age. However, youth does have its charm in attracting young voters. One such young politician makes the cut in this list at No. 4. We are referring to Luciana Leon of Peru. She became the General Secretary of the Aprista Party’s youth wing in Peru at the age of just 14 years. Subsequently, she became the youngest member of the Peruvian parliament at the age of just 31 years. One of the most beautiful and sexy politicians in the world, she has her share of controversies. One of the recent controversies is the allegation of corruption. It can happen to the best in any industry.

6. Alina Kabaeva – Russia

Most powerful women politicians

We have already seen that the Russian women can be alluring as well as enticing in nature. Our No. 3 on this list Alina Kabaeva belongs to this category. One of the most beautiful women politicians in Russia, Alina has an illustrious sporting history as well. She has won two Olympic gold medals in rhythmic gymnastics. In addition, she has 14 world championship medals and 25 European championship medals to her name. Belonging to the United Russia party, this politician is beauty personified in every way. She conducts herself in the same beautiful manner as well. She has her share of controversies as well. One of such rumors was that the Russian Premier Vladimir Putin was smitten by her and wanted to marry her, a rumor denied by both of them vehemently.

5. Eva Kaili – Greece

Most powerful women politicians

Greek women have a history of being the most beautiful in the world. Hence, it should come as a surprise if we have a Greek politician at the No. 2 position in this list. Eva Kaili, a former member of the Hellenic Parliament has been a television news presenter as well. A good orator, she has been a prominent member of various Parliamentary deputations. Her charm is enough to floor any kind of opposition in the Parliament. She has the perfect credentials to being referred to as one of the hottest female political figures in the world.

4. Maria Carfagna – Italy

Most powerful women politicians 2019

The No. 1 spot belongs to Maria Carfagna of Italy. Italian women have always had the terrific sex appeal. Maria is no different. With a body that most women would kill to possess, Maria has the perfect assets in the perfect place. She was a television actress and model before entering politics. A member of the Forza Italia Party, she served as a Minister of Equal Opportunity in the Silvio Berlusconi period. There were very strong rumors about her affair with the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as well. She has had various rankings in the top 3 list of the hottest and the sexiest politicians ever. These qualities make her rank at the no. 1 in our list.

Now let us take a look at some countries other than the ones represented above. Some countries like India, Pakistan, and Iran have conservative attitudes. This prevents the female politicians from expressing themselves in the same manner as some of the political figures in our list do. However, they are beautiful enough to make any such Top 10 list. We list them out separately.

3. Nina Siakhali Moradi – Iran

Most powerful women politicians

Iran has a tradition where the women do not have the liberty to expose their faces to the world as well. Under such circumstances, it would be impossible for anyone to judge the beauty of an Iranian woman. One such beautiful woman politician from Iran is Nina Siakhali Moradi. She certainly has a striking face that can dazzle almost any person.

2. Hina Rabbani Khar – Pakistan

Most powerful women politicians

Pakistan is an equally conservative country. However, they have a political figure in Hina Rabbani Khar, at one time an External Affairs Minister. She is a star athlete as well as an accomplished hockey player. With drop dead looks, she would have certainly qualified in the top 10, but we chose to showcase her talent separately.

1. Smriti Irani – India

Most powerful women politicians 2019

India might not be as conservative in its outlook as Iran and Pakistan are. However, you cannot expect an Indian politician to display her figure and body as some of the persons named in our list such as Alina, Maria, or Vanja do. India has had her share of attractive film stars such as Hema Malini, Jaya Prada, etc who are beautiful and attractive at the same time. However, our vote for the hottest Indian female political figure should go to Smriti Irani. A former television actress, Smriti is a firebrand politician today, not afraid to call a spade by any other name but a spade.

This is a comprehensive list of 13 of the most attractive female political figures in the world. Each one of them is an epitome of beauty and grace. They have the brains as well to excel in their duties. With politics, comes power. Hence, this is a perfect combination of beauty, brains, and power.


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