Top 13 Most Handsome & Hottest TV Actors In India 2019

There is nothing wrong to say that some Indian Television serials having better TRP’s than some of the best-known movies across the globe. It may seem very strange, but this is true. Some serials have a fan following more than popular celebrities of the world. The reason is many young and middle age women are die-hard fans of these serials.

Also, there are some of the highly talented actors in Indian Television Cinema who are popular as the most handsome guys in India. There are many TV serials and reality shows hosted by a lot of Channels in this nation. Actually, in the past years, many TV actors have successfully launched themselves in movies.

Young actors in India often call Television Cinemas as the first step to their success. Therefore many of the youngsters try their luck from TV cinemas before giving some major performances. This is one of the leading reasons why India has some of the most handsome actors in their TV shows and serials. Well, if you are familiar with Indian Television cinema, you might not need any introduction to the success of TV shows. We will introduce you with top 13 most handsome TV actors in India as of 2019 who have contributed to the success of several TV shows.

13. Karan Kundra

Hottest TV actors in India 2019

Karan Kundra is a famous guy among Indian young women due to his stunning performances. He is very talented, successful and charismatic. His famous serial is “Kitni Mohabatt Hai” in which he appeared as “Arjun Panj”. This show is produced by famous TV serial producer Ekta Kapoor. Karan Kundra has amazing acting skills and some of his roles have been considered as the best ones in TV cinemas.

12. Gautam Rode

Hottest TV actors in India

He is one of the very handsome guys in TV cinema with a large fan following. Actually, he doesn’t need much introduction when it comes to his skills. He has proven himself as one of the well-trained actors in TV cinema. In addition to his personality, his dressing styles also play a good role in enhancing his popularity. He always appears in clean-shave looks. “Sarswatichandra” is his popular serial which is quite popular in India.

11. Rithvik Dhanjani

Hottest TV actors in India

Muscular body with six-packs makes him one among the most stylish and charming actor in Indian cinema. He often appears wearing tight clothes which add a lot to his personality. He has a lot of female fans in India. In addition to acting, he is also a good dancer. Rithvik Dhanjai has acting skills which are admired by a lot of people in Indian TV cinema. He is a Gym- freak who loves maintaining his body to its best.

10. Karan Vahi

Hottest TV actors in India

One among the most handsome Indian TV actors, Karan Vahi is a name every serial watcher in India knows. He has been a part of many modeling campaigns in addition to TV shows. Also, his good acting skills have diverted the attention of many ladies towards him. Karan Vahi is not just known for his looks, but some of his roles are totally unforgettable.

9. Rajat Tokas

Hottest TV actors in India

“Prithviraj Chauhan” is one among the recent dramas that become so popular in India. Actually, it’s based on Indian history and Rajat Tokas was a part of it. He proved that he is not just gorgeous and handsome, but also has great acting skills. A good physique and a personality that attracts many females towards him make him stand at number 9 position in our list.

8. Karanvir Bohra

Hottest TV actors in India

He appeared in a very large number of Indian TV serials and dramas and attracted the attention of many people mainly because of is negative roles. Karanvir Bohra is known to have the most stunning personality in the Indian TV cinema. His fair skin completion and charming face is still helping him in converting many people into his die-hard fans. There were many roles that went popular and he is gained a lot of popularity.

7. Kaushal Tandon

Hottest TV actors in India 2019

Although he is a popular and famous TV actor in India with great looks, the actor was not noticeable until he appeared on popular reality show “Big Boss”. Next thing that enhanced his popularity was his affair with actress “Gauhar Khan”. Kaushal Tandon is having a unique style and appearance which makes him one of the most handsome actors in Indian television.

6. Rannvijay Singh

Hottest TV actors in India

Rannvijay Singh has appeared on a number of reality shows in India. He even hosted a few of them which results in his true success. He is a very handsome and in fact well-known TV actor who was also a part of some Indian movies.

5. Vivian Dsena

Hottest TV actors in India

He is a very gorgeous looking and a very talented actor in Indian TV. Known for his classy looks and attitudes, he has gained a huge fan following. His large eyes are another thing that makes many women appreciates him. In addition to TV, he was also a part of a film “ Pyar ki Ye Ek Kahani” and shown very good skills. Currently, he is a part of very popular TV serial “Shakti-Astitav Ke Ehsaas Ki”. There are a lot of people in India who appreciated him because of his talent and the best skills.

4. Karan Singh Grover

Hottest TV actors in India

Well, he is currently a popular actor in India after some of the successful movies he appeared in with a leading role. Karan Singh Grover was a popular name too in Indian TV Cinema and in fact as a very handsome guy. He is known for this amazing acting and perfect body. His roles are not just limited to one or two serials, but he was a part of many successful and best Indian TV shows.

3. Kapil Sharma- The Popular Comedian

Hottest TV actors in India

Indian Television Cinema is not just known for some stunning actors with a great personality but many actors have skills that cannot be compared with anyone. The perfect example is The Kapil Sharma Show. There is hardly any chance that you are not familiar with this show. Kapil Sharma, (the main host of the show) is not just a good comedian but is also a cute personality with a fan following no other Indian TV actor had till date.

2. Gurmeet Chaudhary

Hottest TV actors in India

This is another popular name in Indian TV shows who is known for his amazing looks and personality. He has already secured a great reputation as an Indian actor who has been a part of many TV serials as well as films. He has also been a part of some dance shows where he showed the true skills he has. Being a good dancer, he won several awards and has been counted among most handsome TV actors in India.

1. Siddharth Shukla

Hottest TV actors in India 2019

A personality which makes women fall in Love with him in the first meet. Yes, it’s true and Siddharth Shukla is the most talented and handsome actors in Indian TV cinema today. His cute smile attracts many young girls towards him. The well-maintained hair style, cute body, fantastic smile as well as award winning performances make him the most loved actor in Television cinema. He has been a part of many popular Indian TV serials. In addition to this, he also appeared in some Indian movies as well.

You are now familiar with most stunning actors with a great personality in Indian TV cinema. Although there are other actors in the industry, the ones listed above are known well due to their looks and fan following.


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