Top 10 Most Famous Vacation Spots In The World 2019

The world’s replete with various countries, people and their culture. What better way to explore them than planning to vacation in these spots? Tourism has become an industry worth multi millions of dollars with many countries going for aggressive promotions to put their country at the top of the list of globetrotters.

The current scenario shows that a lot is taken into consideration by tourists before they plan to pick a country/spot to vacation. What’s even more interesting is the fact that choices vary heavily between backpackers and tourists who travel with family. While some of the vacations spots enjoy the same popularity and preference as they did earlier, many exotic places have also made it to the list of travellers from across the world. So let’s have a glance at the 10 most famous vacation spots in the world in 2019.

10. Nepal

Hottest Vacation Spots 2019

In the mountains and valleys of the Himalayas, Nepal comes as the only vacation spot in Asia which is a hit amongst both group tourists and backpackers. The scenic beauty coupled with rich spiritual experience makes Nepal a famous vacation spot round the year. Though the beautiful country suffered due to earthquake, there is no dearth of tourists arriving in the capital city of Kathmandu in huge numbers.

9. Hungary

Hottest Vacation Spots

A nation among the European countries, the treat to visit Hungary gets doubled due to the fact that it borders some more famous vacation spots in countries like Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and Austria. Budapest, the capital of Hungary is the epicenter of art, music and tourist spots which are rarely visited. On the other hand, the country has some of the riches of the Central Europe such as The Danube Bend, Lake Balaton to name a few.

8. Cancun, Mexico

Hottest Vacation Spots

Though Mexico has negative reputation for being politically unstable, there is no reason why the lovers of exotic vacation spots with miles of beaches would ignore a relaxing trip to Cancun. In fact Cancun has plenty to offer and it becomes the perfect vacation spot for people who love to have a ball. Cancun’s party circuit and adventurous nights come to life during the spring which makes it this place a must to visit.

7. Russia

Hottest Vacation Spots

It’s high time we shed our thoughts of Russia still being under the dominance of Communist ideology or governed by the regulations of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Russia is now a vacation spot which has plenty of artifacts and relics which are present not just in St. Petersburg alone. The country has a rich culture in the field of music, ballet and political history that changed the course of the world. And if you still feel it is too much for your light hearted trip, you simply got to carry the best vodka available and walk the streets of Russia with ease!

6. Bermuda

Hottest Vacation Spots

Bermuda has come over deep financial crisis and the overhaul in its tourism industry has made it an excellent vacation spot since 2014. Bermudan island are arguably cleanest in the world, they have many lavish resorts with modern amenities which makes accommodation on offer on world class. With the recent liberal policies in international tourism, Bermuda has managed to attract lots of investor and tourists who regale themselves in the pleasing flora and fauna of the island.

5. Panama City

Hottest Vacation Spots 2019

Panama City is the center of attraction in Panama ever since Panama Canal was reopened after ten years taken for its construction. The entire city is flooded with tourists who chose a voyage in luxury cruise ships like Carribean Princess. Ease of accessibility and shopping is no fuss affair in the country for it accepts US dollars.

4. Belgrade, Serbia

Hottest Vacation Spots

Serbia attracts hordes of tourists hands down, the picture has become even brighter for country’s tourism ever since Belgrade has pepped itself up with lots of lifestyle amenities in neighbourhood. End of Yugoslav wars has made Serbia one of the famous as well as favored vacation spots right now. It is an absolute foodie’s paradise with its fine platters of local cuisines and 37 breweries that serve finest beer, the most unexpected development of all. Throughout the stretches of the beautiful city of Belgrade are monuments, architecture and glimpse of bohemian neighbourhood one has rarely come across.

3. Helsinki, Finland

Hottest Vacation Spots

Finland comes in the list in third position on our current year’s list for a reason to celebrate; 6th Dec marks the 100th of Finnish independence. With huge celebrations around the corner, it might the right time to get a closer look at the country’s heritage and development in the last century. Most importantly, one simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity of splurging themselves to the sauna care treat, a globally known trend and culture of Finland.

2. Jerusalem, Israel

Hottest Vacation Spots

Travelling can be fun and it also helps us busting some of our myths such as the city of Jerusalem is essentially the spot for pilgrimage. On the contrary, Jerusalem has emerged as one of the cities that is visited as much for culinary exploration as spiritual enlightening. The fact that it is gathering more tourists than Tel Aviv has compelled many top notch hotels and businesses to shift in Jerusalem.

1. Granada, Spain

Hottest Vacation Spots 2019

Spain is the duke of famous vacation spots in the world right now; the country has seen at least two fold surges in the popularity and footfall in recent times. However we zeroed in on Granada due to its proximity to Sierra Nevada, another great spot for vacationing. Add to that the list of monuments and rich archaeological sites like The Alhambra, otherwise known as “palace city” and World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1984. Medieval monuments, churches and chapels spread across Granada add to the spectacular beauty of the city, a reason too strong for globetrotters to miss. The other neighbourhoods that are to be earmarked are Albayzin, Sacromonte, and Granada charterhouse.

Now for all those wondering why France, Switzerland, England or New York did not feature in the list, the answer is simple; they are all extensively featured, very well documented vacation spots that have been famous for many years. The idea of this compilation is to capture the very essence of travelling which rests on the foundation of insatiable desire to explore the world and lesser known civilisations that have significant contribution to planet earth. Besides, wanderlust prefers serenity to boisterous environment packed with people.


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