11 Highest Paid Actresses in The World 2019

Films should have the glamour quotient. After all, people pay money to watch films. Naturally, they have a right to enjoy themselves. Is there a better sight in the world than a beautiful actress displaying her histrionics? The answer should be in the negative. Male actors have their crowd pulling capacity.

However, the female actors cannot be far behind in this aspect as well. They have the capacity to carry an entire film on their slender shoulders. You can have hundreds of female oriented films where the actresses have overshadowed their male counterparts by a significant margin. Therefore, they deserve their share of the moolah as well. We shall look at the top 11 highest paid actresses 2019 in this list.

11. Deepika Padukone: $10 million

Highest Paid Actresses 2019

We shall open our innings with one of the loveliest Indian actress of all time. Daughter of probably India’s greatest badminton champion, Prakash Padukone, Deepika Padukone is at No 11 in this list. Possessing one of the most infectious smiles in the industry, she has the capacity to sweep any person off his feet. Making her debut in the Shahrukh Khan starrer, Om Shanti Om, she had impressed everyone in her double role. She is an established name in India. However, her forays into Hollywood in recent times have established her as an actress of international repute. A personal favorite, Deepika Padukone earns in the price bracket of $10 million.

10. Anne Hathaway: $12 million

Highest Paid Actresses

We have an intense looking beautiful face at No. 10, Anne Hathaway. Talent wise, she ranks among the top with the others. Famous for the portrayal of Mia Thermopolis in the Disney film, The Princess Diaries, she was one of the top earning stars not too long ago. However, the present day stars have overtaken her and hence she makes her entry at No. 10 in this list with earnings of $12 million. She is also an excellent voice artist having lent her voice to the character Jewel in Rio 2.

09. Kristen Stewart: $12 million

Highest Paid Actresses

At No. 9, we have Kristen Stewart. One of the upcoming actresses in the Hollywood film industry, Kirsten is famous for portraying the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight saga series from 2008 to 2012. She has remodeled her looks as well making her one of the prettiest woman in Hollywood today. This could lead to a number of roles in the near future. With earnings of $12 million, she is at No. 9. However, she can climb the rankings very soon if things pan out smoothly for her this year. She has a number of important projects lined up for the year.

08. Reese Witherspoon: $15 million

Highest Paid Actresses

A couple of years Reese Witherspoon’s career was on the upswing. However, the failure of Hot Pursuit pulled things back for her a bit. It happens in the industry. A couple of flops can damage your reputation as well as your earnings. The vice versa holds is true as well. At No 8, Reese Witherspoon pins her hopes on a couple of films such as Downsizing and Sing in 2017. However, she still earns in the bracket of $15 million.

07. Angelina Jolie: $15 million

Highest Paid Actresses

At No. 7, we have Angelina Jolie, more famous for her portrayal of Lara Croft in the film, Lara Croft – Tomb Raider. This film brought her tremendous fame all over the world. She has the reputation of carrying the toughest of roles on her shoulders with ease. She has tried her hand at direction as well. Her first film as a director was Unbroken in 2014 while her second film with Brad Pitt, “By the Sea” did not do well. However, she still commands a price of $15 million.

06. Julia Roberts: $16 million

Highest Paid Actresses 2019

At No. 6 we have The Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts. True to her character in the film, Julia Roberts is one of the beautiful actresses on the horizon. Her pretty face has launched scores of cosmetic products over the years such as Lancome, Givenchy, and Calzedonia. She has played pivotal roles in the ‘Ocean’ film series, 11, 12 and 13 along with Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Though quite old even by Hollywood standards, Julia Roberts still has a tremendous fan following with earnings in the $16 million bracket.

05. Jennifer Aniston: $16.5 million

Highest Paid Actresses

The daughter of actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow, Jennifer is an attractive actress in her own right. However, having parental influence always helps. It can prop up an otherwise stuttering career. Her first couple of films did not do well. However, she made up for the same by performing beautifully in the TV series, Friends that saw her make a comeback to the big screen. She signed a romantic comedy Mother Day along with the Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson. Earning in the bracket of $16.5 million, Jennifer Aniston is our star at No. 5.

04. Bingbing Fan: $21 million

Highest Paid Actresses

It can surprise many people that a Chinese actress occupies a place in the top 4 places in the list. However, Bingbing Fan deserves every bit of accolade for her popularity. She has performed admirably in the Chinese 3-D film, The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom. When the big fashion houses line up after her for endorsing their products, she must have something in her. She has launched the products of Chopard and L’Oreal in China. She has made her Hollywood debut in the film, X-Men – Days of Future Past. With earnings of $21 million, she deserves her No. 4 rank.

03. Melissa McCarthy: $23 million

Highest Paid Actresses

One of the few actresses who can carry comedy roles with the greatest of ease, Melissa McCarthy is No. 3 on this list of the most beautiful and highly paid actresses. She has loads of talent. You can experience this fact from the success of her film, Spy that grossed $235.7 million. Made on a budget of $65 million, this film was a blockbuster. The credit for the success should go to Melissa McCarthy by a long way. One of her other films Tammy grossed $335 million making her a worthy No. 3 with earnings of $23 million.

02. Scarlett Johansson: $35.5 million

Highest Paid Actresses

No words would be enough to describe, The Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson. A fixture of the Avengers series, Scarlett Johansson is our No. 2 in this list. She might be one of the stars among the many in Avengers. However, her film Lucy was extremely successful at the box office grossing over $459 million. This actress is renowned for doing her stunts herself. Naturally, with a svelte body as attractive and fit as hers, she should be able to carry off any stunt with ease. Earning $35.5 million, she is in a league of her own.

01. Jennifer Lawrence: $52 million

Highest Paid Actresses 2019

As of today, there can be no other No. 1 other than Jennifer Lawrence. Known for her eternal beauty, Jennifer is a fantastic action star as well having carried off her own stunts in the Hunger Games trilogy. Her endorsement contract with Dior is the talk of the town. With earnings in the bracket of $52 million is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. This earning ensures that she is not going to budge from the No. 1 spot that easily.

You have just seen the top 11 highest paid film actresses today. Each of them is a beauty in her individual way. Right from Deepika Padukone to Jennifer Lawrence, each actress is an entertainer par excellence. One should admire the hard work they put in while enacting their roles. They deserve every dollar they earn. There can be no grudges at all. May their tribe increase and keep on entertaining the world like they do today.


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