Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

Death is the biggest grief in life. While a natural death that happens in an old age is well understandable and reasonable, expiring due to accidents brings the biggest shock along with a constant sorrow. Millions of road accidents take place every day in the world among which some are light and some are really deadly and fatal.

Many people die due to road accidents which bring about the safety concern as well. Though we think that road accidents are a part of the life of common people only, even the famous persons and the celebrities can’t escape from some of them. There a few of them who have died a tragically on road accidents. These are:

10. Porfirio Rubirosa

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2019

Four-time Grammy Award winner, Lisa Lopes aka “Left Eye” was a notable singer, rapper, dancer, and songwriter. She was also a member of TLC, an American band of girls famous for R&B, funk, soul and hip-hop. On April 25, 2002, Lisa was injured in a road accident in Honduras when her Mitsubishi Montero Sport collided with a vehicle. She was quickly rushed to a local hospital but died of head trauma and neck injuries.

9. Steve Prefontaine

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

If you are a sport’s person you would be well familiar with Steve Prefontaine who was once known as “running boom” of the 1970’s. He was the most popular middle and long distance runner of the United States of America. Being born on 25th January 1951 and took his last breath on May 30, 1975. A fatal accident that occurred near the University of Oregon killed him in an instant. His 1973 convertible flipped over the road and by the heavy weight of the car on his chest, his internal organs faced a sudden stress that leads him to die at the very moment. Although people run to save him but couldn’t lift the heavy car and he remain crushed inside until police arrived.

8. Jackson Pollock

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

One of the most significant and influential painters Jackson Pollock dies when he was just 44 years of age. He was an abstract impressionist painter who was born on 28th January 1912 and died on 11 August 1956. While driving after drinking, his car met with an accident in just a mile away from his home. The car crashed into a tree violently making the prominent painter along with his friend Edith Metzger who was also with him on the other seat die at the very moment. In his journey of 44 years, he made several significant paintings and got renowned worldwide. It is also said that his mistress Ruth Kligman was also in the car but being seated on the back seat survived.

7. Drazen Petrovic

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

If you like basketball, you must be familiar with the most popular National Basketball Association player Drazen Petrovic. At the age of just 28 when his career was taking its peak, he died in a fatal car accident. The incident took place on 7 June 1993 when he was driving his car and passing by the Autobahn highway in Denkendorg, Germany. The day was rainy and stormy and his car on the highway cut off by a huge truck. As the truck driver and Drazen tried to avoid the collision, heavy rain storm hinders their view and this lead to a lethal accident that took away Drazen as well.

6. Falco

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2019

Johann “Hans” Hölzel, with the stage name as Falco, was one of the most popular musicians of his time. He is very well known for his album “Rock Me Amadeus” that was the biggest hit in the year 1985. He got a severe hit while driving his SUV with a bus on a highway. At that time he was on a vacation in the Dominican Republic. After the accident, he was rushed to the hospital where severe head injuries were reported by the doctors. He struggled for few days with the injuries but later on 6 February 1998 he took his last breath. He was just 2 weeks away from celebrating his 41st birthday.

5. Grace Kelly

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

Seen “The Country Girl”? Then you must be well familiar with Grace Kelly who is hugely admired for her work in the movie. Her outstanding performance in that elevated the graph of his fan followers manifolds. She even won the Oscar for the same role. She was a princess’ consort of Monaco and a grandly celebrated American actress. It was 13th September 1982 when she was driving her Rover and met with a fatal accident. On his way, she went down a mountainside due to the car imbalance which leads to multiple injuries and organ failures. All this later resulted in the death of Grace Kelly as she couldn’t service with those fatal injuries.

4. Jayne Mansfield

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

34 years old blond and beautiful bombshell actress Jayne Mansfield got killed by a brutal accident that took place on Interstate 90, a US highway. On 29th June 1967 when she was driving her Buick Electra 225 along with her boyfriend and three children got a fatal crash into the rear part of a big truck trailer. The crash took place from the back and her car crashed straight into it. In the accident, Jayne along with two other people in her car got killed however her three children who were seated in the back seat survived.

3. James Dean

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

A great Hollywood actor who was a legend in himself and an icon for the industry got killed by a fatal road accident on 30th September 1955. He was riding his Porsche 550 when it gets collided with Ford which was driven by a college student. The collision was from the front and it was so brutal that it killed him on the spot. However, he was taken to the hospital immediately but that was of no use. His three movies “Rebel Without a Cause”, “Giant” and “East of Eden” has made him get a large number of fan followers which get sadden by his sudden demise.

2. Princess Diana

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

Extremely beautiful Princess of Britain Diana and her tragic death made the headline in the newspapers all around the world when on 31st August 1997 she got killed by a road accident. The world was stunned hearing the news as she was one of the most popular ladies of the time because of her great deeds and kind heart. He charity functions and open-heartedness has won the heart of millions of people. The car Mercedes-Benz W140 crash took place in a concrete pillar head when it was being driven at the speed of around 65 mph. It was so serious that it leads her and the driver killed on the spot.

1. Paul Walker

Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2019

The death of Paul Walker was one of the most tragic and heartbreaking car crash that took away a great man and a talented actor of the Hollywood on 30th November 2013. Gaining much popularity from “Fast and the Furious” Paul Walker died when his car Porsche get collided with a tree. The collision was so hard and atrocious that it smashed the car and it got exploded. Along with him his car driver and his financial advisor Roger Rodes also get killed. His fans and the whole Hollywood suffer the sad demise of Paul Walker till date.

Death is the ultimate truth of life but becomes little unacceptable when happens suddenly and drastically. Well, with this piece of content all that I would suggest is to keep yourself updated with all the driving skills. Drive safe and keep yourself protected from such incidences.


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