Top 10 Fastest Police Cars in The World 2019

Police department and civil law enforcement forces of a country are expected to be at their imperious best so far as swift action and combat skills is concerned. The nuisance of chasing down an outlaw (and failing to nab them!) has been nagging the law enforcement officials since time immemorial.

Lately, police departments of many countries have taken cognizance to the fact that the illusive felon in modern times whizz past them courtesy high speed cars in the blink of an eye. Therefore the law machineries in many countries seem to have decided to call a spade with a spade by going for a major overhaul in their fleet of police cars. These cars that have been designed in the lines of racing track coupes ooze mean speed and ensure that the police do not end up getting engaged in a wild-goose chase. So brace yourself as we push the accelerator pedal in this article to bring you the top 10 best and fastest police cars in the world in 2019!

10. Holden Commodore, Western Australia Police (Australia)

Best police cars 2019

Aussie police forces are known to have one of the finest and well trained officers. Add to that their fleet of vehicles in which the Holden Commodore fits well as both highway and city patrol vehicle. Many get swayed away by this seemingly burly looking sedan and mistake it for a snail paced coupe. In reality, it has a strong V-6 engine that cranks out enough horsepower to give any hooligan a run for his money. Literally!

9. Nissan Skyline GT-R (Japan)

Best police cars

Automobile innovation and building cars par excellence is synonymous with the Nippon country. As police car, Nissan Skyline GT-R is every bit of a coupe as nimble as cat that can chase the outlaws. Powered by 2.6 twin turbo I6 engine, Skyline GT-R has been the first choice of Japan’s police departments primarily because of its in-house facilities for servicing and timely upgrades under the hood.

8. US Police Dodge Charger

Best police cars

With its pitch black exteriors, wailing sirens all the way and mighty V6 powertrain, Dodge Charger of the US police is one car no rash driver would like to be chased by. Speaking more about its performance, it is extremely adaptable on almost all road conditions for its RWD chassis mated with high performance suspension and heavy duty brakes. More intimidating are its interior refinements which include customized ride using Mopar, color screened dashboard. And did we forget to mention that it can zoom from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds?

7. Lotus Evora S (United Kingdom)

Best police cars

Despite having well framed driving law, strict rules against drunken driving and over-speeding, and the UK police had been caught on a sticky wicket to deal with the menacing coupe blokes! That’s not the case anymore for the Lotus Evora S has come out as perfect lieutenant to help the Bobbies nab the offenders with its jaw dropping high speed of 178 mph. The ulterior motive however is to spread the message of not engaging in a cat and mouse game while on the wheel. With police forces of such counties as Essex, Sussex, Norfolk and Bedfordshire using the same, the message seems to have been delivered jolly well!

6. Spyker C8 Spyder (Netherlands)

Best police cars 2019

Undoubtedly one of the best looking cars to be used by any police force in the world, Spyker C8 Spyder is anything but a mean machine. Inducted by the Netherland police in 2008, its top speed of 186 mph can never let this coupe trail behind in any car chase across the Netherlands. Aerodynamically built by the use of lightweight aluminum, it hits the 0-60 mph mark in just 4.5 seconds. If reports are to be believed, the Netherland police is already mulling over bringing its hybrid electric variant on the roads.

5. Lamborghini Gallardo (Italian Police)

Best police cars

The Italian police got a major boost in its operations on accident prevention and road safety programs by having Lamborghini Gallardo in its fleet. The Italian carmaker has always been known to make uber stylish car that simply breathe speed and the Gallardo is no exception. Road safety and other traffic offending crimes had been a point of concern for long and Gallardo just made the life easier for cops and difficult for offenders by the virtue of its top speed of 203 mph clocked at 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds accelerating power!

4. Brabus CLS V 12 S “Rocket” (German Police)

Best police cars

Can Germans be trumped in the field of automobile? Nein! Brabus CLS “Rocket” which was launched a decade back in 2006 for the German Police bears testament to the fact that road safety implementation is high on priority list in the country. This monster of a coupe is basically a refined version of Mercedes Benz S CLS Class. Later known as Brabus, this 4 door saloon body styled car served the German Police ably with its turbocharged V12 engine. The latest version of Brabus is Brabus Rocket 900 “Desert Gold” edition.

3. Audi R8 GTR (German Police)

Best police cars

Another beast in the fleet of German Police cars, Audi R8 GTR is nothing short of a speedster that can travel at the speed of a tracer bullet! Exteriors of the car can easily make anyone go “wow” for it. So far the coupe has not been required to active services to curb road crime and it is more of a showpiece. But just so you think you can outclass this one, read this. This coupe powered by a V10 engine churns out power of 640 stallions and can force any car to pull over with high speed of 202 mph.

2. Ferrari FF and Aston Martin One 77 (UAE)

Best police cars

It’s known to the world that the fleet of superfast cars in the arsenal of Dubai Police is simply unmatchable on all counts. Two of the fastest cars in the world namely Ferrari FF and Aston Martin One 77 have been sending shock waves on the roads of UAE for other cars as they stand no chance if ever they challenge the law enforcers. Both cars are lightning fast and have its own share of distinction. While the Ferrari FF is known to be driven by an all female police force, the Aston Martin One 77 decorates the police forces with its rare feat; that of being one of the only 77 Aston Martin One 77 cars to be built by the manufacturer.

1. Bugatti Veyron (UAE) and Ariel Atom (UK)

Best police cars 2019

It’s a tie in our list for the numero uno spot as well. By now, it is more than apparent that Dubai Police beats them all with the inclusion of Bugatti Veyron, the second fastest coupe in the world. Sleek and superfast at the same time, no average car stands a chance against Bugatti Veyron.

Moving on to the Ariel Atom, this cute F1 race fit car has become a trendsetter by securing a place in the police force of a country. The Ariel Atom is compact in design, incredibly light in weight and can crank power to travel at its top speed of 168 mph by reaching 0-60 mark in 2.5 seconds. Yep, you heard that right.

And we have the classics too!

a. LAPD “black and white”- Immortalized in the popular culture, LAPD’s had a 1957 Chevrolet in its early years.

b. Lada Samara- It has been the all weather coupe in the chilliest days in Russia for its police force.

c. Tata Safari- Used by the elite police forces like SWAT in India, the car is a true champ in the snarl laden traffic of India.


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