8 Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars in The World 2019

It is not a mystery that fuel economy is one of the most important factors when looking to buy a new car. While electric cars, hybrids and other alternative fuel cars might be making the headlines these days but the majority of people have to live with a traditional petrol/diesel powered car. However, it is nothing to be ashamed of, as technology has blessed us with a wealth of eco-friendly options these days.

It is a fact that the fuel will not be around forever, but lucky for us that there are lot of conventional cars about which we will be talking today that offer impressive fuel economy as compared to cars that were manufactured 10-15 years back. Further, we also have an increasing array of choices such as eco-friendly petrol/diesels, electrics and hybrids with each carrying a unique appeal for different drivers.

Measuring the fuel economy is one of the 50 tests that are conducted on each car before it is ready for sale. There fuel economy numbers are derived from a precision flow meter and have been rounded off to the nearest mile per gallon (mpg). The better the fuel economy, the better will be your car.

Here is a list of top 8 most fuel efficient diesel cars of 2019 that are available all around the world based on fuel economy tests and this list does not include any electric cars. So, gear up if you are interested in buying a fuel efficient car in the near future.

8. Hyundai Sonata

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars 2019

Hyundai Sonata is a really comfortable ride with excellent rear-seat room, a quiet cabin and amazing fuel efficiency. Its handling was responsive enough and very comfortable while it had a lacklustre tire grip and emergency handling. It comes with 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine which returned a good enough 28 mpg in the fuel efficiency tests. Its controls were really easy to use and the rear seat was one of the roomiest in its class. Its hybrid variant is one of the most fuel-economic sedans and gives an amazing 39 mpg overall.

7. Mitsubishi Mirage

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Mitsubishi Mirage is an economical car that gives a wonderful fuel-efficiency and comfortable rooming. This sedan comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as more power than its previous models. However, such enhancements fall short in hiding its weaknesses like vibrating three-cylinder engine, sluggish acceleration, clumsy handling and room.

It is easily one of the better cars that you can purchase at a low price as its 37 mpg overall makes it a good choice. It might be relatively roomy, but its cabin feels insubstantial, cheap and drab. It might be good for a low budget car with good fuel efficiency, but there are certainly better second-hand cars that can be purchased for the same price.

6. Ford Fusion

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Ford Fusion is an exquisite car which is really delightful for driving. It might be a simple ride but its amazing handling is reminiscent of a European sports sedan. It comes with optional leather seats which are much more supportive than the cloth ones. Its trim levels and powertrains feel upscale and pretty solid while its cabin is well-finished and quiet. It comes with two four-cylinder engines; one 1.5 liters engine which is powerful enough to give its competitors a drive for their money and one 2.0 liters engine which is so powerful that it gives a feel of sports car to it.

5. Toyota Prius C

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

This one is a smaller and a less expensive alternative to your regular Prius. It gives a feel of Spartan subcompact vehicle that comes with a hybrid powertrain. You are guaranteed to get more than what you have paid for. The Prius C might have a harsh ride, slow acceleration and a noisy engine but its amazing fuel efficiency makes up for all of its faults. In its fuel efficiency test, Prius C managed to rack up a 37 mpg which makes Prius C one of the most frugal vehicles available in the market. Its small yet amazing dimensions make it a natural and comfortable choice for urban driving.

4. Lexus CT 200H

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars 2019

Lexus CT 200H might be a small hatchback, but it comes with an excellent fuel economy engine. The latest models are packed with styling updates and a few mechanical tweaks which have resulted in a lot of improvement to comfort level and noise reduction. It uses the same powertrain as Prius and it gave 40 mpg in the fuel economy tests which is 4 mpg less than that provided by Prius which is also much roomier and more comfortable. One plus point is that it can drive solely on electric power but at low speed. Its handling is also secure and responsive but the ride is not so comfortable. CT is well assembled with 100% original material while the seats are tight but the cargo capacity is less and the rear view is limited.

3. Chevrolet Malibu

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Amazing style and powerful power trains are few highlights of Chevrolet’s newly launched Malibu. This newly launched car by Chevrolet is one of the most awaited cars and its quiet cabin and easy-to-use controls make it one of the best midsize sedans of this year. It is a quiet and comfortable ride with excellent responsive handling. Not only is it really comfortable, it is extremely fuel efficient as well. It has two four-cylinder turbo engines which are 1.5 liters with six-speed automatic and 2.0 liter with an eight-speed automatic. In the fuel efficiency tests, this amazing car gave an impressive 41 mpg.

2. Toyota Prius V

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Toyota Prius V is an amazing car that offers roomy seats as well as a generous cargo area. It can be estimated to be about the size of its main competitor Ford C-max but the point where it is better than its rivals is its exceptional fuel efficiency. Despite it having some extra weight and a lesser aerodynamic shape, Prius V still manages to give an impressive 41 mpg in the fuel efficiency tests. Its electric motor and engine have to work extra hard since this car is loaded with cargo. However, it gives a really comfortable ride even though its pavement is uneven. Handling is secure and sound and its rear visibility is slightly better than that in your standard models of Prius.

1. Toyota Prius

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars 2019

Toyota Prius really impressed during the fuel economy tests and racked up at impressive 52 mpg overall which is a significant improvement from the 44 mpg that was managed by its previous generations. Another plus point is that it handles more responsively and gives you much more comfort. Its touch screen infotainment system is straightforward but at the same time really impressive. Toyota’s cars have always been about efficiency, comfort and low running costs, so it is not surprising that Prius fits all the requirements needed to become an excellent choice for a fuel efficient car. The car can drive solely on electric up to about 25 mph and the engine is quieter when started as compared to previous generations.

As a good citizen, saving fuel and gas when owning a car is one of the most important points to remember. Once you come across a stylish car, you can easily get carried away and end up over spending on average cars with very less fuel efficiency when you could have easy done more homework and managed to select a stylish yet fuel efficient car at the same price. Considering one of the cars mentioned in the above list will help you immensely in saving lot of money that you would have normally spent on fuel.


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