Top 10 Most Famous YouTube Videos All Time

YouTube doesn’t need any introduction. It is a well-familiar platform known all over the world. There is no strict upper limit on the availability of videos on this platform and neither on a viewer. Anyone can watch videos most of which are free and the good thing is that these many videos are becoming more and more popular. There are videos in almost every category and you may not have an idea but YouTube is getting more and more popular every day.

Anyone can post videos here and it cannot be perfectly said that which video become popular. Generally, the popularity of a video is decided based on the overall number of views it has. However, it is not necessary in all the cases. In several cases, the overall number of subscribers to the one who posts it also matters. Most Famous YouTube Videos All Time 2019

YouTube is recognized as a platform with videos that are amazing. Anyone can post any number of videos. The good thing is YouTube even paid to those who videos become popular or viewed by a lot of people. There are some videos actually that has crossed record number of views and these videos are still blooming in their popularity. This article spotlights the top 10 most popular YouTube videos of all time and 2019. You can check out the list below.

10. Sugar- Maroon 5

Maroon 5 released this video in the year 2015. You cannot even imagine the overall number of views this video had. It is viewed by people all over the world. It was released by Maroon 5 for their Singer Sugar. The Band seems to pack their video in 1950 style theme and this is one of the key factors that have enhanced their popularity. Its shoot was completed in Los Angeles. The good thing about this video is that the lead singer Adam Levine has performed very well. Currently, it has around 2.15 billion views from people all over the world.

9. Enrique Iglesias Bailando

This is one of the extremely popular videos on YouTube which is still gaining the overall number of views. It has already crossed a mark of 2.11 million and the people still love it. This is actually one of the non-English videos that have successfully attracted the attention of such a large number of people. In fact it is based on a Latin track which is extremely popular in some European countries. It features some modern dancers performing with Ana Karla who has shown a stunning peace of performance with Enrique Igleases video. Actually, most of the videos featuring him becomes extremely popular on YouTube and thus it was largely expected from this video too when it was released in the year 2014.

8. Katy Perry -Roar

Released in the year 2013, this video currently has 2.11 billion views on YouTube. There are people all over the world who call it one of the best videos in the world. Katy has a lot of fans all over the world. Her beauty often becomes the reason for her video become featured and popular on this famous video platform. There are people who are still in love with Katy and all her videos on YouTube including this one. It has been said about this video that it will break all the record of viewers and subscriptions after being released on YouTube and this has been proven right up to a great extent.

7. Despacito by Luis Fonsi

This is another non-English video that has successfully crossed the mark of 2 billion views on YouTube. The leading factor responsible for the popularity of this video is it features Zuleyka Rivera. She was the Miss Universe in the year 2006 and still has a huge fan following everywhere. In the present scenario, this video has around 2.40 views which are increasing with the passage of every day. In this video, Zuleyka Rivera walks through Puerto Rico street and head towards a club. She enjoy dancing there and who video features her beauty. A remix of this song was also released after its success.

6. Taylor Swift- Shake it off

Well when it comes to top class singers of the world, it’s obvious that Taylor Swift is recognised all over the world. Some of her videos have set a record number of views on YouTube. “Shake it off” is one among them. It has been viewed by more than 2.25 billion YouTube users till date and overall numbers of views are still increasing. The video features some of the very trick dance styles that have been considered as one of the reasons for popularity of this video. This track was released in the year 2014 and even today its popularity hasn’t gone down.

5. Mark Ronson feat Uptown Funk

Currently, with 2.6 billion views on YouTube and still increasing, this video is known as one of the most popular videos on YouTube. The Singer can be seen performing some of the stunning dance moves in this video which has been appreciated by people all over the world. This video is unique in many ways. The pioneer work of the cast has played a significant role in making it popular. Even today it is viewed on thousands of widgets every day. Watching this video in full HD mode can make you fall in love with it.

4. Recipe for Disaster: Masha and the bear

This is one of the videos which are gaining a lot of popularity on the YouTube. It is actually a video that doesn’t feature any song or music and still becoming more and more popular. In the year 2017 alone, it has more than 1 million views with total 2.3 billion. Released in the year 2009 this kid show is widely viewed by a lot of people. The stunning performance of the kid has attracted so many YouTube spiders and you can even check that each day its views are increasing.

3. Gangnam Style by PSY

Psy is known for some of the most popular tracks that feature modern lifestyles. This is one among them and has a very large number of people who have watched it all over the world. It has been played around 2.92 billion times on YouTube making it extremely popular.

2. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again

The video has attracted YouTube users on a very large scale. Actually, it’s been known as a tribute to Paul Walker and in fact is a part of Fast & Furious 7. The song is filled with so many emotions and has appreciated even by some of the popular singers of the world. Currently, it has 2.9 billion views on YouTube and the overall number of subscribers still increasing. You can check out the video and can yourself understand the reason of its success.

1. Sorry by Justin Bieber

Well, this is the video which is at the top on our list. This song has been appreciated all over the world. Close to around 3 billion views, you can see Canadian Singer performing a very good dance. A lot of people all over the world call it the best work of Bieber till date.

All above videos are best in many aspects. You can find more popular videos on YouTube but these have been selected keeping in view the reactions of people. Also the time they took to reach at such a level has been considered. You can view them anytime you want.


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