10 Most Famous Samurai Warriors In History

Japanese culture and history have always inspired many people all over the world. From pre-industrialization period to modern Japan, people have respected this nation for a diverse array of reasons. A few countries including America has been mesmerize with Samurai Swords for more than two centuries.

Samurai were one of the greatest warriors of the world who once ruled Japan. They were respected by people of ancient Japan. Actually, they were an upper-class people who were known for their brutality in war and gracefulness in peace. They have contributed a lot in making Japan what it is in the current scenario. Their strict code of honor was one of the true reasons for their success. It has been said that they wouldn’t mind choosing to sacrifice their life than being dishonored at any stage of life.

Although they existed only for few years, they have influenced the history of Japan in many ways. If you are already familiar with the history of this nation, possibly you know their talent, strength and power. Also called as Noble Warriors of Japan, Samuria were a part of a society that believed in discipline. Loyalty as well as ferocity were the others factors that made them popular. The list of top 10 most famous Samurai warriors in history is as follows.

10. Kusunoki Masashige

Most Samurai Warriors In History

Kusunoki was one of the warriors who have inspired the people of pre-industry Japan. He has been known for his key strategies which he adopted to keep the soldiers loyal to the empire. Although he was a warrior for a very short time, his contribution to the success of Samurai was appreciated by many people at that time. Masashige was popular mainly because of his significant contribution in Nanbokucho wars. He was seen as forerunner of Samurai after the death of Emperor Go-Daigo. He was only supported by a few hundred men for being a Samurai emperor.

9. Shimazu Yoshihisa

Most Samurai Warriors In History

Shimazu was known for his control over other emperors during his period. He married his aunt and launched several campaigns for the welfare of his people. He ruled the Samurai emperor for a long time and played a significant role in making the history of Samurai superior. People called him a true emperor mainly because of most of his victories in various wars he lead and fought. His last battle was with Toyotomi Hideyoshi in which he was defeated. Soon after his defeat, he left the emperor with informing anyone. It is still believed that he become a Buddhist monk after the defeat.

8. Tokugawa Ieyasu

Most Samurai Warriors In History

He was the successor of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It was his vast knowledge that makes him a great emperor of Samurai emperor. He showed his skills in the war of 1600 in which Toyotomi was defeated by him. People call him a man with great sense. Actually, it’s nothing but his ability to judge things made him popular and one of the best emperors in Samurai history. It is said that there was no better emperor in entire Japan than him during his time. He was only 16 years of age when he fought the first battle of his life. Strong generals which he selected himself become the true reason of his power.

7. Date Masamune

Most Samurai Warriors In History

He is believed to be a significant contributor to the strength of Samurai once attained. He was actually a true iconic who was having a strong sense of humor. This is what he was called by people at that time. Once a time when Ruthless was a very popular term in Japan. It is used for those Samurai who was having the ability to rule Japan and make it a real power. Masamune was called a Ruthless due to his strong and quick decisions. He was an emperor who created great fear among those who were against Japan. His aggressive campaign was seen when he killed all the kidnappers of his father with torture and brutality.

6. Minamoto Tametomo

Most Samurai Warriors In History

Samurai was having a good art of sword- fighting. Actually, sword was widely recognized as one of the true reasons for their success. Minamoto was known to be a highly skilled emperor with great sword skills. He defeated many emperors due to his ability to work hard. He believed that training the soldiers for all situations is necessary for an emperor to rule for a long time. It is said that he was an emperor with very long arms and even one of his arm was 7 inches longer than other. He sunk a ship by firing only one arrow at the ship’s craft.

5. Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Most Samurai Warriors In History

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was a great contributor in the popularity of Samurai. Once an excellent general under Nobunga, he worked very hard for the welfare of his people and was liked by many men. It was the battle of Shizugatake that made his popular. In this battle, he defeated clan’s preeminent general. He was a strong leader with clear goals. Many of the later emperors followed his directions and recognized him as one of the most superior emperors of Samurai. He was also known for his love towards people of low classes.

4. Tomoe Gozen

Most Samurai Warriors In History

She was one of the limited female rulers to the ancient Japan. He fought many battles with male emperors of other regions and saved Japan many times. Her strong decisions and exquisite beauty attracted the attention of many people towards her. It is said that even some of the strongest men don’t have the skills acquired by Tomeo. She was honored many times for defeating the enemies. After her defeat to another Samurai Wada Yoshimori, she is said to marry him and stayed with him for ret of the years of her life.

3. Miyamoto Musashi

Most Samurai Warriors In History

Miyamoto was one of the emperors with great skills as a warrior. He is said to be a leader who never forgets the mistakes of anyone but still remained undisputable for most of the period as an emperor. Miyamoto was one of those leaders who thought of a modern Japan and even make some efforts towards it. He first took part in a war when he was only 16 years of age. He invented a lot of new war techniques and strategies and also trained a group of soldiers with them.

2. Takeda Shingen

Most Samurai Warriors In History

Takeda Shingen was one of the emperors of Japan who fought a lot of battle with full dedication and honesty. He participated in more than 6 major wars. He was also a part of the fourth battle of Kawanakajima which was one of the worst battles for Samurai. His military was more powerful than it was during any other emperor that led Samurai. His major attention was to avoid local issues than taking more and more provinces under his control.

1. Oda Nobunaga

Most Samurai Warriors In History

Oda Nobunaga is one of the ultimate warriors of Japan during Samurai period. He was known for his mind blowing strategies to win the battles. It is said that during the entire regime of Samurai in Japan, no one was more powerful than him. He believed to end enemies before they even think of attacking him.

These were some of the best Samurai warriors in the history of Japan. They were believed to be the true leaders of their emperor who served their duties and responsibilities in the perfect manner. They proved to be a strong barrier against all those who ever thought of attacking Japan during Samurai period.


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