Top 10 Most Famous & Richest Wrestlers in The World 2019

Out of all the sports prevailing today, wrestling is one of the most talked about sports due to some of its outstanding wrestlers. This sport owns the highest numbers of fan following from all over the world and the wrestlers are regarded as god for billions of people all across the world as they offer unstoppable entertainment. Wrestling has captivated hearts of most of the sports lovers and this sport consists of several richest stars who have gathered incomparable earning by performing outstandingly.

Out of all the prominent wrestlers prevalent today, you may be confused whom to be included in the list of richest one. For this, here are the top 10 richest wrestlers in the world in 2019.

10. Chris Jericho- $18 Million

Richest Wrestlers 2019

Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler who started his career in year 1990 in Canada, then shifted to Mexico, Japan eventually making it to the big 3 namely ECW, WCW as well as the WWE and then settled in the US. Till date, Jericho has won 31 championships, all over these three promotions, and he is the only Grand Slam Champion to captivate each and every probable championship that WCW /WWE had to offer.

It is analysed that other than his base salary, he even enjoys incentives from live events, performances and merchandise loyalty bonuses (in range 3% to 5%). This wrestler has also been a part of popular WWE video games, indicating that Jericho has also been paid royalties during his long career in wrestling. Apart from wrestling, Jericho is no stranger to reality TV, as he was a part of Celebrity Duet, just to be dismissed in the first week. This wrestler became most recognised when he placed his dancing shoes on while participating in Dancing with the Stars season 12. In this particular show, Jericho continued for six weeks which grossed him around $200,000 to $250,000.

9. Kurt Angle- $20Million

Richest Wrestlers

Kurt Angle is known as an American actor and professional wrestler with an estimated net worth of $20 million. In the long history of the professional wrestling, Angle is the only wrestler who won an Olympic gold medal, adding to his income. Glancing at his entire wrestling career, Kurt Angle has received the World Championship for six times.

Hi championships include World Heavyweight Championship, one WCW Championship, and four WWE/F Championships. He was even entitled as Hardcore Champion, the European Champion, Intercontinental Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, as well as the United States Champion. Apart from the Big Show and Edge, Kurt Angle is one of the three wrestlers to have held three male championships in WWE, which grossed him sizable income.

8. Big Show- $22 Million

Richest Wrestlers

Big Show is a famous actor as well as mainly recognised as professional wrestler who is presently signed to WWE. The net worth of this huge wrestler is assessed to be about $20 million. He was a certified 7-time world champion, and has won 1 ECW World Heavyweight Championship, 2 World Heavyweight Championships and of course, 2 WCW World Heavyweight Championships, and 2 WWF/E Championship. This winning history makes him the only professional wrestler to gross high income from these championships. Being an actor, he performed on shows namely Royal Pains, Star Trek: Enterprise, Burn Notice, Knucklehead, as well as in the Waterboy.

7. Stephanie McMahon- $25 Million

Richest Wrestlers

Stephanie McMahon is known to be a fourth-generation wrestling promoter and a member of the McMahon family. In her career, she has worked mainly for WWE right from her teenage (modelling T-shirts and other merchandise for numerous WWE catalogs) serving her way up to receptionist, then in different front office jobs up to and comprising her present CBO position. It was noted that Stephanie sold over 800,000 shares of WWE stock in year 2013, as she and her husband together allegedly wanted the money to invest in building themselves a latest house. Stephanie also receives $500,000+/year for her character performed as the company’s Chief Brand Officer, adding to her income.

6. Scott Hall- $30 Million

Richest Wrestlers 2019

Scott Hall is finest recognised from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), presently WWE, by the ring name -Razor Ramon and also the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) through his real name. This wrestler has a high net worth of $30 million and $95 thousand annual salary. In his career, Hall is a two time world champion, winning a WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship as well as one USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship. Hall is known to be a founding member of the New World Order (briefly as nwo) and he lives in a lavish house in Chuluota, FL.

5. Triple H- $30 Million

Richest Wrestlers

Triple H is presently serving as WWE’s Chief Operating Officer as well as Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events. This wrestler is regarded as one of the most powerful and renowned wrestling superstars in the account of WWE after The Undertaker’s domain. His net worth is high as in the course of his wrestling career, he has held overall 25 championships, comprising nine reigns as WWF/WWE Champion and also five as WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion.

4. John Cena- $40 Million

Richest Wrestlers

John Cena worked as wrestler for 12 years and during his wrestling career, he has already made several records. These records include 12 world titles (World Heavyweight Championship twice and WWE Championship for 10 times) and 19 championships. Apart from career in wrestling, John Cena has too pursued a career on music as well as acting. His album entitled You Can’t See Me made debut into the US Billboard 200 chart at the #15 position.

Cena also performed on popular films like Legendary, 12 Rounds, and The Marines. Cena even appeared on TV shows namely Manhunt, Deal or No Deal, Punk’d, Saturday Night Live, Psych and Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race, and MADtv. All these activities outside wrestling also contributed to sizable income of John Cena.

3. Steve Austin- $45 Million

Richest Wrestlers

Steve Austin is a popular wrestler who got the limelight of success throughout the 1990s and as per the current CEO and Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon; he is the most lucrative wrestler in the account of WWF. After working for many decades, he finally got retired but before his retirement, Stone Cold has performed for various world wrestling promotions such as Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and World Wrestling Federation.

Austin was frequently mentioned as a beer drinking and rude wrestler who frequently challenged Vince McMahon and the founding as a whole. Apart from wrestling, Austin also received notable income from acting. Being an actor, Austin performed on films namely The Longest Yard, The Stranger, The Stranger, The Condemned, Damage, The Expendables, Hunt to Kill, Tactical Force, The Package, Knockout, Recoil, Maximum Conviction, and Grown Ups 2.

2. Dwayne Johnson- $125 Million

Richest Wrestlers

Dwayne Johnson is commonly known as The Rock in the world of wrestling and he is an American actor as well as professional wrestler. This versatile wrestler has high estimated net worth of $125 which is forecasted to rise. During his career, Rock has by now won 17 championships including 5 WWF Tag Team Championships, 2 WWF Intercontinental Championships, as well as 10 world heavyweight championships. Rock also gained much income from being an actor as he became most popular with his performance in several film projects.

1. Vince McMahon- $800 Million

Richest Wrestlers 2019

Vincent (Vince) McMahon tops the list of highest earning wrestlers presently. McMahon is known to be present CEO and Chairman of the Board of WWE, Inc.

McMahon is the single most powerful man in professional wrestling currently apart from other wrestlers. The McMahon family owed everything ranging from shares in Apple and Target to public bonds to savings in private hedge funds. For the period of 12 month ending in year 2011, McMahon and family grossed between $8.2 million and $29.9 million in form of dividends and interest. A big share of this income of McMahon originates from the dividend that WWE presently pays out to its shareholders. He also owns a $20 million vacation home, a $40 million mansion, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, as well as a $12 million penthouse in Manhattan. It is known that Vince McMahon even possesses a 47-foot yacht named as “Sexy Bitch”.

Wrestling is a profession that has invited many wrestlers all over the world to showcase their talents and earn a sizable income. Mentioned richest wrestlers of current time are known to live a lavish and balanced life working as professional wrestler.


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