Top 10 Most Popular Street Foods in India

Street foods are the kind of foods that are ready to eat food or drink usually sold in open streets, public areas such as a market, in fair by a hawker, and from seller with a portable stall. Street foods in India are well famous for its cheap and tasty food products, catering to needs of people through affordable approach. As every Indian city has its own specialty of its favorite snack, they are unique and popular for dishes they prepare. Apart from delivering best food, street foods represent Indian culture and fondness of people of particular region. If you are street food lovers and wondering to know which best street foods to try in India are, refer below sections:

10. Samosa

Most Street Foods in India 2019

When you take a stroll in the evening in India, you will see many stalls in which samosas are being fried in huge quantity. Samosa is considered as most pervasive fast food on the streets of India which comes in a triangle shaped fritter with a salty filling which is usually a spicy combination of crushed potatoes and some tangy condiments. The filling made inside this street food may vary from lentils, potatoes, onion, and cottage cheese to crushed mutton and chicken as well. You can taste samosa accompanied with coriander chutney as well as tasty tamarind chutney. Few varieties of samosas are available with a sweet filling as street food however they are not as prevalent as their savory counterparts.

9. Litti Chokha

Most Street Foods in India

Litti Chokha is considered as the soul street food for the residents of Patna, India. This is a kind of traditional dish that contains ingredients like chana and sattu served with chokha, which is a puree prepared out of brinjal, potato, and tomato fried with pure desi ghee. You can find Litti Chokha served into at breakfast, lunch as well as dinner on the streets of Patna.

It is also the famous dish and the soul food for residents of Jharkhand, Bihar, and eastern Utter Pradesh. This street food basically looks like dal batti of Rajasthan but it’s entirely different in taste and in recipe. Essential ingredients in its making includes sattu, grinded chana or gram nut served with chokha prepared out of fresh vegetables and served with bowl of molten pure desi ghee.

8. Egg Rolls

Most Street Foods in India

Egg Rolls is regarded as the most popular of famous street foods in Kolkata. It is basically a fried egg enfolded inside a paratha served with sour dipping sauce or chutney in several roadside stalls. You can bite into a paratha stuffed around a fried egg, with chutney provided to complement some extra punch.

7. Bhel Puri

Most Street Foods in India

Bhel puri is another savoury Indian street food served as snacks to the beaches of Mumbai. It is essentially a mixture of puffed rice, sev (minute noodle shaped snack prepared out of gram flour), namkeens, peanuts, onions, simmered potatoes and tamarind sauce. These ingredients are essentially combined in a bowl and garnished with lime juice to prepare a dish of Bhel Puri which is joyfully chewed by people all over India. This is a kind of chaat dish made out of onion, puffed rice, potato and a tangy tamarind sauce.

It is known that Bhel Puri basically originated in Mumbai and slowly spread throughout India as of it being an easy to make and healthy snack. Sev Puri and Dahi Puri are the basic variants of this street food served with sev and curd respectively. You can eat this street food in a paper-folded cone with a tiny wooden spoon. This street food is named as Churumuri in Bangalore, Jhaal Muri in Kolkata, and a dry version popularly identified as Bhadang in Maharashtra.

6. Vada Pav

Most Street Foods in India

Vada Pav can easily be classified as the domestic version of a burger comprising of a deep-fried crushed potato patty, named the Vada, sandwiched amongst two pieces of bread named Pav. The Vada is usually very spicy and is spice up with garlic and ginger. This street food is served with red colored tamarind chutney, green colored coriander chutney as well as fried green chillies, making it spicier. Nowadays, private food chains have begun marketing this dish in different parts of India. It is regarded as most common fast food in Maharashtra state and one can observe many-a-man walking on the beach, chewing on a Vada-pav.

5. Aloo Tikki

Most Street Foods in India 2019

Aloo Tikki is popular chaat, with origin in North India having its variants found throughout India. It is basically a deep-fried patty prepared of boiled crushed potatoes and served with tamarind chutney, sweetened curd, and spices. Aloo implies potato and tikki means a small, rotund patty, combination of this two makes this street food. The fame of this street food can be adjudicated by the fact that McDonald’s promotes a burger called Mc Aloo Tikki in several countries in many places with large sum of Indian population. This street food is sold in almost all chaat stalls in India, chiefly North India, prepared to stimulate your taste-buds.

4. Kulfi

Most Street Foods in India

This is the most desired and tasty, chilled street food known in India. It is a bar of chilled ice cream as the perfect food for the evening. It is often defined as the characteristic Indian Subcontinent ice cream in most parts of the country. This street food is basically an ice cream except for the fact that it is creamier and denser. The usual flavors associated with kulfi that are consumed in India are rose, cream, pistachio, mango, and almond. This cool street food is generally served with falooda, which are sweet, commonly saffron flavored noodles. Latest variations in flavors like kiwi, chocolate, watermelon, peach are included in major parts of India.

3. Pav Bhaji

Most Street Foods in India

Pav Bhaji is favored and a spicy fast food to satisfy taste as well as hunger. This food is usual to people of Mumbai cuisine, but it is also prevalent in Gujarat and other metropolitan states. Pav suggests unflavored bread and bhaji relates to a Maharashtrian term for a vegetable dish including all vegetables and spices in its preparation.

It basically consists of thick potato gravy with vegetables namely cauliflower, beans, green peas, carrots etc. mixed in and cooked. This nutritious gravy is served with buttered Pavs and onions as well as a sprinkle of lime juice. This dish was basically made for the textile mill workers, working in Mumbai who needed a light but nutritious food during the work hours. Gradually, its popularity developed and now it has almost turned out as the stale diet of the occupants of Mumbai.

2. Chole Bhature

Most Street Foods in India

Delhi, the capital of India is one of the finest destinations to taste this delicious street food. Chole bhature is basically a Punjabi dish but prevalent in major urban cities of the country. Delhi is renowned for best chole bhature, usually eaten for breakfast or snacks. This dish comes with round shaped chole (gram) served with a hot fried bhature along with onions, salads and chutney.

1. Gol Gappe

Most Street Foods in India 2019

The topmost Indian street food- Gol Gappe stands at the first position in this category in India. In fact, there is no competition to this stimulating and at the same time filling snack prevalent in major states of India. Gol Gappa, also identified as Paani Puri, Puchka and Gup Chup, Paani ke Bataashe, are basically a round, hollow and crispy puris filled with a combination of flavored water and crushed, dried peas, simmered potato and chickpeas.

This street food is popular in states like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Karachi, Kolkata and almost every other city. The typical way of serving gol gappa in India is handing out simultaneously to the customer, usually at the hands of a street vendor. With gradual change, several places now go for the self-service in which customers can eat on their own. Normally, six to eight gol gappe are served in single plate and preferably it is eaten by inserting the entire thing into the mouth at once, relishing its mixed flavor.

Citizens of Indian are food lovers especially when it comes to street food, they are highly dedicated to consume one out of the mentioned once in a week. The listed street foods are not only tasty, delicious but also guarantees high quality food prepared out of fresh and pure ingredients. The motto of street foods in India is to serve and relish customers at affordable price.


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