Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Times

What makes you look forward to the next scene of your favorite soap opera? Is it the character you always admire or is it the suspense and curiosity the soap left you with when it ended?

Is it the overall storyline of the opera and how it relates to individual’s life? We all have that little connection we create with the most loved soap operas. With each performance a new experience is anticipated, expectations to meet new characters always prevail and a lot more expectations. The top 10 most famous soap operas are ones featuring outstanding characters, storyline and history. The possess qualities and traits that make up the soap opera so good and enjoyable to the extent that you repeat watching the soap a number of times without getting bored.

These are the kind of soap operas that will make you repeat the previous scene and anticipate for what follows next. Here is a list of soap operas that meet the above cited qualities alongside other outstanding features.

10. The Young and the Restless

Most Soap Operas Ever

Abbreviated as Y & R, the young and restless is one performance that sent shivers down the spines of numerous viewers. The cast was done in an illusionary town referred to as Genoa City in Winscon. Though the life in the actual city is totally different from what the soap opera depicts, the soap gained popularity winning over six Emmy awards. This comes alongside managing to rank in the Number one position for over 1,000 weeks as a day time drama. The show was released in 1973 where it has gained popularity over the years to get a position in top 10 soap operas of all times.

9. General Hospital

Most Soap Operas Ever

Hitting the screens in 1963, this general hospital is a darling of millions from across the globe. Revolving around the hospital settings, the soap features the main character Dr. Steve hardy who owns a medical facility in the region of East Coast. The doctor gets involved in a relationship with one of its lady donors by the name of Carly Corinthos and the story continues. Over the years, the soap has been one of the most outstanding day-time soaps in the US. Among the greatest achievements of the soap is being enlisted as the longest running soap opera in the history of United States and booking its place in the Guinness book of records with that title.

8. Betiyann

Most Soap Operas Ever

Hitting the screen in 2006, this Hindu creation has over the years gained massive following. Betiyann was first aired on Zee TV and right from the start became one of the most sought after shows. The storyline features the life of Suryakant and husband to Savitri and father of three daughters. The father is keen on having a boy child a quest the wide fails to achieve by losing her ability to bear more children. The husband takes the option to get a second wide who fortunately manages to get him a boy child by the name of Yuvraji. It is from this point that the family drama gains momentum and derives much popularity.

7. The Bold and the beautiful

Most Soap Operas Ever

A famous American soap opera, the bold and the beautiful is a creation that is embedded in the minds of its viewers. The show was created as a sister show to young and the restless with some of its characters appearing in both productions. The storyline features the Forester family and their fashion business known as Forrester creations. It features in-fights within the family, competition between the family members alongside other competitors in fashion industry. Love relationships take the centre stage with characters moving from one relationship to the next but within the same family. In some instances, family members are intertwined with relationship with members of competitor’s family a situation that leads to loss of business secrets and unfair competition.

6. The edge of Night

Most Soap Operas Ever

A show that hit the screens in 1956, the edge of the night was one thrilling experience that remains among the top ever produced soaps in the recent history. The story features among other characters a couple by the names of Mike and Nancy. The couple despite having been married for decades spent their lives on a twin bed in a relationship that lacked intimacy. The high moment of the show comes towards the end of the show when the couple decides to face the reality and get a double bed in place of the twin beds hence an opportunity to take advantage and seal the missing link in their marriage life.

5. “Ryan’s Hope”

Most Soap Operas Ever

Despite having been on the screen years ago, Ryan’s hope is one great soap to remember at all times. The soap aired on ABC between the years 1975 and 1989 and is accredited as the first day-time soap to offer a story-line considered to be most heart reaching. Despite majority of its lead actors being deceased today, it still remains as one persuasive piece that is worth watching and full of thrilling experiences. Fans who have the opportunity to follow the show describe it as one that is worth everybody’s time and the experience is unique.

4. La Tormenta

Most Soap Operas Ever

Otherwise referred to as “the storm” the soap La Tormenta was a hilarious creation in the hearts of those who followed the storyline. The Columbian soap hit the screens in 2005, giving the screen a new experience from the worlds known film-makers specializing in soaps. The storyline features among others one of the leading actors known as Maria Teresa. She resettles back to her family estate where she comes across a unique experience. It was while at the farm that her relationship with one of the farm workers. Other leading stars in the soaps were Natalia Streignard and Christian Meir.

3. Todo Sobre Camila

Most Soap Operas Ever

The Venezuelan Soap opera is a clear work on its beauty and a simple and clear story line. Todo Sobre Camila stars renown actors among them Scarel Ortis and Segundo Cernandas. The lead actor in the opera is Camila de Alba who is a hardworking student combing studies and doing menial jobs for a living. Camilla born of aristocratic family has nothing as inheritance or property except for a big beautiful mansion left behind after her father’s death. The heart thrilling storyline combined with well selected actors is enough to move the feelings of any fan and make them fall in love with it.

2. Days of our lives

Most Soap Operas Ever

Considered as the longest showing television show in America, days of our lives first aired on television in 1965 joining the list of oldest and notable soaps of all times. In its first ten years, the show was aired for only 30 minutes though this was later changed to 60 minutes. Featured in the soap are two families that are the Brady’s and Horton’s. The main star in the show is known by the name as Frances Reid.

1. Shree

Most Soap Operas Ever

A Hindi creation, Shree is a popular opera that is mind-blowing, exciting and full of surprising turns the show was first aired on Zee television in 2008. The storyline blends emotional stories, love life and awesome characters to give audience a breathtaking experience. It features a young man named Hari who is a son-in-law to the famous Gujarati family. After making over 12 proposals seeking to find a perfect groom all that Hari receives are apologies making his family think “ashubh saya” a famous evil spirit has befallen their son. This continues until a new woman by the name of ‘Shree’ accepts his proposals and the two fall in love.

Soap operas are a common feature in most TV stations. With stories revolving about love and family lives, they always offer with the perfect pieces to connect with while being entertained. Despite the many productions that continue to hit the market, only a handful qualify for the ranking as the top 10 most famous soap operas of all times. These are ones that have withstood the test of time to be among the most sought after, viewed and remembered at all times.


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