Top 10 Fastest Animals in The World 2019

How fast can you run? Probably you don’t know but am sure you know the fastest man whom on the planet is none other than Usain Bolt. But did you know that an average human can only run 40 miles per hour.

Animals run for a reason and most obvious one for to catch a prey or run away from a predator. So which is the fastest animal on the planet? If your answer is cheetah you’re so wrong.

There some animals who run twice the speed of cheetah. So here is the real list of the top 10 fastest animals in the world 2019.

10. Brown Hare.

Fastest Animals 2019

The brown hare can reach up to speeds of 70kph ( 43mph).

The brown hare goes by several names such as the Lepus europaeus, or European hare. You will find in in Europe or Asia especially in temperate climate. Part of its diet is grass, twigs, herbs and field crops. Just like any other animal brown hare have also got predators such as birds of prey, felids and canids. A brown hare first mechanism of defense is protecting its self by lying still as a statue and its ears pressed flat along their backs, while camouflaging with the environment. When danger is inevitable the hare will take off at a speed of 70kph. These animals their population is in million although in recent times they have decreased in number due to festivals mean to hunt them down such as beagling and hare coursing. All in all this animal holds position 10 in the list of top 10 fastest animals in the world.

9. Springbok

Fastest Animals

Springbok can reach up to speeds of up to 88kph (55mph)

If you’re interested to see a springbok in action you will have to find your way into the southern and southwestern part of Africa since these species of antelope thrive be able to identify the springbok its slender and long legged, weighs around 42kg, its face is white and has a pair of horns that curve backward. They also have a black stripe which runs from their eyes to their mouth and have a white ramp fat. This animals species in the recent years has been thriving well hence doesn’t face any real danger that can lead to its extinction no wonder its classified as least concern species by the international union for conservation of nature and natural resources. A springbok is hunted by humans for its meat and skin.

8. Marlin

Fastest Animals

Marlin can reach up to speeds of up to 80kph (50mph)

Marlin is one of the second fastest fish swimmers on the planet. It’s a fish from the family of Istiophoridae, which can be identified by a spear like bill and its elongated body. Probably its name was derived from its similarity with the sailor’s marlinspike. Marlins normally use their bills to stun kill or injure their prey. If you love games with fish this is a popular game fish. And due to its high fat content people love it. You will find this fish in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean and an adult can even weight 700kgs.

7. Pronghorn Antelope

Fastest Animals

Pronghorn antelope can reach up to speeds of up to 98kph (60mph)

It’s normally referred to as an American antelope although it’s not an antelope but its features and looks are similar to an antelope. They are one of the Americans most fascinating mammals. They are the second fastest land animals after a cheetah. The most amazing thing about a pronghorn is that they might not be as fast as the cheetah but they can maintain a faster speed for a longer period than a cheetah so they are the kings and queens of marathon. These animals are about one meter tall, have white stripes on their throats, their color is reddish brown and have white stomachs.

6. Sail Fish.

Fastest Animals

Sail fish can reach up to speeds of up to 110kph (68mph)

You might confuse a sailfish for a marlin or swordfish due to its elongated bill. These fish are popularly known as the billfish and you will find them in most of the warmer sections of pacific and Atlantic oceans. Sailfish is the fastest fish with beating swordfish and marlin. These fish are very popular among sport fisherman and moreover for the challenge they give the sports fishermen. They normally grow to 10 feet and mostly enjoy eating tunas, squid, mackerels, jacks and many other types of fish especially those that swim near the surface. Although there populations have been declining due to over fishing the situation has been improving.

5. Cheetah

Fastest Animals 2019

Cheetah can reach up to speeds of up to 113kph (70mph)

This is the fastest animal in the land and can be found in southern Africa and Iran. Cheetah are slender, have long spotted tail, long legs and have black spotted coat. They can weigh from 20 -70kgs and can reach 25-35 inches in height. These animals are carnivores and mainly hunt gazelles, antelopes and rabbits. When hunting they stalk their prey, charge towards it, trip it and bite it on the throat choking it to death

4. Spur-Winged Goose

Fastest Animals

Spur- Winged Goose can reach up to speeds of up to 142kph (88mph)

You will find this bird in the wetlands of sub Saharan Africa. It’s the largest .its the largest waterfowl found in Africa and one of the and the largest species of goose in the adult can weigh around 6kg on average and measure around 75-110 cm long. They are social birds and you will find them in their habitat in a small flock of around 50 birds. Their diet consists of plant seeds, aquatic plants, fruits, small fish, insects and other plant matter.

3. Frigate Bird

Fastest Animals

Frigate Bird can reach up to speeds of up to 153kph (95mph)

This is one of the super-fast birds in the planet. You will probably find it in tropical and subtropical oceans. For identification purposes these birds have a long holed bills, black plumage, their wings are long and pointed and for the males they have a red gular pouch and the females have a white underbellies. They normally feed on crustaceans, squid, small fish, and eggs.

2. White Throated Needletail

Fastest Animals

White Throated Needletail can reach up to speeds of up to 171kph (106mph)

Some people refer the bird as needle-tailed swift or spine-tailed swift. Its one of the fastest birds in the planet. They have very short legs and very long wings and if placed on the ground they might not be able to take off. They usually spend most of their lives on the wings and only come to the ground during breeding season. You will find these birds in Asia, Sweden, Australia, Siberia and Great Britain. They are Insectivorous.

1. Peregrine Falcon

Fastest Animals 2019

Peregrine Falcon can reach up to speeds of up to 322kph (200mph)

These are the fastest animals in the animal kingdom. Also known as the peregrine it’s a bird of prey. They are the largest falcon and to be able to identify them they have a dark head with thick side burns, long wings and tail and their color is blue gray. Part of their favorite menu is pigeons, other small and medium sized birds, small mammals, reptiles and insects. They usually make their aerial diving on a prey and catches it in midair or before it can even move. You will find this bird nearly everywhere on the planet except in cold areas such as mountains, Polar Regions, rain forests and other cold places.

The above animals are the fastest animals in the planet with unimaginable speeds. They usually use their speed in hunting for prey or as a defensive mechanism. To understand how fast they can be watch some national geographic films regarding these animals to understand them better.


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