12 Most Handsome & Hottest Vampires 2019

If there is a show I can never say no to, is one that has vampires. Strange as it may be for many, but I know some people think like me. It is always thrilling to watch such films and especially when you get to stare at hot men acting these scary roles. It makes it a little less scary. Weird; right? That aside, out all the movies and series I have watched, these are the sexiest Vampires of them all.

12. Alaric Saltzman

Hottest Vampires 2019

We all remember Alaric turning to a vampire hunter right? Well, that role was the part that made me hate him because he was hunting all my favorite vamps. Even so, his sexiness did not depart from him. Some people like the psycho ones. I am sure they loved him when he played this part. He was a psychotic killer yet as handsome as ever.

11. Marcellus Gerard

Hottest Vampires

Marcel is a hottie that makes the heads of many people spin in all directions. His body is well built, and his character and courage will make you love him. Marcel is a very controversial guy, but you can bet that he will always stand with his friends or the enemies of his enemies. His passion for the things he wants just makes him even more attractive. When Marcel smiles at you, you will see the sun rise from his face. It is adorable.

10. Taylor Lockwood

Hottest Vampires

Taylor was a hybrid; half vampire and half werewolf. We have to give it to him. He is a handsome guy and irresistible. The Vampirism nature he got from Klaus gave him this new character of boldness, courage, and we could see that for the very first time he had begun to live life to the fullest. We could see joy and pleasure on his face. Yes, he still had a few issues with Klaus and Caroline, but he still looked handsome even when some of his choices were the worst choices ever.

9. Elijah Mikaelson

Hottest Vampires

We were introduced to him in the Vampire Diaries, but we learned more about him in The Originals. Looking at Elijah and how he would behave, you will know what a perfect gentleman should look like. I want me some Gentlemen like Elijah. The composure that he has with him, wisdom, and family values he had just make you question yours. Would you ever keep your ‘forever and ever’ promise to your family? Elijah will make you wish every man would wear suits. He is just nothing short of excellence.

8. Aidan Turner

Hottest Vampires

Aidan was a good guy. There is no way you would not like him. There is just no way. He has this perfect body that and this excellent personality that was attractive. There is this way that Aidan would look at the camera and you would think he is looking at you. Watching him stand up for his friends was a sight to behold. I would watch Being Human over and over again because of Him.

7. Eric Northman

Hottest Vampires

There is this thing about Eric Northman that one cannot shake off. He is not that nice neither is her that bad. Maybe it is the ‘in-between’ that makes his attractive. He can be a perfect gentleman and change for the worst. His height is perfect, his eyes are perfect, and his body is perfect; everything about him is simply perfect. Eric Northman was a man who knew how to stand for his friends as well as his beliefs. Sometimes I would just pause the film to stare at him.

6. Angel

Hottest Vampires 2019

Angel was undeniably good looking. However, being cursed to spend your eternity in misery is not an easy role to play. Therefore, we cannot hold it against him for brooding more often. His beautiful eyes, perfect hair, the serious look, all work for his good. It makes you want to get on the screen and just hold him a little and tell him it will be okay.

5. Stefan Salvatore

Hottest Vampires

He was Damon’s brother. Need I say that he was the good brother? Stephen has this compassion that would make you fall for his with both eyes closed. Elena did, and Caroline did. Stephen has this perfect body, and I can say that he grows handsome every time. Every new series comes with an upgraded version. His desire to be functional without needing human blood is epic. Every fall-back that he experienced showed how life could pull you down once in a while when you make progress.

4. Spike

Hottest Vampires

Have you seen his jawline? It is simply excellent. Same as his eyes. Yes, he was a bad vampy, but that does not mean he was not handsome. Spike was from the sire line of Angel, and their differences were just epic. Spike’s body was enchanting, and when you focused on it, you may just forget that he teamed up with Buffy and conspired with him to send Angel to hell. I will not forget to mention his bleached hair. Wow!

3. Edward Cullen

Hottest Vampires

Edward Cullen was a character that was admired by many people. He was willing to stand for his beliefs and always had a sober mind. We all know that some girls love the good boy. This is one guy you would love for that. His fluffy hair was fabulous, his bushy brows, not really. Even so, he still got the attention of so many young ladies. In as much as he abandoned his girl. Many other girls still loved/love him.

2. Louis de Pointe du Lac

Hottest Vampires

This character was played by Brad Pitt. I am sure we can all agree that he was so handsome and especially that pale and ‘cold’ skin and red lips. That long hair was also equally important because it made him extremely attractive. Every time I watched this movie I could not help but imagine myself acting with him. Even so, then I do not know what role I would have played when his role was to depict a very miserable vampire, and all I wanted to do is make things cheerful.

1. Damon Salvatore

Hottest Vampires 2019

If there is a character that I feel was perfect for their vampire roles in Vampires Diaries, it is Damon. This guy had all the qualities of a bad boy. But when he fell in love, he fell hard, and I am sure most haters turned to lovers. There is this naughty look he makes that just mesmerizes me every day. And have you seen his body? What about his eyes? Yes, perfect; right? Damon knew how to bring out his role excellently and mix this with his great personality, and you have yourself a winner.

If you watch any of the movies or series that these characters are featured, ensure that you watch it to the end. It will be worth your time. Well, if you cannot look at a movie or a series to the end, you can find the scene they are featured, pause the screen and just stare. Be careful not to be lost in your mind thinking about them.


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